1 Simple Strategy when done Daily will Improve your Life dramatically

1 Simple Strategy when done Daily will Improve your Life dramatically  👇
That is “Intention Setting”
Want to be Laser Focused, Achieve More by Doing Less and create an abundance of Success, Love and Happiness?

Then write down your Intentions every morning, for all areas of your Life starting with YOU first ❗

Follow this very Simple morning process:

Intention Setting Strategy  – You, Relationships, Success

1️⃣ Always start with yourself, this is the key to proper Intention setting
YOU = Health & Happiness

2️⃣ Followed by the key Relationships in your Life
RELATIONSHIPS = Love Partner, Children, Family, Friends

3️⃣ Lastly set Intensions for Success, its very Important you prioritize in this order and not start with Success first
SUCCESS = Business, Finances, Lifestyle etc

Then at Bedtime check in on your Daily Intentions and see where you can Improve the next day 💪

👉 I will bike 30kms this morning to start my week with a clear mind and expand my lung capacity
👉 I will embrace my bedtime routine of Journaling, Reading & Mediation
👉 I will support Tracey at dinner time with nightly chores & kids
👉 I will put my kids to bed , read stories and listen to them as they share what is going on in their world
👉 I will hold the Space & Energy for my client sessions today so they can move closer to their desired life

I encourage you to do this for 1 week and see the difference it makes to your Focus and Growth

Have an amazing Monday ❤

She says She Loves You, She just doesn’t Like You Anymore!

She says She Loves You, She just doesn’t Like You Anymore!❗

You feel like you’ve Lost your best friend …
Communication & Connection is at it’s worst, and your Sex-Life is basically non-existent …
You’ve hurt her Emotionally, you know it, but you don’t know how to fix it …

You feel Empty, lonely, and misunderstood …
You’ve tried or suggested marriage counselling, but she says its you and you need to sort you’re shit out!
Angry fills your body as you think of the sacrifices you’ve made to create the Finances & Lifestyle your Family now enjoy, and yet they are so bloody ungrateful!

Unhappiness has consumed you for so long and you’ve had enough.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

The solution is simple … Not Easy … but Simple …
When you go on a deep healing journey re-discover yourself is when you’ll realise you have all the answers within.

Discover how to master your inner self once and for all then you will rebuild loving relationships, find new connection, happiness, and inner peace.

Now, you are inspired, energised, and reconnected with your wife.

You’re deeply connected with your wife and she has become your best-friend again.

You’re having fun and enjoying the life you worked so hard to create.
Are you truly ready to master your inner self and have the life you’ve always desired?

You’ll never feel truly satisfied in your External World until you are truly satisfied in your Internal World

You’ve done well in Life, you have a beautiful Family, a Great Business and all the toys you need. But struggle with overwhelming stress!

👉 You know this is effecting your relationship with your Wife and kids as you get easily angered and snap at them for no good reason…

👉 You feel like if you don’t do something about it your Marriage will get worse, you’re Kids will grow up to resent you and your Health will continue to suffer…

👉 You’ve tried Mediation, clean eating, exercise you’ve even tried Coaches, Counsellors and Phycologist but nothing gives you the long term change you desperately want…

In 2015 after returning from Singapore this is exactly how I felt, I felt scared, lonely and misunderstood … Because I’d worked so hard to create a great life for my Family but I was Stressed, Confused and in pain but this time I didn’t have the answers …

👉 So after I hit rock bottom I finally surrender and opened up to a different process , a deep Healing Process , one that lead me down a path I didn’t know existed , this path lead me to Heal childhood programming, balance my brains Neurological frameworks, heal my bodies Glands and Organs from years of Stress and Sabotage and heal my Energy and Soul bringing me inline with who I’ve always meant to be in this World and my Lifes Purpose …

👉 This is now mine and Tracey Life Purpose to help other Business Leaders who know they have so much more to give, they have a deep burning desire to create and do more … They just don’t know how to breakthrough the blocks and restrictions

🙌 If you want to be truly satisfied in your External World you need to become truly satisfied in your Internal World …

When CEO’s & Business Owners come to us their Energy is Low

When CEO’s & Business Owners come to us their Energy is Low

WHY? Because for years they have been the Thermostat and the Thermometer , which ends up draining them …

What do I mean ?

👉 Most CEO’s and Business Owners have a lot more Pressures, Demands and Responsibilities than the average Joe… This is by choice as they have worked extremely hard to achieve the level of success and status that they have

BUT❗, they almost all, become the Thermostat in Business life as they are the leader, the example, its their responsibility to maintain the Energy within their Business and Organisation

HOWEVER❗, they almost all, become the Thermometer in their home life, as they have very little Energy left over for Family, they get easily triggered by the Energy at home , unhappy wife, fighting children who don’t listen

👉 If you feel like all your Positive Energy is being transferred into your Business life and there is little left over for your Family life … then you are not alone …

❓ Are you putting all your Energy into Business, Finances, Staff, Clients etc which leaves you feeling drained, empty and exhausted at home… Then you feel Guilty and Sad they you can’t be present for the people you love!!! So you distract yourself with your Phone, Alcohol, Food etc …. 👇

Creating a very Negative Energy loop between Professional and Personal Life ❗

👉 If so then maybe its time to heal and balance your Energy, Mind & Body so you can have balance across your whole life

Want to learn how to heal your Energy and be more balanced across your life❓, ask me how and book a call 📲

After Talking to 1000+ Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs … their is ONE common challenge they share

👉 They don’t have a Lack of Information about what they need to do to be in optimal Mental, Physical and Spiritual health …

🤔 What they Lack is the right support and solution to truly help them heal & align their Body, Mind & Soul so they can live Healthy, Peaceful & Content lives…

YOUR BODY – needs to heal from years of stress… this is what it needs to be healthy

YOUR MIND – needs to heal from years of stress… this is what your Mind needs to be peaceful & focused

YOUR SOUL – needs to heal from lifetimes of stress… this is what your Soul needs to feel content

👉 There are very few true solutions out their that help Leaders heal their Body, Mind & Soul at the deepest level Energetic, Cellular, DNA, Neurological, Akashic and Spiritual …

If you want access a solution that does 👆 then visit TheEvolvedCEO site for more information
(link in the comments)

Have an amazing weekend and give your Body, Mind & Soul a rest 🙏

Business Leaders – Are you trying to make a greater Impact in your life and the lives of those you serve?

🛑 Business Leaders – Are you trying to make a greater Impact in your life and the lives of those you serve❓

Then, focus on this 1 thing

👉 Healing & Aligning your Energy


By Healing and Aligning your Emotions


Because “Emotions are Energy in Motion”

👉 If you selectively Numb your Emotions as a way to Lead, Push Through or Protect yourself then you are also Numbing all positive Emotions …

🙌 Doing the Inner Emotional Healing will enable you to become a Greater Leader, Provider, Partner, Parent and Influence in the World

Please reach out and book a call with me 📲 if you’d like to discuss healing and aligning your Inner Emotional Self