How to develop true Self-Esteem and Humility

How to develop true Self-Esteem and Humility 👇

👉 Feeling Inferior or Superior to others is a Man Made Egoic Identification of the Physical World, that’s holding you back from True Self-Esteem and Humility…

👉 Access & Elevate your Self-Esteem and Humility , it begins with healing and releasing your Ego’s life long conditioning…

👉 Then you can spend more time tapping into your Spiritual Intuitive Guidance, living in the Now, being more centred, at peace and present with yourself…

✋ Don’t allow your Self-Esteem to be determined by who you are trying to be in Society , this only creates Comparison and Judgement which will never serve you

If you want to learn how to heal your Ego and access your higher Spiritual Intuition then go to The Evolved CEO site , or reach out and book a call with me 📲

Do You Have an Anger Switch


Do you struggle with Anger and Rage ❓

As a young Man I carried a lot of Anger, it got me into trouble and circumstances I am not proud of … Yet it was so deeply engrained in me I never Healed from it until much later in life…

🤬 Anger and Rage are scary emotions for us and the people around us and for a lot of Men we never get help to let it go or understand where it truly comes from …

👉 We learn to manage it by supressing it , but when stress, noise and pressure gets to much the lid comes off and Bang we explode!

❓ If this is you, then Identifying the cause, anchor and triggers to Anger/Rage is the first step … Then getting the correct help to Heal your Anger & Rage is the next step …

😡 Anger is only ok if we are in serious Danger and need to protect ourselves … Other than that Anger is NOT ok

Ways to heal Anger/Rage:
– Give your mind Daily Silent time
– Heal your Gut, produce more Serotonin
– Heal your Past, Influencers and Events linked to your Anger

Need help Healing and Releasing Emotions then, book a call with me for a chat

Married Men! How often do you date your Wife?

Married Men❗ How often do you date your Wife❓

If you are like Tracey Gillies and I you’ve got extremely full lives

e.g. We have 2 Businesses, Clients, Staff, Finances, 3 Kids, Building a House, House Chores, School Activities, Sports, Personal Wellbeing, Friends, Family + all the unforeseen events like sickness or lockdowns to juggle

👉 So Date Nights can easily get put on the Back Burner if they aren’t a very high priority

Here’s a challenge in our Relationship that you may relate to …

My primary love Language is “Quality Time”
… so spending 1 on 1 time with Tracey lights me up

Tracey’s primary Love Language is “Acts of Service”
… So when she feels overwhelmed with the demands of Business, House Chores and Children then prioritising “Quality Time” with me isn’t her highest priority

So when our Date Nights & Friday Lunches get cancelled, I always felt Sad and Resentful … Until I made these changes:

1. Do the Planning Yourself!
Don’t put the added pressure on your Wife eg. Book the Date, Baby Sitter and plan in advance yourself

2. Make it spontaneous!
Not always Dinner or a Movie, book activities that are Fun, spontaneous and get you both Laughing, Smiling & Playing again

3. Understand your Wife’s Love Language !
Most Wives will have Acts of Service as a high Love Language (like Tracey)… Help out more often day to day to reduce her demands, so she has the Space to want to spend more quality time together..

Do the 5 Love Language Quizz

4. Priorities your Marriage!
Your Wife is your No.1 relationship, make it a very high priority, ensure your actions match this priority

Men, if you want to improve your Marriage take responsibly and work on it , nurture it, priorities it and don’t expect your Wife to be the one to fill your Love Bucket (She’s not your Mum)

If you want help Transforming your Marriage Communication & Connection book a call with me 📲

Are you Embracing the Opportunities Life Gives You?

Are you Embracing the Opportunities Life Gives You?

It is in our DNA to evolve to the best version of ourselves for our survival.

No matter what life gives you, It is an opportunity to grow.

When you’re experiencing strong emotions towards a situation or facing challenges that pull you out of your comfort zone.

The Universe doesn’t judge

It will pull you towards the path or challenge that helps you show up as the best version of yourself.

Don’t fight it because they Force us to learn valuable lessons and skills as we become a wiser and stronger version of ourselves.

Embrace the challenges that life gives you. Look for the lessons and opportunities for growth

If you are facing challenges and need help finding the growth within it, please reach out to me and book a call on my website 📲

Don’t be deceived by Positive and Negative self-concepts.

Don’t be deceived by Positive and Negative self-concepts.

Negative Self-Concepts:
“Behind all your Negative self-concepts is a hidden desire of being greater or better than others”

Ask Yourself 👇
How often do I compare myself to others, or someone else’s expectations of me (that your Ego thinks is your OWN?) 

Your Egoic mind, desires to be greater and better than others, and your egoic mind is attacking you for not meeting these subconscious expectations.

