Merry Xmas from the Gillies clan…

Merry Xmas from the Gillies clan…

2021 has been a amazing year for our family as Tracey and I turned so many challenges into opportunities

2022 is going to be an incredible year for those who choose it to be so…
A lot has changed and yet a lot remains the same … we live in the most abundant time in history, fully embrace it and live your best life

Enjoy your Christmas Day, Family, Friends and Feasts …

A special mention to everyone who cannot be with family this Xmas , we will miss being with all our NZ family again this year 🥰

🎁🎄🎅🎁🎄🎅 🎁🎄🎅🎁🎄🎅 🎁🎄🎅🎁🎄🎅 🎁🎄🎅🎁🎄🎅

Give Yourself These Xmas Gifts

As you count down the days till Xmas… make sure you give yourself these Free Gifts 🎁 … 👇

🛑 STOP your Mind and allow yourself some much need silence after a huge 2021… Go for a walk/hike and set the intension of resting your Mind over the holidays

🤔 REFLECT on what you have achieved , be proud of your resilience throughout a turbulent 2021 … write down all you have achieved this year big and small … give yourself a pat on the back

🙌 LET GO of the Stressful Energy in your Mind and Body , leave it in 2021 … thank it for getting you through … go get a really long relaxing massage

😇 BE PRESENT over the Holidays and truly embrace the people in your life … stop planning or thinking about 2022 … what will be will be … now is time for being fully present

2021 has been an incredible year for everyone’s growth and evolution… no matter what you went through this year … if you don’t Stop, Reflect, Let Go and Be Present then before you know it 2022 will be in full swing …

Have a wonderful Xmas everyone and I hope Santa 🎅 brings you what you wanted


Do you have a Dysfunctional Family and Christmas together often ends in Drama and Stress

Do you have a Dysfunctional Family and Christmas together often ends in Drama and Stress 👇

The Relationship Drama Triangle could be with Parents, Siblings, Your Husband/Wife or extended family

FIRSTLY work out which one of the 3 Drama Triangle positions is your primarily go to when triggered by Relationships

There are 3 positions in the Drama Triangle:

1️⃣ VICTIM – Feels helpless, powerless, can’t get a break, this always happens to me, doesn’t take responsibility

2️⃣ RESCUER – Takes on other peoples problems, tries to save others but don’t look at their own life, always looking to help or give advice

3️⃣ PERSECUTOR – Gets Frustrated, Bullies, Blames, they’re wrong, I’m right, do what I say, can hold a grudge

Now how do you get our of these 3 Positions

1️⃣ VICTIM – Become a Survivor, think like a Problem Solver, What do you want, What Steps do you need to take.

2️⃣ RESCUER – Become a Teacher vs Rescuer, listen, support and encourage the person to Identify Solutions, to take Responsibility
Important to set boundaries (Time & Energy)

3️⃣ PERSECUTOR – become a challenger , be firm but fair, support and encourage the other person but se boundaries… Remember its not your problem to solve

Don’t let the Beauty of a Family Christmas turn into a huge Drama Triangle … be aware of the part you play and use the above to get out of it …

Have a wonderful pre Xmas week ahead

Every Driven Married Businessmen who’s Unhappy & Unfulfilled needs to understand this

Every Driven Married Businessmen who’s Unhappy & Unfulfilled needs to understand this 👇

If you are not living in complete Alignment, Truth and Happiness with yourself then its because you’ve been programmed to become a One Dimensional Businessman

Society, Pass Generations & Socio-Economic Status are some of the major frameworks that have programmed you to become a One Dimensional Businessmen who puts 99% of his energy into Business & Success

You’ve been programmed at an Unconscious Level to believe that once you Sacrifice to create Financial Success, all the Love and Happiness from your Family will be waiting for you to enjoy…

👉 You’re in constant conflict with the people you Love
👉 You’re frustrated by your Family and just want them to be happy
👉 You’re constantly thinking about Business or what’s next?
👉 You struggle to relax and enjoy life
👉 You’re unhappy & unfulfilled like something is missing

If that’s you and you want to change it , then:

✔ One who puts equal Energy into building Love & Happiness
✔ One who starts looking at his Life Holistically
✔ One who starts Reprogramming his Mind and Energy
✔ One who heals & aligns his Mind, Body, Energy and Soul
✔ One who takes his Spiritual Journey seriously

