Does your Home Environment support you Energetically & Emotionally?

Does your Home Environment support you Energetically & Emotionally❓

👉I talk with a lot of Married Businessmen who say their Home life and Business Life are not in alignment…

I’m not talking about Work/Life balance!

I’m talking about Energy, Connection, Love and Appreciation

👉A lot of Businessmen get much needed Love and Appreciate through building a winning Business environment

👉Yet they don’t put the same Energy into building a winning Home Environment, they leave it to their Wife, but they expect something different …

👉Your Energy of your Home Environment is the most important Environment for you to Evolve your whole Life YET you take it for granted

YOU must take ownership and invest Time and Energy into making your Home Environment full of Positive Energy, Love, Support and Gratitude

NOTE: Home is not Business so be very careful not to try run it like your Business

👉 Business should be 80% your Masculine Energy and 20% Feminine

👉 Home should be the opposite 80% Feminine and 20% Masculine

For most Driven Businessmen they don’t know how to access their Feminine Heart ❤️

👉Instead of try to Fix your Home and Family … focus on Healing and Accessing your Heart (Bring this into your Home )

Have an amazing week

What’s The Most Expensive Mistake Married Businessmen Can Make?

What’s The Most Expensive Mistake Married Businessmen Can Make?❓👇
A. Taking your Marriage and Wife for granted…

Divorce or Separations are as high as 50% … what’s the cost ?

1️⃣ The Financial cost 💲- divorce is a $28 billion + industry with up to 80% of divorce initiated by women

2️⃣ The Emotional cost 💔 – the toll this takes on both Adults & Children is immeasurable… the learnings and emotional trauma will carry over to the next generation

3️⃣ The Unhappiness Cost – Living in a Loveless Marriage 🖤 – both parents become withdrawn, unhappy &
resentful… the programming this puts on children about relationships will often repeat in their adult life

WHY do Men take their Marriage / Wife for granted ❓

👉 Because they carry evolutionary and generational programming about what a Masculine Man and a Provider looks like…

They weren’t taught how to:
– Be a great Husband
– Be Emotionally available
– Be a great Listener
– Be a great Role Model
– Be a multi-dimensional Man

👉 The Biggest / Most Expensive mistake you can make is not working on yourself at the deepest Neurological, Physiological and Spiritual aspects …

If you are ready to go through a Paradigm Shift and take your Life to the Next Level of Success, Love and Happiness then let’s chat 📲

Are your Expectations hurting you and the people you Love?

Are your Expectations hurting you and the people you Love?❓

Mine were 👇

For years I would bring my high levels of Business expectations home with me …

👉 I was running my life One Dimensionally without realising… meaning I was linking my Happiness, Love & Connection to my Expectations of Business & Financial Success …

👉 I couldn’t see the amount of Stress I was creating in my Mind & Body from always putting such high expectations on myself…

Bringing my Expectations & Stress home created a lot of Drama, Conflict & needless fighting with my Wife … then I’d justify my behaviour over and over saying “I’m working so hard for you guys” can’t you just be happy 🤦‍♂️

My expectations of my Wife being happy for my workaholic behaviour was what I linked my Happiness to 😵‍💫

👉 I couldn’t relax or be present cause I was always thinking, planning or problem solving… my family was suffering because of my suffering and expectations…

Then I’d turn to my Phone or Alcohol to escape this constant conflict and drama … I was stuck and I didn’t know how to fix it 😢

👉 This is the same for millions of Married Businessmen and why your Family needs you to evolve …

Here’s what I did to Evolve 👇

1️⃣ Healed and Released the Fear and Lack mentality behind my Expectations

2️⃣ Healed and Released my belief systems around what a Successful Businessman looks like

3️⃣ Healed the Years of deep survival Stress in my Mind & Body keeping me in these negative cycles

4️⃣ Healed the relationship I had with Alcohol and quit drinking forever

5️⃣ Learned how to disconnect Business from Family and be truly present, available and calm for the people I loved

If you want to learn how to turn your Drive and Expectations into a positive focus that doesn’t hurt the people you Love then please check out The Evolved CEO

STOP trying to figure everything out

STOP trying to figure everything out

There is a time and place for logical thinking … yet to much logical thinking creates a life lead by the EGO

👉 Your EGO is meant to be a servant NOT the Master

Now more than ever I encourage you to Surrender from trying to figure everything out and allow yourself to open up to the Magic of Universe

How do you Open up to the Magic of Universe❓

It’s Simple but not Easy 👇

You truly need to Master living in the Present Moment (NOW)

🔸 When you Walk connect with the Magic of Nature

🔸 When you Talk connect with the energy of the other person

🔸 When you Sleep connect with your higher spiritual guidance

Enjoy your week and be Intentional about being Present do you can experience more of the Magical Universe 🙏

STOP being a One Dimensional Businessman and Start becoming a Multi-Dimensional Businessman

🛑 STOP being a One Dimensional Businessman and Start becoming a Multi-Dimensional Businessman

Your whole life you’ve been taught and engrained a set of rules, behaviors that you are to conduct yourself by as a Masculine Man

