How To Develop Mental Wellness Video 2: SLOWDOWN … DO LESS

How-To-Develop-Mental-Wellness-Video-2-SLOWDOWN-DO LESS-by-Greg-youtube

Following Yesterdays Video on the Cause vs Symptoms

Today’s Video 2 is on the Power and Importance of Slowing Down & Doing Less… Something that sounds so simple yet for many of us is sooooo Hard to do …

👉 We live in the Fastest, Information overload time in History… If you’ve watched the Netflix doco “Social Experiment” you’ll understand that we are not in control of our Minds…

😔 The constant Disconnection & Anxious need to do more, be more & have more is slowly killing people …

🎥 In this Video I encourage you to allocate dedicated time every day to SLOW DOWN, come into yourself and sit with your Intuition without external distractions…

How To Develop Mental Wellness Video 1: CAUSE VS. SYMPTOM

How-To-Develop-Mental-Wellness-Video-1-CAUSE VS. SYMPTOM-by-Greg-youtube

How to Develop Mental Wellness 🧠…. mini series

After talking to 100s of Men the No.1 area in their Life they want to improve is their Mental Health & Mindset…

So over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a 5 part Mini series on some Key fundamentals to Improving Mental Wellness

🎥 Video 1 … Cause vs Symptom … its so easy to focus on the Symptom without truly understanding the Cause behind our Mental Health struggles…
(Ironically this is byproduct of being stuck in our Analytical Mind)

If You Are A:
👉 People Pleaser
👉 Always Seeking other peoples approval
👉 You care what other people think of you
👉 You Overthink everything
👉 You never feel Good Enough
etc etc

Then you might Resonate with my Story inside this first Video

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Are you living someone else’s life?

Are you living someone else's life

Are you living someone else’s life ❓

Are you living life on your terms?

Are you constantly trying to live up to other people’s expectations?

You need to focus on what you truly want out of life.

Become the CEO of your whole life & work towards the Health, Relationships, Success you truly desire.

Your time is precious …. So when you are not in conscious control of your health, wealth and relationships, then you are not choosing a life that is aligned with your best self.

Are living an unconscious life?

The unchecked Unconscious Mind is 80% fear-based. This causes conflict, stress, unhappiness and unfulfillment

Is it time to take complete control of your whole Life?

As always if you are a Married Businessmen and what to becoming the best version of yourself … please book a call with me for a chat📲

Are you living out your souls purpose?

What's your soul's purpose
What's your soul's purpose

Are you living out your souls purpose ❓

Everyone has a gift and a purpose they are here to fulfil. How do you move in that direction?

Become the best version of yourself first, eat well, exercise, meditate, get deep with yourself, heal yourself from the health issues, emotional blockages , spiritual entities from your past.

and figure out how you can truly help others.

What lights you up?
Who lights you up?
What is Intuition constantly telling you?

Discern between Egoic desires and Intuitive guidance!

and move in the right direction.

As always if you are a Married Businessmen and what to becoming the best version of yourself … please book a call with me for a chat📲


How your ego causes communication breakdown


Following a client session where we went deep into the Communication Breakdown he is constantly having with his Wife.

How it was making him feel frustrated, confused and in conflict about how to resolve or improve it …

🎥 This Video outlines why the Communication Breakdown was happening, the negative cycles they were in and what my client is going to do differently to improve it

Enjoy the Video , look forward to your feedback and comments

As always if you are a Married Businessmen and what to becoming the best version of yourself … please book a call with me for a chat📲

Why is Mother Nature so important to our survival?

Why is Mother Nature so important to our survival?

Why is Mother Nature so important to our survival?

Because she has an incredible healing energy that helps us calm , centre and de-stress …

Stress is the silent killer of Humans!

Although the medical industry has labelled all illness and disease as individual symptoms E.g.

