Do You Want to Be Truly HAPPY & FULFILLED?


The KEY to being Truly Happy & Fulfilled ❓

I didn’t know this for most of my life 👇

When people are honest with themselves they aren’t as Happy and Fulfilled as they would like…

👉 Men in particular for Generations have been programmed at the deepest level to believe that becoming Financially Successful will make them Happy and Fulfilled …

Yes Financial Success helps but that’s not where Happiness and Fulfilment comes from …

😁 True Happiness and Fulfilment comes from being Connected, Energetically and Spiritually … I never knew this 5 years ago but now through practice and awareness myself and my clients know this to be the KEY

BUT, before you can be truly connected , you must heal your Physical Mind and Body that’s keeping you stuck and only Identifying with the Material World…

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Do You Constantly Take On Obligations & CAN’T SAY NO TO OTHERS?


Do you Constantly take on Obligations❓

Can’t say NO to others? 👇

I use to load myself up with Obligations thinking It was the right thing to do! Without realising the true effect!

When you take on Obligations you create a Karmic Energy of attracting more Obligations

In this Video I discuss:

👉 Personal Boundaries
👉 Discernment
👉 When to say No
👉 Creating Self Love
👉 Create Self Respect
👉 Gaining Internal Power

Don’t be Afraid of the Outcome or feeling of Rejection if you say NO to others

“Saying NO to others , Is saying YES to yourself” ❤

Do You Get Easily Distracted & Procrastinate?


Do You Get Easily Distracted & Procrastinate ❓


Allowing yourself to get constantly Distracted leads to Stress, Cognitive Fatigue, Mental slips, mistakes and most Important loss of our No.1 resource (TIME)…


Ongoing Procrastination is not only robbing you of your dreams & potential… But it drives negative Self Belief, Self Image & Self Confidence…

👉 Tips and Tricks can help reduce Distractions & Procrastination yet the ultimate strategy for breaking through is having a Lazer Focused Plan for every area of your Life …

🎥 In this Video I discuss how to create a Lazer Focused Plan for every area of your Life …

If you are ready to do the Work to break-free from Distractions & Procrastination please book a call for a chat 📲

Do You Care What Other People Think of You?


Do You Care What Other People Think❓

At some level we all do … its Human conditioning and Societal Programming to care about what other people think

Be Honest with yourself, Is this you❓

👉 You Judge & Compare yourself to others
👉 You feel you should be further ahead in life
👉 You feel you have wasted so much time
👉 You work harder than others but they seem to be more successful
👉 You are work harder & harder to gain the respect of your peers, family and friends

This is how our Brain & Beliefs Systems develop which are linked to your Influencers, Upbringing, Culture, Schooling, Social Group, Environment, Emotions, Social Media, Work etc etc etc

Judgement & Comparison is a form of Self Sabotage … its Deep Unconscious Programs running in your Mind that you feel you can’t control…

If you want to Live a Happier, Calmer, Relaxed & Content life then you need to release these Negative Programs

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Understanding the Effects of Parental Programming


What Negative Programs did you get from your Parents❓

The single biggest Influences in your Life are your Parents…

Your Brain developmental stages from
Child -> Adolescence -> Young Adult
are developed by the Influencers, Behaviours, Events & Environment we grew up in!

When I talk to Men they tell me they had a Normal Upbringing… But what is Normal?

Did your Parents❓

👉 Have a Loving Marriage? or Divorce?
👉 Stress and Worry about Money?
👉 Give you Unconditional Love? Or Yell & Hit you?
👉 Did they Love themselves? Or Abuse themselves?
👉 Did they manage their Emotions? or Explode in Rage?
👉 Where Alcohol & Drugs their priority?
etc etc etc

If you Truly want to Find Yourself & Become the Best Version of Yourself … One of the first things you need to do is get help releasing Negative Parental Programming that is holding you back…

Why is this so challenging for most people ? Because they believe their upbringing was Normal!

Do You Want To Be Normal or Extraordinary ❓

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Do you Constantly Worrying about Everything?