👉 These rules and behaviors have created your view of the World … and this view is so engrained, even if you tried to change it on your own … you can’t

These Rules are your EGOs survive mechanisms:

WHY❓ are so many Businessmen One Dimensional, e.g. They are Success driven and lack Love and Happiness , there Evolutionary Brains believes that if you are Successful you will be Loved and Happy … But most Businessmen feel Unloved and Unhappy

👉 Most Businessmen say the only person they constantly argue with is their Wife , everyone at work, sport and social events thinks your amazing , top bloke …

But your Wife is constantly pissed at you , No matter what you try you can’t seem to make her happy and its effecting you deeply

👉 One Dimensional Businessmen are very competitive, they become very good negotiators, problem solvers and supporters of everyone else …

But they fall short as a Husband, Father, and they have very little Self Love and Self Respect

👉 One Dimensional Businessmen try and use what they have learnt to Succeed in Business across there whole lives as this is their Programmed World view and when it doesn’t work in all areas esp. Family they start to fall apart

If you want to become a Multi-Dimensional Businessman and take your Family life, Marriage, Health, Energy, Spiritual Connection, Self Love and Self Respect to the next Level then lets connect 📲

🙌 The World needs more Multi-Dimensional Men are you going to be one of them❓

As Human Beings we have a Level of Space and Capacity before we become out of Balance

As Human Beings we have a Level of Space and Capacity before we become out of Balance 👇

Often when we look at change , we focus on adding or starting something New to create the Change we want

👉 Starting something New takes Energetic Space and Capacity and if you do not have the Space or Capacity you will more than likely not continue this new Positive change as you fall out of balance and run out of Will Power to maintain it

🔑 The Key to change starts with creating the Energetic Space & Capacity … So instead of Starting something New focus on Stopping something old

✔ You want to Start reading & meditating at night so you can improve your Quality of Sleep , however you easily get distracted & slip into watching Netflix

🛑 Instead of using Will Power to read & Mediate , Instead Cancel Netflix for 1 month and create the Space at night to naturally end up reading & Mediating

👉 Stop trying to force change & setting yourself up for Failure and Disappointment… instead create the Energetic Space for change to come in

ASK yourself – What is the 1 thing you will Stop that will create Energetic Space and Capacity for some New and Positive to begin?

Are you feeling the Stress and Pressure of Business Building ?

Are you feeling the Stress and Pressure of Business Building ❓

Do you have gaps & challenges in your Business and Life that are rolling over from 2021 and starting to become all you think about again❓

▶ Staff & Clients
▶ Cashflow & Growth
▶ Health & Wellbeing
▶ Marriage & Relationship
▶ Time & Energy
etc etc

👉 Like most Business Owners you ran 100 miles an hour to get to the Xmas break to catch your breath, spend some much needed quality time with loved ones and try recharge your batteries, whilst having some fun…

👉 Then the New Year approaches and each day getting closer to the date you’ll start back… Your Mind is winding up again, the Stress and Pressure is building inside as you start focusing heavily on those Gaps & Challenges rolling over from 2021…

🙌 In the break you told yourself that 2022 is going to be different, you’ll focus more on yourself, your health, being present, more quality time with Family etc …

Yet the Stress and Pressure building inside of you questions how this year is going to be any different last … No amount of positive thinking, or NY Resolutions will solve these Gaps & Challenges… Its going to take Hard Work, time and energy from you to deal with it all …. “Hello Overwhelm” … you need a longer holiday 😩

HERE is what you must focus on:

✔ SIMPLIFICATION – this should be your Keyword for 2022

So how do you Simplify ❓ You reduce or remove

e.g. Staff, Clients, Products, Systems, Cashflow, Finances, Time, Health, Diet, Marriage, Family everything …

THEN apply the following to every item:

OWN IT – take 100% responsibility and priortise your time & energy
CUT IT – If its not serving you, Cut it & remove it fast
DELEGATE IT – who else can take responsibility for it

This simple exercise “Written Down” will give you an instant release of Stress and Pressure … As you simplify every decision into the above 3 …

Hope this helps you get off to a smoother 2022

This is the Single greatest piece of Advice I give anyone trying to create a Dream Life

This is the Single greatest piece of Advice I give anyone trying to create a Dream Life … and what I learnt the hard way👇

Like most people in the World I spent most of my Life Fighting, Hustling & Grinding towards what my Ego considered a Dream Life…
The Finances, Success, Freedom, Lifestyle, Toys, Travel etc etc

The problem was my focus was all External ❗
I achieved Money, Success, Promotions, Assets, Travel etc etc HOWEVER I wasn’t truly Happy and never truly Fulfilled …

So why did my whole life change when I started Focusing Internal and Healing my Mind, Body and Soul ❓

YOUR MIND 🧠 – is conditioned your whole life to believe, think, react, make decisions and behave a certain way. We all have past programming, Inner Child conditioning, Parental and Generational Programming all underpinned by Emotions …. and Statistically 80% of it is Negative …
*Most people drive themselves by Fear without sometimes realising it which creates Mental Stress, Imbalance & poor decision making (This was me for years)

