The 3 Stages to Burnout

3 Stages to Burnout Photo

The 3 Stages to BURNOUT

Understanding and Healing your Physical Health and Wellbeing is One of the biggest thing to focus on when wanting to become the Best Version of Yourself 👇

Stage 1 – Fatigue:
👉 chronic tiredness or sleepiness, headache, dizziness, sore or aching muscles, muscle weakness, slowed reflexes and responses, impaired decision-making and judgement, moodiness, irritability.

Stage 2 – Adrenal Exhaustion:
👉 Chronic fatigue, energy levels “crash” throughout the day, poor stress response, cognitive issues or “brain fog”, craving salty and sweet foods, overuse of caffeine and other stimulants, compromised immune system

Stage 3 – Burnout:
👉 Sense of failure and self-doubt, Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated, Detachment, feeling alone in the world, Loss of motivation.
Increasingly cynical and negative outlook, Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, Illness and Disease

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Are You a Thinkaholic?

Are you a Thinkaholic.

A few weeks back I reposted a video titled “Are you a Workaholic”

A couple of people responded saying “I’m a Thinkaholic”

The World we live in, being a ” Thinkaholic” is a very real thing … and I know this because I’m also a thinkaholic if I’m honest

🎥 In this video I talk about how an Overactive , Over-analytical Mind and if not managed and balanced can easily lead to a lot of Stress, Overwhelm and Poor Health …

Everyone will agree that the World we live in has created the new mass “Thinkaholic” syndrome … which is why its more important than ever to have daily Mental Health routines

Enjoy the Video … Don’t over-think it 😂

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Stop Lying to yourself & others


🛑 Stop Lying to yourself & others ❗

You are only causing yourself and others more pain, suffering and frustration by your lies …

How do I know because I was that guy… Hiding behind the Facades, Bravado and always making out that I was Feeling better and Doing better than I actually was …

This is simply your FEAR ❗

👉 Fear of Failure
👉 Fear of being Judged
👉 Fear you are not Good Enough
👉 Fear of Vulnerability
👉 Fear of feeling Weak

Your Lying is reinforcing what you DON’T want and when you drop the Facades and speak the absolute Truth I promise you things will get better, you’ll feel better, Trust and Communication with people will improve

If you want to Move Forward, Be Happier, More Fulfilled then Stop Lying and be 100% Honest about who you are and where your at …

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No Change Happens in the Comfort Zone

No change happens in the comfort zone

Do you want to create change for the better❓

But constantly avoid the things that you KNOW will move you forward in:
👉Physical Health
👉Mental Health
👉Spiritual Health

This avoidance slowly creates tension in the Mind & Body as your holding back your true best self.

When you move in a direction that makes you uncomfortable, you put yourself in front of opportunities to grow.

Along with growing your tolerance for taking action, which creates momentum and confidence.

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Stop Avoiding the Void


Do You Avoid the Void❓

I did for most of my life… WHY❓ 👇

1️⃣ I didn’t understand what the Void was
2️⃣ The Void sucks… It makes you have to look at yourself , your pain, emptiness, sadness, confusion and so much more

So, What is the Void❓
👉 Its when your Energetic Vibration changes so quickly that you often enter into a state of either emotional, mental, physical or energetic frenzy of density, despair, numbness, pain, fear, doubt, negativity, detachment, or hopelessness.

👉 Our Natural survival instincts drive us to busyness or distraction like Work, Technology, Alcohol, Drugs etc to Avoid the pain of the Void

👉 By doing this you are missing out or delaying the Greatest time for Change, Growth, Evolution & Spiritual Awakening

In this Video 🎥… I share more about the Void and why its so Important for your Evolution, Growth and Happiness to allow yourself to embrace the Void

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What Do You Really Want?

What do you Really Want

What do you really want ?

For years all of my wants and desires where about me, materialistic in nature and came from a place of trying to fill a Void of Lack, Unhappiness & Unfulfillment…

How bad do you want it ?