Do you Worry About Everything ❓

2 Major areas that cause worry are:

1. Neurological Belief Systems picked up by Influencers, Parents, Suppressed Emotions to name a few …

❓ Do either of your Parents worry about everything?
❓ Has a past event that caused a lot of pain make you worry about it happening again?
❓ Do you constantly Worry about Money?

2. Nervous System is in Deep Survival Stress …

❓ Do you often feel Anxious?
❓ Does your Stomach tie in knots when you try new things?
❓ Do you get Stuck in your Head , while Stressful thoughts magnify?

If you want to Overcome all of the above you will have huge Success by Healing your Mind and Body …

If you are a Married Businessmen and want help to Heal your Mind and Body then please reach out ..

Are You Constantly STUCK IN THE PAST?


Are you constantly Stuck In The Past❓

Everyone experiences Negative People, Situations & Events in our Past that Elicited a huge Emotional Response…

This could be:
😥 Death of a Loved One
😪 Failed Marriage, Relationship breakup
🤬 Losing Money, bad Investments
☹ Got Fired or Business failed
😭 Negative or Abusive Parents
😨 Being Bullied or Rejected at School
etc etc etc

The Emotional response to these Events creates an Anchor in our Unconscious Mind…

Then future Events that Elicit the same Emotional response, thoughts & feelings to that Anchor then creates a Compounding effect locking us deeper into these Negative Bias …

Until we literally cannot stop ourselves from being Triggered and pulled back into the Pain of the Past!

Are you Sick of feeling “Stuck in the Past”❓
Then you need to seek help to Identity and release the Anchors from your Mind, Body, Energy & Soul ..

This is what we do … 📲 book a call to discuss

Enjoy the Video and look forward to your comments

Do You Have An Addictive Personality


Do you have an Addictive Personality❓

We now live in a time where everyone has an Addiction to something …
👉 Food, Sugar, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Exercise, Social Media, Your Phone, Netflix, People Pleasing etc etc …

Why is everyone Addicted to 1 or multiple things❓

Because companies and marketers spend Billions on understanding your Phycology & Behaviour so they can get your time and money …

We either become Highly Aware of our behaviour and do something about it or we stay right in the middle and constantly beat ourselves up … 😥

How do I know ❓ Because I have an Addictive Personality, it used to be much worse until I worked on my Neural Programs and become very Self Aware, Self Conscious and Self Loving

Enjoy this Video and learning more about the Global issue of Addiction by design from Companies and how you can overcome it …

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Do You Feel Unsupported


Are you Supporting everyone else yet feeling Unsupported yourself❓

Do you feel Stuck, trying to support everyone, trying to do your Best and its creating Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm?

This is a common among Leaders, CEO’s & Business Owner.

You are constantly giving, helping, adjusting and trying your best to help everyone

> Staff, Clients, Suppliers, Partner, Kids etc etc

You actually Thrive on it , helping and supporting others gives you Purpose and Drive … YET when you don’t have the Support you need it gets to much , right❓

🎥Watch this Video because … The challenge is you are trying to do it all yourself… Causing a Conflict between Supporting everyone else and feeling Unsupported …

👉 If you are a High Achieving Businessmen / CEO who needs personal Support then reach out to someone you think understands what you are going through 📲

How to Make your Marriage Thrive VS Survive


How to make your Marriage Thrive not just Survive❗

This was another question I was asked on LinkedIn to do a video around …

As I’m only 50% of what makes our Marriage Thrive, my amazing Wife, Love Partner and Best Friend Tracey Gillies is joining me.

😂 She also wanted to make sure I didn’t “LIE” to you 😂

Your Love Partner is the most Important relationship outside of yourself… YET so many Marriages are full of Pain, Resentment & Negative Drama Cycle Loops…
Which is making people think how can this Marriage Survive, let alone Thrive.

If you want your Marriage to Thrive their are 2 key fundamentals that underpin everything else…

🎥 Watch this video 👉 to learn how we work on those 2 things everyday to make our Marriage Thrive ❤…

Now more than ever Couples are being forced to come together, be better and focus on whats truly Important

What do you Choose❓ Survive or Thrive❓

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