There is So Much “DUALITY” in The World

Be Honest… Are you caught up in it ?

Whether its the Duality of:
🔸 Politics
🔸 Covid
🔸 Vaccinations
🔸 Racial Riots
🔸 Religion
🔸 Cultures
etc etc

People think that in Duality they need to choose a side or have an opinion… Regardless of which side you choose there will always be conflict, negative and dis-empowerment…

👉 You don’t have to choose a side there is always a 3rd option
(This is the option that Tracey and I choose to take)

Watch This Video 🎥 to learn what Tracey Gillies –  and I choose in the face of Duality

👉 What are your thoughts on Duality? 👇

Look forward to your Feedback and Comments on this topic

How to Overcome Pressure, Anxiety & Stress!


Do you Feel Constant Pressure, Anxiety & Stress❗

Are you Sick of Feeling this way 👆

Watch this video 🎥 as I discuss exactly what you need to do to Overcome the Pressure, Anxiety & Stress…

How do I know how to Overcome It ❓

Because I felt like this for years, to the point where I normalised it , thinking its part and parcel of being an Entrepreneur and trying to get ahead…

But I ended up Sabotaging myself, predominantly with Alcohol just to switch off from my Mind, suppress all my Anger & Frustration and change my state so I could feel better around my Wife and Kids …

That didn’t end well and i had to do something different to become the Man I wanted to be…. SO…

I did exactly what’s in this video to overcome the Pressure, Anxiety & Stress ❗❗❗

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Is Working from Home Causing More Stress?


Is Working From Home Causing More Stress ❓

👉 Are you fighting more with your Wife?
👉 Are you expected to do more around the house and with the children?
👉 Are you getting Triggered more by your children?
👉 Do you feel constantly Distracted & Frustrated?
👉 And do you feel like what you do isn’t valued enough?

Well you’re not alone , 2020 & Covid has created enormous Work from Home opportunities for many people…

But the idea of freedom and independence has both Positive and Negatives for many Married Men with kids…

When your Environment changes dramatically it will expose your weaknesses and you’ll have to confront them sooner or later if you want to be a Better Businessmen, Husband and Father…

Look forward to hearing how Working from Home has impacted your Life both Positive and Negative 👇

How to Find and Get WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?


After another Client call I had to make this Video

Most Men think they know what they want 👇

BUT, When I ask “What do you really want?”

99% of the answers start with more Money, Success, Time, Support etc … Almost all Business related …

When I dig, what Men truly want is:
Love, Happiness, Fulfilment, Connection, Intimacy, Contentment and Peace

But what they have is:
Stress, Conflict, Arguments, Confusion, Pressures, Demands and Tiredness

🤦‍♂️ So when they don’t know how to get what they Truly want, they load themselves up with more of what they don’t want… And the cycle repeats…

If this sounds like you I urge you to Watch this Video 🎥

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How to Truly Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs


How to Truly Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs❓

I’ve seen a ton of people talk about removing/changing Limiting Beliefs and I wanted to create a video to discuss this important topic

Now I’m going to Call it for what it is …
We have had clients spend over $20k + on CBT, NLP, Therapy and Psychologist and still not get the results they wanted …

Then after working with Tracey and I for a very short space of time on their Neurological, Physiological & Spiritual Frameworks in combination they experience enormous transformations…

Enjoy the Video 🎥

Stop looking for the Magic Bullet


There is No Magic Bullet… So stop Looking for it!

