How to Achieve more By Surrendering & Allowing

How to Achieve more by Allowing and Surrendering

Understanding the “The Lifesaver” analogy and “How to Achieve more By Surrendering & Allowing “

Every time I’m trying to Achieve Something but Feel up against it or things aren’t going as planned …

👉 I simply Surrender and Allow what ever will be 🙌

This is one of the hardest yet most powerful Habits I’ve learnt to do … And trust me when I say its not easy when you’ve always been a Driven High Achieving Entrepreneur …

When have you simply Surrendered and Allowed things to happen and all of a sudden magic happens ?

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It’s all about the Journey AND the Destination

“It’s about the journey, not the destination” ❌

☝ This Is misleading… And it gets thrown around a lot.

The truth is, it’s about the destination just as much as it is about the journey.

The destination has to be aligned with your true self, otherwise, the journey will be harder than it should be, and the destination will be less than fulfilling.

If your destination is aligned with your true self & what you genuinely want for your life, those you love and the people you serve…
The journey becomes the destination.

And the destination will continue to evolve as you evolve on your Journey …

The Closest Relationships require the Most Effort

The Closest Relationships require the Most Effort

The Closest Relationships require the Most Effort ❤

1 in 3 Marriages end in divorced , and those that stick it out often feel they have drifted apart …

So we find a Love Partner and all is amazing, honeymoon period, Intimacy, Sex life, connection and communication is at a high…

Then the relationship matures , you plan your financial future together, start working harder , longer hours … Then you may plan and have a family , babies and children start taking up more and more of your time …

FIRST thing that goes is the Intimacy, Sex Life reduces to almost non existent or once a week at best …

SECOND thing that goes is the Connection, the Love and wanting to be close and around each other

THIRD thing that goes is the Communication, more often than not you’re in the Drama Triangle , arguing and bickering at each other over mindless crap … But negative communication becomes common place , you’re tired, exhausted, feel unsupported and not on the same page or aligned anymore

FOURTH stage is Resentment, Hate, Anger and Avoidance , you feel like the relationship is to far gone , you’re avoiding each other to Avoid the conflict… You’re losing yourself in your Phone to escape these feelings …

And you end up Separating or living in a Loveless relationship !

💕 Now if you care enough to fight for your Relationship / Marriage then you have to focus on you and not your partner … Someone has to become the bigger person and do the hard work to turn things around …

👉 But first you must focus on yourself, because as your Marriage has gone downhill so have you , and all your own Limitations, Insecurities and Negative Emotions have been triggered …

🙌 The Key to rebuilding Close Relationships is starting with the Relationship with yourself, work on yourself and bring the best version of you to your Relationships so you can be strong, emotional strong and not triggered … while you hold the space for your Love Partner to do the same …

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Are your Emotional Outbursts Hurting the People You Love

Are your emotional outburst hurting the people you love

Are your Emotional Outbursts hurting the people you love ❤

The old me had very little Emotional Control, I would bottle things up until I exploded with Anger and Rage, which was always around the people I loved the most 🤬😢

This broke my heart 💔 as it was always my beautiful Wife and Kids that got the worst of me …

👉 My Professional life and even around friends I would show the better version of myself but it was at home behind closed doors was when the worst version of myself came out …

👉 I’m sharing this vulnerable Video because no one wants to admit this stuff … Yet its happening everyday and causing so much destruction marriages and our children’s development …

If this Video 🎥 resonates with you its your Responsibility to do something about it 👍

If you want to Improve your Emotional Control and release the Anger, Frustration & Rage that comes up around your Loved ones then start by watching this Video 🎥

What are you avoiding right now?

What are you avoiding right now❓

The actions and decisions that scare us, are the ones that produce the most growth,

These are the actions and decisions that are require the most courage

The more you avoid taking actions you fear, that you know we should be taking,

The more pain you will experience❗

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Do You Feel Like It’s Too Late?

Do You Feel Like Its too Late

Do you feel like it’s too late❓

The truth is, it is never too late to reinvent yourself to become the best version of yourself.

The mind is malleable and can be reprogramed, which means:
👉Who you are
👉Your mindset
👉Your beliefs
Can be changed.

We all have the same opportunity to be who we are truly meant to be

We have so much Untapped Potential. 

Why Driven Businessmen Get Stuck


Understanding Why Driven Businessmen get Stuck ❗

Can you Relate to any of these? 👇

🔹You didn’t feel good enough growing up and set out on a mission to prove yourself
🔹You didn’t get the Approval and Guidance from their Father, so you worked hard to gain Approval from others
🔹You’re highly Competitive and don’t back down from a challenge
🔹You have an All or Nothing Mentality
🔹You push yourself extremely hard

Here’s the CONFLICT… the above Traits have helped you create Success… But they are the same Traits that are causing:

🔸You feel Stress, Overwhelmed and unsupported
🔸You can’t stop thinking about Business, Growth and Finances
🔸You’re a Workaholic
🔸You bring your Stresses and Problems home with you
🔸Your communication and connection with your Wife is suffering
🔸Your not truly Present for your Kids and loved ones
🔸You use Alcohol, Porn, Gambling or Technology as distractions
🔸You carry a lot of Anger and Frustration
🔸You’re never totally Happy or Fulfilled

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Is Your Ego Holding You Back

Is your ego holds you back

Is your EGO holding you back ❓

For most the Ego has become the Master when it was designed to be the Servant… Let me explain:

Your Ego = Conscious Mind, daily thoughts and decision making, when the Ego is so busy, overloaded and stressed we believe everything the Ego is telling us … Most of which is B.S ❗

The truth is, all the Egos thoughts and decisions are controlled by the Unconscious Mind = your Past… fears, desires, beliefs, programs, conditions, emotions, experiences

Everyone deep down is searching for ways to be Heart ❤ lead = Intuitive Self … This is your Souls truth and will help guide you to your true Passion and Purpose

FIRST – everyone must reprogram their negative Unconscious Mind to let go of Negative past programs (Ask me how)
SECOND – slow down the Egoic Mind from Neurotic Information gathering (Ask me how)
LASTLY – learn how to drop into your Heart and allow your Heart be the Master (Ask me how)

Enjoy this video 🎥 more about moving from your Ego to your Heart

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Are the answers right in front of you?

Are the answers right in front of you?

If you’re constantly projecting into the future or living in the past…

You’re not going to be present to feel and hear exactly what you’re Intuition is trying to tell you…

When your present… your mind is not creating low frequency thoughts & noise.

Are you being the MAN you want to be?


Are you being the MAN you want to be❓

Do you think every day you have more to offer❓ You have so much more potential❓ You have greatest inside you❗

For so many years I knew I had greatest within me, so much more potential to offer… But for some reason I wasn’t accessing it ☹

So many Entrepreneurs get into vicious cycles of Everything going extremely well , then Bang “Will Power” drops and you Self Sabotage, slip back into bad habits until you motivate yourself back into positive Momentum …

If you are sick of these Cycles and want to access your Greatest Potential then this Video is for you

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