Do You Have High Success Standard?

Do You Have High Success Standard?

How you want to show up in this world and the impact you want to make is all up to you.

It depends on how high your standards are for:
👉Finishing what you start.
👉Putting in effort.
👉Trying again after things don’t go as planned.
👉Doing what’s right regardless of fear.
👉Allowing yourself to recharge.
👉Delaying Short term gratification.

Your standards allow you to draw a line between what’s acceptable and what’s not. The higher your standards are to be the best version of yourself,

The more growth you will experience and the more you can help others grow.

3 HABITS to start in the next 7 days!

Greg, what are 3 Health Habits people can start right now to get results in the next 7 days❓

1️⃣. Go and Download the APP called “1GaintMind” and start the 12 day learn to Meditate process…
– If you are not using some sort of Meditation or Mindfulness practice on a daily basis to slow your Brain down and give your Mind some much needed quiet time …
– Then this is the first thing you should do

2️⃣. Movement – Stop putting to bigger Exercise Expectations on yourself
– If you are not Exercising then don’t try going from 0 – 100 straight away e.g. Don’t go from No Exercise to joining CrossFit (Then is just a punishment, all or nothing mentally and creates a negative habit of stop/start mentally
– Instead just start walking in the morning for 20-30 minutes

3️⃣. Grounding/Nature – We are Energetic Beings and Mother Nature is amazing at balancing and regulating our Energy
– So get into Nature as often as you can , try 3 times in 7 days
– Plus Walk on Grass barefoot and make it a Daily Habit to Ground yourself … Its easy but so powerful on your Health and Wellbeing

👉 Now to really make these 3 Habits stick for the Long-Term , do them all in a sequence , this is called Habit Stacking … So go for a Walk, Ground yourself and then Mediate all in a 30-40 min time frame …

Habit Stacking will train your Subconscious Mind to form these new Habits and start creating new momentum in your Health and Wellbeing

If you decide to do the above please let Adrian Lea and I know how you feel are just 7 days … Would love to here the results from these very Simple Habits

How do you Think the Pandemic has affected MEN?

One of the Questions I was asked in a recent interview with Adrian Lea was ….

Q. How do you Think the Pandemic has affected MEN?

A. It’s 2 fold …
Its been really Positive for a lot of Men and really Negative for a lot of Men

1️⃣ The Positive – As a lot of Men were focused to stay home with Family through lockdowns and new work environment changing … They have naturally had an opportunity to slow down and reflect on what’s important in life …
This reflection has enable a lot of Men to re-prioritize their life and put more focus on Family and Lifestyle
“This is a beautiful thing”

2️⃣ The Negative – A lot of Men have struggled through this time as they have been triggered by fear, lost, uncertainty and many other emotions that as Men we try and avoid…
Many Men over this pandemic have not managed their Mental Health, have been caught up in the hysteria, conspiracy, frustration etc … and as they feel Victimised by circumstances they cannot control then bad habits like Drinking, Emotional Outbursts and Negative self talk have worsened

👉 Ultimately the Pandemic is not the problem but more an event that has highlighted where we are all at and an opportunity for everyone not just Men to either Evolve or De-evolve …

We always have a choice ☝

🎥 Please watch the Video as I go deeper into this question which has effected all Humans not just Men

There is never a greater time than NOW to work on yourself and continue to Evolve in good times and in bad …

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Check out the full interview 👇

The Single Greatest Piece of Advice I Give on Anyone

This is the Single greatest piece of advice I give anyone trying to create a Dream Life… and what I learnt the hard way👇

Like most people in the World I spent most of my Life Fighting, Hustling & Grinding towards what my Ego considered a Dream Life…
The Finances, Success, Freedom, Lifestyle, Toys, Travel etc etc

The problem was my focus was all External ❗
I achieved Money, Success, Promotions, Assets, Travel etc etc HOWEVER I wasn’t truly Happy and never truly Fulfilled …

So why did my whole life change when I started Focusing Internal and Healing my Mind, Body and Soul ❓

YOUR MIND 🧠 – is conditioned your whole life to believe, think, react, make decisions and behave a certain way. We all have past programming, Inner Child conditioning, Parental and Generational Programming all underpinned by Emotions …. and Statistically 80% of it is Negative …
*Most people drive themselves by Fear without sometimes realising it which creates Mental Stress, Imbalance & poor decision making (This was me for years)

YOUR BODY 💪 – if your Brian is in constant Stress then our Bodies will create Stress starting in our Nervous System …
-Which leads to Stress on your Glands and Organs, Imbalance in your Endocrine and Digestive System , causing Fatigue, Low Energy, Inflammation, Poor Metabolism and so much more …
-On top of this the Environmental Stress, Food Toxicities and Parasites Most peoples Physical Health is suffering …
*Most people simply Berate their Bodies by pushing and abusing them whilst expecting it to support us (I know I did)

YOUR SOUL 😇 – if your Mind & Body healing = 5% of your whole being then your Soul is the other 95% …
-This is the area of greatest transformation and healing as we are a Soul having a Physical Experience not the other way round …
-If you are not getting specialised support to Heal and Align your Soul then you will never reach your Ultimate Potential …
-This is the single greatest area I have opened up to that has truly enabled me to Attract my Dream Life and help others do the same
*This is the area Most people have no idea about

❓ So if you are still reading and you want to access your Unlimited Potential to live a Life of Abundant Success, Love and Happiness!
-Then maybe its time to STOP focusing on your External World and START Healing your Internal World …


As always if you want to discuss how we help people Heal and Align their whole life then book a call with me for a chat 📲

Why & How did you GIVE UP ALCOHOL

Why and How did you give up alcohol

Do you have a Love / hate Relationship with Alcohol ❓

What does this mean… Love/Hate relationship…

You really “Love” having a drink, it helps you relax, you’re more sociable, fun and happier after a few drinks …

But you often take it to far, “Hate” or get into Negative Habits with Alcohol e.g. The negative side effects of Alcohol are effecting your Health, Relationships and Performance!

Is Alcohol holding you back from accessing your true potential in Success 💲 , Love ❤ and Happiness 😁 ❓

In this Video Adrian Lea asks me why did I give up Alcohol on my 40th Birthday after being a big drinker my whole adult life !

If this information resonates with you and Alcohol doesn’t serve you at all then maybe its time to remove it from your life !!!

Here’s the Link to the full interview