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1 Simple Strategy when done Daily will Improve your Life dramatically

1 Simple Strategy when done Daily will Improve your Life dramatically  👇
That is “Intention Setting”
Want to be Laser Focused, Achieve More by Doing Less and create an abundance of Success, Love and Happiness?

Then write down your Intentions every morning, for all areas of your Life starting with YOU first ❗

Follow this very Simple morning process:

Intention Setting Strategy  – You, Relationships, Success

1️⃣ Always start with yourself, this is the key to proper Intention setting
YOU = Health & Happiness

2️⃣ Followed by the key Relationships in your Life
RELATIONSHIPS = Love Partner, Children, Family, Friends

3️⃣ Lastly set Intensions for Success, its very Important you prioritize in this order and not start with Success first
SUCCESS = Business, Finances, Lifestyle etc

Then at Bedtime check in on your Daily Intentions and see where you can Improve the next day 💪

👉 I will bike 30kms this morning to start my week with a clear mind and expand my lung capacity
👉 I will embrace my bedtime routine of Journaling, Reading & Mediation
👉 I will support Tracey at dinner time with nightly chores & kids
👉 I will put my kids to bed , read stories and listen to them as they share what is going on in their world
👉 I will hold the Space & Energy for my client sessions today so they can move closer to their desired life

I encourage you to do this for 1 week and see the difference it makes to your Focus and Growth

Have an amazing Monday ❤

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