I wanted these things badly…
The challenge was they were superficial and when I achieved them it’s wasn’t good enough… I still felt unfulfilled and would just move the goal and push myself harder…

What changed ?

I healed myself, found my purpose and
I moved my Focus to being of service to others …

🙌This Was a Game Changer🙌

As you read this Quote, ask yourself these questions 👇

🔸Why do I really want without fear?
🔸Is my wants to fill a void in my life?
🔸What difference will it make?
🔸How will it benefit others?
🔸What impact will it make in the World?

When we move our Wants & Focus from ourselves to being of Service to others , then all our personal desires start flowing into our lives

What do you really want and what are you willing to do to get it ?


Do You Have An Addictive Personality ?


Do You Have An Addictive Personality❓

We now live in a time where everyone has an Addiction to something …
👉Food, Sugar, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Exercise, Social Media, Your Phone, Netflix, People Pleasing etc etc …

Why is everyone Addicted to 1 or multiple things ❓
Because companies and marketers spend Billions on understanding your Psychology & Behaviour so they can get your time and money …

We either become Highly Aware of our behaviour and do something about it or we stay right in the middle and constantly beat ourselves up … 😥

How do I know ❓ Because I have an Addictive Personality, it used to be much worse until I worked on my Neural Programs and become very Self Aware, Self Conscious and Self Loving

Enjoy this Video and learning more about the Global issue of Addiction by design from Companies and how you can overcome it …

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Stop looking for the Magic Bullet!


There is No Magic Bullet… So Stop looking for it❗

I have always struggled with Patience… 👇

Even though I’m Playing the Long Game , I’m human and can get distracted by Shiny Objects promising a short cut …

Yet I’ve learnt the hard way that every Short Cut (Magic Bullet) has actually slowed me down 😤

We live in a World of Instant Gratification which is fuelled by Social Media, Influencers & Marketers who understand human psychology …

If you want to achieve your Goals fast … Do the opposite to the masses 👇

👉 Transform your Psychology, Mindset & Beliefs
👉 Become Successful Internally first
👉 Slow Down, Achieve More by Doing Less
👉 Live in the NOW, not the past or future
👉 Develop Consciousness, Self Awareness & Self Love
👉 Create Personal Boundaries & Discipline
👉 Prioritise your Life’s Pillars in the right order

Watch this Video🎥 to Learn more about how to Win the Long Game and create Success💲, Love❤ & Happiness😊

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We aren’t afraid to die, we are afraid to not fully live.

We aren't afraid to die

We aren’t Can you relate to this Quote ?

So many people are looking at their lives through different lenses, they are getting signs and intuitive messages that it’s time to evolve….

“They aren’t afraid of dying, they are afraid of not fully living”

The World right now is going through a beautiful evolutionary shift , Mother Earth is increasing her vibration and there’s so much Spiritual guidance coming to Earth to help humanity evolve…

Now is the time to tune in , be guided by intuition NOT ego and start fully Living the life, passion and purpose you were put here to fulfill…

Our greatest Passion and Purpose is helping other humans fully live out their calling, passion and purpose by being the best versions of themselves in Mind , Body, Energy and Soul …

What does fully living mean to you ?

Are you a Workaholic?


Do you have Workaholic Behaviour ❓

Feel like there is always so much to do and you need to keep pushing yourself to do and achieve more?

This is common among Motivated High Achievers as to have such Big Goals to condition ourselves to out work everyone as a badge of honest …

After 20 years of Hustle and Grind , All or Nothing Mentality & Workaholic behavior I found myself Exhausted, Stuck and Frustrated thinking I should be further ahead financially.

This is a Big Trap for many people

I didn’t realise this was Negative Deep Unconscious programming Driven by Not Feeling Good Enough, People Pleasing and Constantly seeking other peoples Approval

If you are Working or Thinking about Work all the time & its effecting your Relationships and Health then book a call with me