Are Self Help Books Adding More Pressure?

Do you Read or Listen to a lot of Self Help Books ❓

👉 A common trait of our clients is they Invest in themselves, they are hungry for ways to become better in Life, Business, Health, Relationships …

👉 They consume a lot of Personal Development and Self Help Information to better themselves …

This is often a Double Edged sword … WHY❓

👉 Because in your constant pursuit of Self Improvement always comes Comparison as your Brian is constantly working out how you can adopt this Gurus information into your life…

👉 To much of the same Information starts to make you feel inadequate as your Perfectionism kicks in and comparison becomes self sabotaging….

👉 We advise most of our clients to pull back on the Self Help books while we take them on a deep self discovery journey …

The Information you seek is not in the Books its trapped inside of you and needs to come out …

🎥 Watch Tim’s Video on how Self Help books started adding unnecessary pressure and triggered his perfectionism

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My breakdown in 2016 was the best thing to happen to me …

My breakdown in 2016 was the best thing to happen to me …

Feeling Confused, Frustrated and Stuck … using Alcohol to escape the Pain and Overwhelm

I was Confused because My whole life I’d strived & achieved:
🏉 Played NZ Age grade Rugby
💰 Built and Run 3 x Multi-Million $ businesses
❤️ Amazing Wife and 3 Kids
🏖 Living in Dream Beach Locations

But it was never enough, it didn’t matter what I achieved “I was never enough” I was unhappy and unfulfilled

I wanted to Be More, Do More, Have More … I was not put on this Earth to live an Ordinary life it had to be an Extrodinary life

This lead to an All or Nothing mentality in Work, Exercise, Personal Development, Eating, Drinking everything …

I was completely Stuck in my EGO and had no idea this was blocking my true Potential that burned deep inside 🔥

The years of compounding Stress and Pressure built up in my Mind, Body, Energy & Soul … I was living in a constant state of Fight or Flight … it was fueling my suffering

AND I broke down… 😭 Hard

This was my wake up call and the beginning of my Self Healing and Self Discovery Journey…

So what did I do:
1️⃣ I spent 3 months in AA to stop drinking
2️⃣ I started Life Coaching & Therapy to Heal and Let go of my Past
3️⃣ I started Achetypal Ancient Phycology Coaching
4️⃣ I used Kinesiology to Heal my deep survival stress
5️⃣ I did every Level of NLP training
6️⃣ I worked with an Energy & Spiritual healer to evolve
7️⃣ I started helping other Married Businessmen heal and discovery who they truly are
8️⃣ I continue to work on myself as a priority every day

I’m now more content, happy, fulfilled, spiritually connected, achieving more, working less and just beginning my best Life ❤️

When you open yourself up to deep self healing and self discovery you will unlock potential beyond your minds comprehension

If you are here to Live an Extrodinary life then you must break free from your Limitations, Blocks and Restrictions

To your Success, Love and Happiness

P.S. meet our new puppy 🐶 Lola

Do you want to take your Leadership to the Next Level?

Do you want to take your Leadership to the Next Level❓

Don’t forget what got you to where you are, won’t get you to the Next Level

You see Leadership Development is in direct response to your Personal Development and your Personal Development is in direct response to evolving in Consciousness ❗️

Every stage of your Conscious Leadership journey will require you to Evolve & Elevate Mentally, Physically, Energetically and Spiritually…

The greater your Leadership desires the more you need to evolve in Consciousness…

Do you want to evolve your Leadership & Consciousness❓

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Are you a very Masculine Energy Man?

Are you a very Masculine Energy Man ❓, then this is important for you to understand 👇

This World has been built on Masculine Egoic Energy … Every system and structure that the modern world operates under

🏦 Financial System – Masculine control, greed & dictatorship

📚 Education System – Masculine control, greed & dictatorship via the Industrial revolution

🧐 Political System – Masculine control, greed & dictatorship
The list goes on ….

We are all conditioned for Generations to succeed and survive in this World you must develop a strong Masculine Egoic Energy…

🙌 Amazing innovation, growth and change has come from this Energy

🛑 BUT it’s gone to far , like anything great , to much of it becomes destructive

We are at a turning point in this World that if the Masculine Energy that controls our world does not Evolve it will destroy it …

👉 This change has to start with Individuals esp, strong Masculine Energy Influential Men … they have lost their way and allowed their Masculine Egoic Minds to get out of control in the constant pursuit of more perceived control !

There is a disconnection between your Egoic Actions and your Souls Purpose

👉 Now more than ever Influential Leaders need to focus on your Spiritual Evolution, Living from your Heart and evolve a more powerful Masculine Energy

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Are you trying really hard to operate at your Best in all areas of Life?

Are you trying really hard to operate at your Best in all areas of Life❓

😔 But you feel like no matter how hard you try and push something is blocking you, restricting you or holding you back

This was where I was at in 2015 , pushed and strived my whole life to be the absolute best I could be …

👉 But it seemed like as the years went on the Internal Restrictions grew stronger … causing the All or Nothing mentally that lead to Frustration & Self Sabotage…

😮 Your Blocks and Restrictions are extremely deep, they are from Childhood Nuerological programs, Societal Conditioning , Negative Entity attachments and Disconnection from your True Souls Purpose

🤦‍♂️ No amount of Ego driven Knowledge, Hard Work or Push Though is going to solve this “It will add to it”

😇 What you need is to HEAL and DEAL with your deepest Blocks and Restrictions in your Mind, Body, Energy and Soul

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