My Story and Vision for Men

Right now, I’m standing at my desk in my home office writing out this post. I’ve just come off a Coaching call with one of my favorite Male clients where he made another personal breakthrough, and earlier today I spent an hour on my Morning Routine along with recording a couple of new video’s for LinkedIn and Facebook.

After I finish this post, I’m going to take a break, have some lunch with my wife, reply to some emails, check in with my team, and then meet with new potential client.

This is a typical day for me and I just love what I do.

I also want other Businessmen to do what they love too.

But before I share my vision for other Businessmen, I want to take you back a few years…

My Story

End of 2015, my wife and were packing up our lives to move back to Australia. We had just spent two years living in Singapore – where I was stationed to setup a US company in South-East Asia.

We made the decision to move to an area where we had never lived before and I had big plans to start my own business after 20+ years in Corporate. So I decided to go all in and launch my own Consulting and Digital Marketing Agency

I had all the skills and knowledge to set up the Business as I had done it before for other companies

Although it took a bit of work to set up, it was exciting and fun, and I started getting great clients early on, Yet I was not quite ready for the emotional roller-coaster that was about to follow.

The business and revenue were growing, and so was my stress, worry, fear and anxiety. I started to see how comfortable I had it in Corporate and starting my own business started exposing years of ignoring and suppressing my emotions.

Like most Businessmen I wasn’t good at dealing with negative emotions and feelings so I used Alcohol to numb the pain and find some happiness on those shitty days!

(note: Avoiding, Ignoring and Numbing emotional pain will only bring you more pain and suffering… pain always has a message for us and if we don’t listen to the message it will get stronger.)

Emotionally things went from bad to worse… Anxiety, Stress and Self Sabotage with Alcohol were taking over my life and I didn’t have the comfy Corporate gig to hide behind … I still had to keep building, running and maintaining my new Business to pay the bills and support my wife and 3 kids.

What was wrong with me, I was following my goals and plans yet I was miserable !!!

Then one night I woke up having a huge Panic Attack, this was my breaking point and I finally Surrendered and Admitted I needed help. You see to the outside World I had it all, Money, Investments, Business, Wife, Kids, House, Cars etc yet on the Inside I was broken, felt like a failure and I wasn’t Good Enough.

And so my healing and self discovery journey begun.

You know the saying “You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know” well this started to become my life, you see I have done years of personal development, books, tapes, programs, seminars etc etc BUT this a whole different kind of development, a deep clearing, reprogramming and spiritual journey… It was and is so profound.

Over the past 3 years I have invested $30k+ specific into myself, including:

  • Life & Archetypal Coaching,
  • Neural Pathway Reprogramming, NLP
  • Matrix Therapy
  • Advanced Kinesiology
  • Soul Alignment and Energy Healing work.

I removed Negative Past programming, beliefs, Influences and Energy blocks in my Mind and Body that were the Cause of my pain, suffering, self worth issues and self sabotage

And I started to Improve every area of my life and developed heightened Energy, Intuition and Inner Guidance

What this enabled me to see, feel and understand was that most people are struggling internally with their own Demons and I now have the skills, tools and desire to help them.

Where I Am Now

Today, I have a different perspective on life, I have pivoted my business to Life & Business Coaching for Men, I have stopped drinking, I have removed Anxiety and Self Sabotage, I am aligned to my higher purpose, my connection with my Wife and Kids is amazing, I’m being a true role model for all the people In my life and I’m healing my Internal body from the years of abuse and punishment I put on it.

But, what is my vision for other Men? And how does this relate to you?

My Vision for other Men

  • Educate that Self Healing & Self Discovery is essential to evolve
  • Help thousands of Men release their past and access their Innate potential
  • Create a Brotherhood of Men being Role Models/Coaches for other Men
  • To have more Men lead by example for our children and future generations

And this is where I come in: I want to help Men just like you become more enlightened, free from past Influences, programming and beliefs. I want to see Men become greater than they can imagine so they can serve at a level higher than themselves.

The changes that I highlighted above means that Men need to face the fear of the unknown, drop their guard and be open to new ways to evolve to become a better Man.

It’s not easy facing your inner demons and change so I know its not for everyone.

Over to You

What I want to know is this:

Do you want to be more, grow more and be an example of a Man who is constantly evolving?

Do you want to go on a deep Self Healing and Self Discovery journey, to release the past and access an Inner Strength greater than you?

Please share your answers: