Do you struggle to Relax and Be Present

Do you struggle to Relax and Be Present ❓

This is a very common concern with a lot of Driven High Achievers and they want to fix it …

When you are constantly on , constantly thinking , constantly moving you create enormous amounts of Stress in your Mind and Body as you are running on adrenaline …

👉 This Ultimately leads to Burning out your Adrenals and the deterioration of your Immune System

👉 The reason you can’t rest and relax is your Mind and Body are now living in a state Deep Survival Stress

Not only will this lead to Illness and Disease it also starts creating breakdown with Loved ones as you are never totally Present and truly engaged with them…

💪 To reverse this you’ll need to Heal yourself, Mental programs and energetic imbalances in your body … This isn’t a matter of if but when!

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Men Need To Evolve

Men need to evolve

Men need to Evolve !

This is important for Human Evolution, Generational Evolution…

👉 Woman have evolved enormously in the past 100 years, stepping into their Masculine, taking charge of their lives, becoming leaders of our times and claiming their equal rights…

👉 While Men have declined, Mentally, Emotionally, feeling Emasculated, alone and confused… Men have lost their way and need to Re-Identify with themselves at a deep level…

Now this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Gender , but more Guidance, Knowledge and Support

🌎 The World is Evolving faster than any other time in History , it’s time for Men to Level Up, become an Evolved Man, become Conscious Leaders and step into your Souls Divine Purpose…

Its my Purpose in life to help other Men evolve , let go of their Limitations/Conditioning of the past and become their New Self for the betterment of Humanity …

Want to Evolve in The Best Version of Yourself?
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How To Let Go of Past Failures

how to let go of past failures

Does your Mind constantly play Stories of Past Failures❓

No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop thinking or replaying the Stories in your mind of Past Events that ended badly…

And you are aware these Stories holding you back from creating your Dream Life❓

🎥 Then this Video is very important for you … because I discuss that its not the Story or the Event that is the problem

👉 ITS the control or lack of control thats attached to the Story that is why we struggle to let go of the Story …

SO when you are attached to feeling like you had No Control or Lack of Control of Past Events is when you will create it again … Because where your Energy flows your Energy goes…

Which is what we are scared of …

🎥 Please Watch the Video and if it resonates drop a comment

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😬Apologies in advance for the language

Do you have an All or Nothing Mentality?

Do you have an All or Nothing Mentality❓

This is when you:
🔸Are either Really Good or Really Bad
🔸Don’t allow yourself to rest properly
🔸Constantly pushing yourself, it’s never good enough
🔸Have huge emotional swings
🔸Struggle to slow down or be present
🔸The Noise in your head gets really loud
🔸You self-doubt and self-sabotage often
🔸Feel Stressed and Overwhelmed
🔸You are Incredibly hard on yourself

How to overcome the All or Nothing Mentality?
🔹Heal your Inner Child , past Programming
🔹Learn how to Love Yourself
🔹Heal your Mind and Body from deep survival Stress
🔹Learn to use Mediation to slow down your Mind
🔹Take breaks and change your Environment often
🔹Slow down and Delegate more tasks
🔹Get Help and Support thats aligned with your needs

All or Nothing Mentality is driven by Fear, Lack and Worry … Yet it can be disguised as being Driven, Hard Worker, High Achiever !

Don’t be fooled by it …. Want help overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality ? Book a call with me for an initial chat

Are You Confused and In Conflict With Yourself?

Are You Confused and In Conflict With Yourself❓

Did you know we are exposed to 11 million bits of Information (+/-) per second with up to 10 million of those bits coming in through the eyes…

Did you also know the Conscious Mind can only process 130 bits (+/-) of Information per second …

This is why everyone’s Mind gets into conflict which feels Stressful due to all the Noise, Pressure and Demands we have!

