Are Your Greatest Strengths Also Your Greatest Weakness?

Every High Achiever I have helped grow to the next level , learns this about themselves!

That their Greatest Strengths can Easily become their Greatest Weakness!

👉 I’m a Hard Worker! yet I Don’t Know how to Slow Down and relax

👉 I’m a Problem Solver! but now I’m Overwhelmed with Demands

👉 I Provide for my Family! but I’m never Present for them

👉 Fixed Mindset is stopping a Growth Mindset

👉 I’ve built a $1mill dollar business but I can’t break through to $3mill

Your greatest Strengths can easily turn into Weaknesses…

Solution: Always look to reinvent yourself, form New Beliefs, Habits, Behaviours and Disciplines

Is it time to Let Go of Old Self so you can make space for New Self?

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Are you still seeking your Father's Approval

Are you still seeking your Fathers Approval ❓

As a boy we all seek our Fathers love, approval and acknowledgement, he is meant to be our Hero & Role Model…

👉 Yet most Boys were brought up with Tough love, Conditional love or No love at all …

😮 So we grow up Seeking approval, validation and love from others… The issue with that is we didn’t develop approval, validation and love for ourselves …

A lot of High Achieving Men without realising it have developed their Competitive, Determined, Stop at nothing attitude from the above programming …

🤔 This is Great because it helped them Achieve so much, BUT then these programs start causing Confusion & Conflict around why we aren’t Happy & Fulfilled …

💫 Then the cycle repeats “I Need More, Achieve More, Prove myself more” this is a common Habit Loop for many High Achieving Men…

Understanding yourself, your past programs, your Habitual Loops and Behaviours is the most important thing you could do …

📲 If you are constantly Seeking Approval, Validation, People Please or can’t Slow Down to enjoy life then I have a solution …

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How to Become The Best Version of Yourself


What does becoming the Best Version of Yourself mean to you ❓

It could be:
👉 The best version of yourself in Health… dialling in your Mental, Physical and Emotional Health

It could be:
👉 The best version of yourself in Relationships… Improving your Marriage, Parenting, Family connection or Friendships

It could be:
👉 The best version of yourself Professionally… building a Successful Business, making more Impact, Money or following your Passion and Purpose

OR you might be saying ALL of the above:
If so then amazing, its never been a better time to Evolve your whole life and become the Best Version of Yourself

And in this Video🎥 I share with you how and what you need to become the best version of yourself…

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Do You Have an Anger Switch?


Do you struggle with Anger and Rage ❓

As a young Man I carried a lot of Anger, it got me into trouble and circumstances I am not proud of … Yet it was so deeply engrained in me I never Healed from it until much later in life…

🤬 Anger and Rage are scary emotions for us and the people around us and for a lot of Men we never get help to let it go or understand where it truly comes from …

👉 We learn to manage it by supressing it , but when stress, noise and pressure gets to much the lid comes off and Bang we explode!

❓ If this is you, then Identifying the cause, anchor and triggers to Anger/Rage is the first step … Then getting the correct help to Heal your Anger & Rage is the next step …

😡 Anger is only ok if we are in serious Danger and need to protect ourselves … Other than that Anger is NOT ok

Ways to Heal Anger/Rage:
– Give your mind Daily Silent time
– Heal your Gut, produce more Serotonin
– Heal your Past, Influencers and Events linked to your Anger

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Selfish vs Self-First


There is a big difference between Putting your SELF-FIRST & being SELFISH !

People who put themselves FIRST ❗
– Are Conscious of how they show up everyday
– Have the Energy to support & love the people in their lives
– Inspire others and lead by example
– Never Guilty in prioritising their Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health
– Have a lot of Self-Love and Self-Respect
– Aim to serve at a Level higher than themselves

People who are SELFISH❗
– Only thinking of themselves
– Live in a Survival State
– Often play the Victim
– Carry a lot of Insecurities
– Often Self Loth and Self Sabotage
– Feel Isolated and Alone

Your Internal World’s … Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health will determine how you show up in your External World…

If you want to be a better Partner, Parent, Colleague, Friend, Professional, Business Owner, Leader etc etc … YOU must carve out time everyday to put yourself first ❗❗❗

Want to Show up better for the people in your life?
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Stop treating your Wife like your Mother ..