Positive Self-Concepts:
“Behind every Positive self-concept is the hidden fear of not being good enough”

Ask Yourself 👇
How hard do I push myself to prove I’m successful, what am I sacrificing in my pursuit of Success, and how much do I fear losing what I have?

When your idea of Self is hinged on your Egoic Identity, your Successes, achievements and other peoples perception…
(You’ll never feel good enough)

Ask Yourself 👇
Who are you without Ego Identification?

Dig deep and heal yourself from within, so you become detached from all Egoic negative and positive self-concepts. 

If this post is relevant to your Development Journey please book a call with me 📲

Are You Reflecting on Your Life?

Are You Reflecting on Your Life?

In the midst of living your life, moving towards goals, balancing work and family, etc.

It’s easy to constantly move onto the next thing without truly reflecting on your life, your past actions, checking in with yourself, and being honest with yourself about your reality right now.

Ask yourself:

👉How does your mind feel?
👉How does your body feel?
👉Is there something you are putting off?
👉Are the actions you are taking moving you towards your goals?
👉Have you been the person you want to be for those you love?

When you reflect on your life regularly, you are able to express gratitude for the good, and learn from the bad to make better decisions.

This allows you to be more InTouch with yourself and your reality

My Clients Wives are an Indirect Referrer!

Hey Greg, you did a Video a while back saying that your clients Wives are your biggest referral source … can you explain?

My clients Wives don’t call me directly…

👉 So what happens is a lot of Men that are thinking of reaching out to me, they want to be a better Man, Husband and they desperately want to Improve the Communication, Connection and Intimacy in their Marriage …

😶 See us Men a very good are putting on a Mask of confidence and strength in the professional World but it often drops behind closed doors and our wives and children see the true us …

Our Wives see what’s behind those Masks… 😟 the Fear, Stress, Struggles, Anger, Self Doubt, Addictive behaviour & Self Sabotage…

👉 So when my potential clients share some of my Content with their Wives they become my biggest Indirect Referrer because they desperately want to see their Husbands Happy… so they encourage their Man to just reach out and have a chat with me …

So this is how my clients Wives become my biggest Indirect Referrer!

❓ If you’ve been thinking about Reaching out to me for a chat … Just do it you have nothing to loose … book a call with me 📲

How To Develop Self Awareness

Are you developing Self Awareness❓

Self-Awareness is a muscle that you can develop. It requires repetitive practices.

When you develop self-awareness, you become more present and stop reacting to every thought and idea that enters your mind.

It helps you identify your higher true self …

When you are not practising self-awareness, your egoic mind will be blocking your true self and fool you into believing your ego is your true self.

This also blocks creativity, peace of mind, and self-love.

What’s the Main Goal You Help Men With?

What's the main goal you help men with.

So Greg, what’s the main goal you help Men with ❓

It’s Cliche to say we help them Become the Best Version of Themselves, but ultimately this is what we do …

HOWEVER, the reason why Tracey Gillies – Coach, Energy Healer and I work together in helping our clients is because we are Multi-Dimensional & Energetic beings …

👉 Meaning you can’t truly Become the Best Version of Yourself by only working on 1 or 2 areas e.g. Mind & Body… We are so much more that the Physical Mind and Body, so we must work on all areas of ourselves including Mind, Body, Energy, Spirit and Soul as they are all Interconnected…

👉 Yes Healing & Aligning your Mind & Body are Important but if you truly want to access your Unlimited Potential you need to put more Focus on the Healing and Alignment of your Soul and Energy…

👉 Once we Heal & Align a clients Neurological, Physiological, Energetic and Soul Blueprint structures from any Blocks and Restrictions … Then you start showing up as a Better Version of Yourself in the Physical World … And everything External to yourself starts to THRIVE …. Your Business, Marriage, Parenting, Leadership, Friendships etc will all Thrive and you will feel Happier, Content, Present, Calm, Balanced and at Peace with yourself

This is a Beautiful feeling to Free Yourself & live in Alignment ❤🙌

Check out the Full Interview:

How to Find and Get WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?


Most Men think they know what they want 👇

BUT, When I ask “What do you really want?”

99% of the answers start with more Money, Success, Time, Support etc … Almost all Business related …

When I dig, what Men truly want is:
Love, Happiness, Fulfillment, Connection, Intimacy, Contentment and Peace

But what they have is:
Stress, Conflict, Arguments, Confusion, Pressures, Demands and Tiredness

🤦‍♂️ So when they don’t know how to get what they Truly want, they load themselves up with more of what they don’t want… And the cycle repeats…

If this sounds like you I urge you to Watch this Video 🎥

If you want to Find and Get what you Truly want  , book a call with me