YOUR BODY 💪 – if your Brian is in constant Stress then our Bodies will create Stress starting in our Nervous System …
-Which leads to Stress on your Glands and Organs, Imbalance in your Endocrine and Digestive System , causing Fatigue, Low Energy, Inflammation, Poor Metabolism and so much more …
-On top of this the Environmental Stress, Food Toxicities and Parasites Most peoples Physical Health is suffering …
*Most people simply Berate their Bodies by pushing and abusing them whilst expecting it to support us (I know I did)

YOUR SOUL 😇 – if your Mind & Body healing = 5% of your whole being then your Soul is the other 95% …
-This is the area of greatest transformation and healing as we are a Soul having a Physical Experience not the other way round …
-If you are not getting specialised support to Heal and Align your Soul then you will never reach your Ultimate Potential …
-This is the single greatest area I have opened up to that has truly enabled me to Attract my Dream Life and help others do the same
*This is the area Most people have no idea about

❓ So if you are still reading and you want to access your Unlimited Potential to live a Life of Abundant Success, Love and Happiness!
-Then maybe its time to STOP focusing on your External World and START Healing your Internal World …


Want to learn more about how Tracey and I help our clients Heal and Align their Mind, Body & Soul … please visit The Evolved CEO page…

As an Entrepreneur I can easily attract unhealthy Stress into my life

As an Entrepreneur I can easily attract unhealthy Stress into my life 👇

2021 was a Stressful year as we built a new house, expanded our business and continued to grow & support our family

😀 Don’t get me wrong 2021 was an amazing year for us … But the Type of Stress I put myself under wasn’t nessacary and didn’t make 2021 as enjoyable as it could have been.

🤔 Now I maybe a Coach, Therapist, Mentor and Advisor BUT I’m still a Human, I’m still growing, still making mistakes, still learning, expanding and evoling which will trigger the negative side of my behaviours

Here are 2 of mine:
1️⃣ Perfectionism – I take emense pride in my outcomes & results, I believe everyone who does has a high Level of Perfectionism…

2️⃣ All or Nothing Mentality – when I put my Mind to something I go all in , high levels of motivation and commit

👉 Now I’m happy I have both of the above behaviours (but like everything in life) there’s a Positive & Negative side

😟 The Negative side of Perfectionism & Going All In … is Obsession, Fear, Worry, feeling a Lack of Control and personal disconnection as all your Energy is constantly flowing out

👉 This can take us away from the People we Love including our true self … Then the EGO will justify why you’re feeling so Stressed become over energy in external factors.

❤️ In 2022 I encourage you to work on Self Mastery especially reducing unhealthy Stress and becoming laser aware of what you are attracting

To your Success💰, Love ❤️ and Happiness 😃

It took me 40 years to learn and embrace this

It took me 40 years to learn and embrace this 👇

And ever since my whole life has evolved year on year without any New Year Resolutions or Goal setting …

Humans are programmed to be DOers
👉 We set goals & NY resolutions to DO something different… Start a Diet, Exercise Program, Start a New Business, Budget etc etc

🧠 Humans are hardwired from birth to develop a Negative Bias , on average 80% of all your thoughts are negative, from Fear, Lack & Not Feeling Good Enough…

👉 When we are focus on DOing, we place our Energy on DOing things external to ourselves… So when we don’t DO it , start it or continue it… We reinforce our Negative Bias conditioning of Low Self Worth, Self Doubt, Fear & Lack

Now your Minds Negative Bias will beat you up, tell you to try harder, push harder or try something else, BUT worst of ALL it will make you attract more of what you don’t want 😩 to try and shut your Mind up

😠 This cycle results in most people De-Evolving year on year vs Evolving Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually year on year

We are Human BEings Not Human DOings

🙌 We are put on this Earth for 1 reason only to live out our Souls purpose… (5 years ago if someone said that to me I’d call them a weirdo)

To do this we need to be connected internal our Soul, Intuition, Heart and Spiritual Guidance which comes from BEing NOT DOing

This is easier said than done as your Negative Bias (like mine) is incredibly Strong and deeply programmed through Society, Family, Friends, Education, Environment, Social Media, News, World Events the list goes on…

👉 Who will you BE in 2022 without Fear, Doubt, Lack, comparison, Judgement, Anger, Jealousy, Guilt, Shame etc etc

Will you BE calm in the Chaos
Will you BE happy regardless of your Finances
Will you BE loving when someone projects Anger

👉 Write these down today instead of B.S. Resolutions
Ask yourself Questions about who you are BE-coming… This will develop your Positive Bias instead of reinforcing your Negative Bias and help you get closer to your Souls Purpose

Who would I BE without Alcohol❓
Who would I BE without Anger❓
Who would I BE without Sugar❓
Who would I BE without Social Media Influencing me❓
Who would I BE without more Money❓

By detaching yourself from Things & Thoughts that don’t serve you , You’ll stop giving it Energy and you’ll STOP attracting the opposite of what you truly desire

Make 2022 about you, its an Internal Journey about BEing and BEcoming who you are meant to be …

HAPPY NEW YEAR … 2022 is going to be amazing