I have always struggled with Patience… 👇

Even though I’m Playing the Long Game , I’m human and can get distracted by Shiny Objects promising a short cut …

Yet I’ve learnt the hard way that every Short Cut (Magic Bullet) has actually slowed me down 😤

We live in a World of Instant Gratification which is fuelled by Social Media, Influencers & Marketers who understand human psychology …

If you want to achieve your Goals fast … Do the opposite to the masses 👇

👉 Transform your Psychology, Mindset & Beliefs
👉 Become Successful Internally first
👉 Slow Down, Achieve More by Doing Less
👉 Live in the NOW, not the past or future
👉 Develop Consciousness, Self Awareness & Self Love
👉 Create Personal Boundaries & Discipline
👉 Prioritise your Life’s Pillars in the right order

Watch this Video🎥 to Learn more about how to Win the Long Game and create Success💲, Love❤ & Happiness😊

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Why my No. 1 Referral Source is My Clients Wives


Why my Clients are my No. 1 referral Source❗

In 2016 I hit a very low point, burnt myself out with Business and used Alcohol to de-stress and numb my emotions…

In this Video 🎥 I share my Story of how my wife Tracey Gillies … asked me for years to cut back my Drinking, start looking after myself or get help…

😥 But I ignored her “Saying I’ll sort it out” or “I’ll be better” … This is one of the main problems …

🤦‍♂️ Us Men try and fix everything ourselves and don’t like asking for help… Like its a sign of weakness…

😟 I can tell you from experience Not getting Help is the Weakness… and since Tracey helped me in 2016 get on a new Journey of Self Healing and Self Discovery I’ve become greater than I ever thought possible…

This is the same reason My clients Wives indirectly are my No.1 referral source…

Enjoy and Look forward to your comments and if you want to chat please book a call here 📲

Stop Avoiding the Void


Do You Avoid the Void❓

I did for most of my life… WHY❓ 👇

  1. I didn’t understand what the Void was
  2. The Void sucks… It makes you have to look at yourself , your pain, emptiness, sadness, confusion and so much more

So, What is the Void❓
👉 Its when your Energetic Vibration changes so quickly that you often enter into a state of either emotional, mental, physical or energetic frenzy of density, despair, numbness, pain, fear, doubt, negativity, detachment, or hopelessness.

👉 Our Natural survival instincts drive us to busyness or distraction like Work, Technology, Alcohol, Drugs etc to Avoid the pain of the Void

👉 By doing this you are missing out or delaying the Greatest time for Change, Growth, Evolution & Spiritual Awakening

In this Video 🎥… I share more about the Void and why its so Important for your Evolution, Growth and Happiness to allow yourself to embrace the Void

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Are You Feeling Really OUT OF BALANCE?


Are you Feeling Out of Balance❓

This might be Whoo Whoo for some people 👇

A lot of people are being thrown off Balance Energetically… You may not be aware that’s it due to Earth’s Vibrational Frequency increasing ⚖

👉 The Vibrational Frequency of Earth has to raise for its Survival & Evolution…
👉 This means… as we are Energetic Beings, we also MUST heal, balance and align our own Energetic Vibration for our Survival & Evolution…

👉 As the World has gone through disarray in 2020 , the people who have been working on themselves at this level are having the best year of their lives and those who are not doing the work are having the worse year and are constantly drawn to the Drama and Chaos of Low Vibrational events…

This is an area Tracey and I specialise in and is critical to open your Mind up to the above if you want to Evolve

🎥 Enjoy the Video and look forward to sharing more on this Important Topic of Human Evolution

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Do You Have a Plan For Your WHOLE LIFE?


Do You Have a Holistic Life Plan❓

What’s a Holistic Life Plan 👇

One that looks deep into every area of your Life. Including :
👉 Mental Health
👉 Physical Health
👉 Emotional Health
👉 Spiritual Health
👉 Marriage/Relationships
👉 Parenting/Children
👉 Family/Friends
👉 Hobbies/Interests
👉 Business/Career
👉 Finances/Lifestyle
👉 Personal Development/Growth
etc etc

Are you over Energy in 1 or 2 areas and neglecting others❓

Are you winging it or hoping everything will fall into place❓

Do you feel like you are failing in key Pillar of life❓

So many Important questions to ask yourself❗

Stop avoiding or neglecting Key Pillars❗

The short term pain of facing neglected Pillars is better than the long term pain of avoiding them❗

🎥 Learn how I help other Businessmen prioritise & execute a Holistic Life Plan