When you breakthrough the Brick Walls of Limiting Programs, Conditioning, Fixed Belief Systems + Energetic Blocks and Restrictions you’ll start to seeing just how incredible your life is and how close you really are to experiencing an Abundance of Success, Love, Happiness and Inner Peace

Start becoming a Multi-Dimensional Businessmen and experience what God put you on this Earth to experience 😊❤

Here’s what have I learnt on this LinkedIn Journey 👇

I’m Humbled, Grateful & Proud of myself for making THE TOP 50 MOST IMPACTFUL PEOPLE ON LINKEDIN  … Here’s what have I learnt on this LinkedIn Journey 👇

👉 2.5 years ago I made the decision to go all in on LinkedIn as my primary Social Platform for attracting clients …

This meant becoming a PRODUCER VS CONSUMER of content “Scary” … all the thoughts racing through my Mind, what do I say❓ what if I sound stupid❓ who will care what I have to say❓ etc etc

😟 I literally couldn’t hit record, so I started doing morning Walk, Talks as my morning walk got me in a Physical state where my Mind would calm down …

I made a rule with myself , 1 take, no edits , just post it 🤞

NOW 100% of our clients come from LinkedIn, not from DM strategies, not from Ads … 100% are attracted to Tracey Gillies and I from Posting Real, Impactful, Vulnerable and Genuine value based Content

What Have I learnt over the past 2.5 years on LinkedIn

1 Make the decision to be a Producer vs a Consumer
2 Be very clear who you Serve, become a Niche Expert
3 You have to be you, Stop comparing yourself to others
4 Support the heck out of other peoples content, selfish people crash and burn on LinkedIn
5 Either get yourself Invited to Support groups or create one yourself and invite others
6 Plan your weeks content in advance and be consistent
7 Don’t post Shit just cause you feel you need to post … Quality over Quantity “This is your Brand”
8 Leverage all content strategies e.g. Video, Articles, Written Posts, Memes, Carousals etc (Video is king for attracting clients)
9 DON’T be lazy and only post Polls as your strategy for vanity metrics … you’re adding no value

There is so much more room for Quality Content Producers on LinkedIn and its very easy to stand out if you follow the above 9 points

Here is the link to:


Prepared and Presented from the legendary Ahmad Imam

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and congrats to the other 49 Impactful People on LinkedIn

I had a fight with Tracey this morning

I had a fight with Tracey this morning … 😟

Its the same fight we have when things get to much …

T: You don’t help me enough around the house.
G: Just tell me what you need help with and I’ll do it.
T: I shouldn’t need to ask or tell you … you should just see what needs done and do it…
G: I’m sorry, my mind is elsewhere, I have 2 businesses to run, house work isn’t my focus
T: That’s the problem all you think about is Business
G: Yes, I do think about Business a lot as there is a lot that I do behind the scenes that you don’t see
T: I’m in Business to you know , plus I run the house and kids, so I have to think about everything and everyone
G: Why can’t you just ask when you need help ?
T: Why can’t you just help me when you can see I need help ?

Conversation was going round in circles , 2 stubborn Adults getting nowhere …

After 10 mins Tracey came and said I feel Unsupported , I apologised, we hugged and then I went for my morning walk

On my walk I realised I wasn’t listening properly (again) and that yes the house work was the trigger but Tracey feels unsupported in general and by me saying “Just ask if you need help” in her language was you don’t love me Unconditionally enough to make it a priority to do more to support me …

A complete Reframe from a fight around housework to someone needing more support from me outside of how I give her support

Why am I telling you this story

1️⃣ Because so many Married Men have this same fight, our Ego responds to the circumstances without seriously consideration the true underlying cause

2️⃣ Men have be programmed for Generations to be Providers and Protectors. This is why we believe so deeply that if I provide Financial Security and Safety then I am supporting my wife…

3️⃣ Your Wife needs Emotional Support, Care and Love… We Men need to learn how to do this without falling back into Provider/Protector mode

I’ve been Married to Tracey 19 years and I’m still learning how to be a great Husband …

It takes continued focus and work ourselves through education, healing, self awareness and reflection… To learn when we are evolving or falling back into old Egoic programs

How do you support your Wife the way she truly needs it?