Does your Wife trigger you, make you feel Angry or feel like no matter what you do it’s Never Good Enough ❓

This is common for many high achieving Married Men, WHY?

👉 Because you are following in your fathers footsteps, programmed to be a Provider & Protector, thinking if I support the family financially your job is done…

👉 Do you expect your Wife to take care of the House, the Kids, maybe hold a Job plus support everyone Emotionally, when they come home from a bad day at Work or School

😢 Your Wife feels like she is your Mum, she needs your emotional support more than ever, but your constantly stuck in your head thinking about Work, Business, Finances etc .. She feels like you don’t care about her & only care about yourself… This is causing the Drama, Conflict and Fighting…
(Its not your fault you’re programmed this way)

BUT, its 100% your Responsibility to change before you destroy your marriage…

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When I started doing this every area of my Life Improved 👇

Most Entrepreneurial Businessmen get drawn into the Hustle, Grind, Excitement, & Reward of building a Successful business & accumulating Wealth …

🧠 With a Mindset of “The more successful I become the happier everyone will be”

👉 Before long the Business is consuming them Mentally while their Marriage and Health slowly deteriorate…

👉 They try to overcome this by spending more time at home but their Mind is always on Business so they aren’t present… slipping further away from their wife

👉 They try and go to the Gym and Eat well but their Willpower constantly runs out and they binge Eat or Drink… slipping further away from their health goals

If you resonate with the above or want strategies to Achieve More by Doing Less then watch this video

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How to Find your Passion & Purpose?


Do you Love what you do Professionally❓

Is it your Passion & Purpose❓ For most people the answer if no❗

People think if only I find my Passion and Purpose I’ll be happy!
Or I need to find a new Career or Business opportunity that’s I’m excited about !

I’ll let you in a not so Secret. “Secret”

You will never find your Passion & Purpose external to yourself, no job, business, money or lotto ticket will fill this void!

Finding your Passion & Purpose is an inside Game , you need to transform your Inside World, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually …

When you do this you may find your Passion & Purpose was right in front of you … you just couldn’t see it

Life is to short to not be Living your best Life, to be living under the weight of Doubt, Conflict, Confusion and Worry…

The sooner you do the Inner Work the sooner you’ll start living your Passion & Purpose …. No one said its easy , But I can tell you it’s worth it ❤

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Why Everyone Needs to go on a Healing Journey


Do you want to be the Absolute best Version of Yourself ❓

If so you need to Heal first! 👇

👉 To break through to the next level in life, weather its Health, Business, Relationships you name it… its not about Gaining Control, Pushing Harder & Doing More !!!

😫 Pushing Harder and Doing More often creates more compounding Pressure, Demands & Obligations, sending us deeper into Stress, Overwhelm, Imbalance, Fatigue even Burnout !!!

😮 By going on a Deep Healing Journey of Mind, Body, Energy & Soul and releasing all the blocks and restrictions you start to Achieve More by Doing Less, Aligning with the Life you desire and feeling Happiness, Peaceful, Calm and Vibrant

BUT, here’s the kicker you can’t just work on one area, cause everything is interconnected e.g. If you have Energy Blocks at a Cellular level and you have no idea about it … You’ll never achieve optimal Mentally & Physically health …

😇 Humans are dynamic multidimensional beings … My wife Tracey and I heal and transform peoples Inside World so they can align with everything they desire in the outside World…

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How do you Deal with your Emotions?


How do you Deal with your Emotions ❓

Personally I use to bottle them up until things got so intense I’d explode with Anger & Rage like a volcano … Then feel ashamed of my behaviour & push them down even deeper …

Most Boys/Men were raised to not show their emotions…

Emotions = Energy in Motions .. and when we spend our life avoiding and supressing our emotions this will end up creating blocks and restrictions in your Physiology

To Become the Best Version of yourself you will need to heal the Emotional blocks, restrictions and trauma from your past

This is a huge part of The Evolved Man process as Men who heal and release Emotions catapult forward into finding their true self

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