Ways to reduce the Confusion / Conflict !
👉 Cut Shit away … Seriously
👉 Daily Silent Time … Meditation / Stillness
👉 Journaling your Thoughts, Ideas and To dos
👉 Daily Affirmations / Intentions
👉 Heavily reduce Phone usage
👉 Create a Daily Planner, Top 3 strategy
👉 Set Boundaries at Work
👉 Leave Work at Work
👉 Optimise your Sleep

If you are a Married Businessmen and want help getting Laser Focused whilst removing Confusion and Conflict then book a call with me for a chat 📲

Vulnerability with Weakness VS. Vulnerability with Strength

Vulnerability with Strength

Most Men I talk to are unaware that they struggle to be Vulnerable as deep down it feels like a Weakness!

But what if Vulnerability could become one of your greatest Strengths ?

I discuss this subject with a Group of Men in my current “9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness” program

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Being Open minded is Critical For Growth

Are you Truly Open Minded?

I used to think I was, until I realised I wasn’t… You know the saying “We don’t know what we don’t know”

👉 Our Ego is constantly looking for Logic and reason to trust new things … Therein lies the problem …

👉 You can’t be truly Open Minded when coming from the Egoic Mind because 80% of your Thoughts are Fear based on past Unconscious Brain development of our Identity, Beliefs and view of the World …

You can only be Truly Open Minded when your not referencing from Ego Identification & living totally in the Present.. Now it’s Impossible to be in the Present 100% of the time, because we live in a Physical reality…

👉 However, those who invest time daily to come into the Present consciously, start to explore and experience areas of Self that are aligned with your Souls Divine truth …

This my friends is stuff I was never Truly Open Minded about because I used to be stuck in my Analytical (Egoic) Mind

👉 When we start becoming more Open Minded and healing from Ego Identification we evolve as a Spiritual Human Being & start aligning to our Purpose

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Why Driven Businessmen Get Stuck


Understanding Why Driven Businessmen get Stuck❗

Can you Relate to any of these? 👇
🔹You didn’t feel good enough growing up and set out on a mission to prove yourself
🔹You didn’t get the Approval and Guidance from their Father, so you worked hard to gain Approval from others
🔹You’re highly Competitive and don’t back down from a challenge
🔹You have an All or Nothing Mentality
🔹You push themselves extremely hard

Here’s the CONFLICT… the above Traits have helped you create Success… But they are the same Traits that are causing:

🔸You feel Stress, Overwhelmed and unsupported
🔸You can’t stop thinking about Business, Growth and Finances
🔸You’re a Workaholic
🔸You bring your Stresses and Problems home with you
🔸Your communication and connection with your Wife is suffering
🔸Your not truly Present for your Kids and loved ones
🔸You use Alcohol, Porn, Gambling or Technology as distractions
🔸You carry a lot of Anger and Frustration
🔸You’re never totally be Happy or Fulfilled

If this is you then watch the Video🎥
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Do you want to be successful in Life? Then make it 90% Personal 10% Business…


Do you want to be Successful in all areas of Life ❓

Then its sooo Important you understand that your greatest Life will always grow inline with your Internal transformation Journey …

👉 You see we are Conditioned and Programmed by Society to work really hard on our External responsibilities (e.g. Business, Finances) to create Success …

👉 However your External Success will only ever match your Internal Happiness … This is Universal Law … no tricks, no B.S, no Whoo Whoo

❓ If you want to take Life to the Next Level then make yourself the No.1 Business and work on the Deep Internal blocks, restrictions and limitations holding you back from the Success, Love and Happiness you truly desire …

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How to Overcome Pressure, Anxiety & Stress!


How to Overcome Pressure, Anxiety & Stress❗

For years I pushed myself so hard to Have It All , Successful Career, then Business, trying to provide for my Family, be a good Husband and Father …

Yet I always felt like I was falling short, never reaching my potential and to deal with the Stress, Frustration, Overwhelm & Anxiety I used Alcohol to relax and unwind … Well that just added to the Deep Stress and long term made things much worse …

💡 UNTIL I did the deep Healing work I talk about in this Video🎥

👉 If you carry a lot of Unhealthy Stress from all the Pressures and Demands of Work, Business, Staff, Finances, Family, Kids etc etc and you’re not dealing with it properly then you need to watch this Video

Life is short we all want to be more and achieve more but until you Heal what’s holding you make , you’ll struggle to access your true potential

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Have a Great Weekend ahead … ❤🙏