🦠 Cancers
🦠 Heart disease
🦠 Auto Immune Disease
🦠 Hyperthyroidism
🦠 Adrenal Exhuastion
+ millions of others 🦠🦠🦠

The true underlying cause to Ill health is Stress and imbalance it creates, however Humans have normalised Stress and often push ourselves harder or berate our bodies at the signs of Stress …

Years of compounding Stress Mentally and Physically put us out of balance and harmony internally …

Leverage the greatest gift we have available as Humans, which is healing through exposure and energy of Mother Nature …

How do you embrace Mother Nature for your well-being???

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR.

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear

What are you putting off due to Fear❓

The truth is, operating and taking action within your comfort zone will only get you more of what you have right now…

and regardless of where you are right now, moving forward and reaching new goals is how we stay inspired, motivated and moving towards the best version of ourselves.

You need to push the boundaries and take action even when you are Scared, Uncomfortable or Uncertain,

This is how we grow!

Step into the Fear, take massive action through the Fear! What you ultimately want is on the other side of Fear.

Remember, Fear doesn’t end, its your constant guide to know you are on track, so learn to Love and Embrace the Fear as this is where the growth is

What are you Not doing right now due to Fear?

If you want help breaking through the Limitations of Fear and achieving your wildest dreams, Book a call with me for a chat 📲



Are you Guilty of this 👇

You have so much Information & Knowledge about what you need to do to create an abundance Success, Love and Happiness…

HOWEVER… your Knowledge doesn’t align with your Results !

THIS is a huge problem in the Information age! We have more Information than we will ever need, to create our dream life … yet people are feeling more stuck & frustrated than ever!

WHY❓ … because Information gathering keeps you operating from the Analytical, Egoic mind! which causes more conflict & restriction…

FACT❗ You cannot Transform your whole Life through the level of Mind … Mindset is Not Enough…

True Transformation is much deeper than Knowledge:
It’s 👉 Healing Energy Blocks and Restrictions
It’s 👉 Aligning with your Souls Blueprint
It’s 👉 Releasing Unconscious programs
It’s 👉 Removing Negative Spiritual Entities
It’s 👉 Healing & Aligning your Mind, Body & Soul

I used to think all the above was B.S , until I experienced the Transformation and realised I was stuck and living from Ego and disconnected from my Highest Self…

If you have Greatness inside ready to come out… lets chat, book a call with me 📲

In It Together

In 2015 we returned back to Australia from Singapore … with a plan to start a boutique Business Consulting & Marketing agency after a successful 20 year corporate career …

Like many people I talk to, I had a great run in corporate, gained so much on so many levels … yet I was over it and so ready to take a different path…

What I wasn’t ready for… was the years of stress, long hours, travel & push through to finally catch up with me …

In 2016 I drove myself into Mental & Physical burnout… without all the comforts of corporate I felt stuck, isolated and alone …

This was a life changing point , which lead to doing deep Inner healing & self discovery work … Transforming Mentality, Emotionally, Energetically and Spiritually.

OMG, my life has changed is beyond comprehension… (I’ll do a video on it as not enough text room here)

If you are not Living in alignment with your greatest potential… then do something about , you owe it to yourself and the people you care about ..

Have an amazing weekend ❤️🙏

Do You Worry That You’re Damaging Your Children?

Do you worry that you're damaging your children

Do you Worry about the Impact you’re Making on your Kids?

Are you trying hard to bring your children up well, providing sound advice to ensure your kids grow up with the right Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Respect, Morals and Values…

Yet you feel like your failing, feel guilty when you have an angry outburst, display bad habits, poor emotional control or speak poorly to your partner in front of them … !

WHY do you feel so Guilty ?
Because you know that Children model our behaviour not our advice, no matter how good your advice is your children will grow up to be the best and the worst of what they see you do / or not do !

If you want to be an amazing parent and role model for your Kids, then you need to focus on healing & dealing with your own inner Child, Emotions, Beliefs and Behaviours first … NOT your childs…

They need to see your Example of how to behaviour, leader, respect yourself & your partner first … This is how to be an amazing parent…

Look forward to your comments and connection …

If you want to Become the Best Version of yourself so you can help your Children be the Best Version also … book a call with me for a chat 📲