After 2 years of postponed retreat bookings, Tracey and I will be hosting an Inner Circle “Evolved CEO Retreat” for our clients this weekend

After 2 years of postponed retreat bookings, Tracey and I will be hosting an Inner Circle “Evolved CEO Retreat” for our clients this weekend …

I love working with Tracey to evolve “The 9 Pillars of Success💰, Love❤️ and Happiness😁 Framework” for our clients

💪 We have 10 Successful Businessmen joining us at Twin Waters Resort Sunshine Coast this Fri-Sun

👉 Each of the Men attending have been through our Healing and Alignment process which is absolutely key to creating true growth, balance & abundance

We will spend a weekend focused on elevating & optimising every Pillar of their lives so they can focus on Growth & Manifestion at their highest level, without sacrificing their Health & Relationships

🙌 The combined Holistic approach, skills and gifts that Tracey and I bring together is simply World class and I feel truly grateful to be able to say that

We work with clients around the World which means we haven’t met 95% of them in person.

👉 So this weekend is going to be so powerful to meet, educate, heal and collaborate with 10 of our Australian based clients

✅ Retreats & Mastermind is becoming an important part of our business model as we bring more powerful Businessmen together to create Time & Financial freedom whilst evolving their Health and Love Relationships … so they can live beyond the Ego, raise the collective consciousness and create a greater Impact & Legacy in the World

Look forward to sharing some photos from the retreat

Have a great week…

I feel like I’m Living the Life of the Person I’ve always meant to be

“I feel like I’m Living the Life of the Person I’ve always meant to be” 👇

Meet Narinder (Nindy), Husband, Father & Managing Director of Singh Consulting a successful building surveyor & consulting practice H/O in Melbourne…

👉 When Nindy come to us he was running a very successful business, had an amazing lifestyle, family and business BUT he wasn’t enjoying it … 10 years of dedication and sacrifice to build an amazing business had now consumed him and weighing him down…

Nindy was stuck in the cycle of taking on more and more, slogging it out and fighting the battles of business… This was making him disconnected at home with his Wife and Kids, feeling stressed and tired all the time as he felt he had NO TIME and reverting to alcohol as his only means of relaxing and unwind!

WHO❓ Narinder Singh

PROBLEM: Nindy was highly driven by Ego, stuck in the programs of working harder & taking on more and more… He was disconnected from his wife his kids & himself, struggling to maintain health habits and not seeing a way out of the Grind of business so he could truly relax, be present, content and enjoy the amazing his life he had!

WHAT DID HE WANT: Nindy wanted to find himself, he wanted help transitioning to the next stage of life, he wanted to remove himself from the business, he wanted to relax and be present… Ultimately he wanted to invest more quality time into his family

SOLUTION: Nindy joined “The Evolved CEO program” – (our private 6 Months Healing, Alignment and Manifestation Program designed for Successful Married Businessmen to take their Whole Life to the Next Level)

DID IT WORK❓ Nindy’s words
“I feel like I’ve lived more life in the last 2 months than I did in the last 10 years”
“In the last year I have grown the business to the point where its the biggest its been in 10 years, I did that by spending less time in the office ever, I’m now present for my family in a way I’ve never been for them, and I now have so much spare time I’m able to set my new mission and vision in helping underprivileged children across the world”

👉 Nindy has incredible Spiritual gifts that we have helped him awaken and access to experience Paradigm shifts in his life and the people around him… It all begins with healing and aligning your Mind, Body, Energy & Soul !

There was to much amazing content to share in this post so if you want to learn more about Nindys journey please see the 2 x YouTube video


❓ If you want to be the next Evolved CEO and heal, align and manifest your dream life and impact then visit our page

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I’ve never shared this story, which is the major reason behind my breakdown in 2016

I’ve never shared this story, which is the major reason behind my breakdown in 2016

In 2015 we returned back to Australia after a failed contract in Singapore…

👿 I was so pissed off with the situation that I become obsessed with building another business & making more money than ever so I’d never feel the pain and disappointment again…

🥺 My obsession was based on anger, lack and fear which ultimately lead to me becoming disconnected, burning myself out and binge drinking to ignore my pain and emotions…

😰 The pain and suffering I was bring into my home and family was un fear

At this time Tracey told me she was going to do something for herself and was called to start a course in Advanced Kinesiology to heal, align and actualize herself…

🙌 Her growth was so fast and intense I wanted it also … So I hired an Energy healer / kinesiologists and pushed her to take me through an advanced coaching process for manifesting … My biggest mistake was everything was Ego driven and tied into my obsessive need to succeed…

👉 Over the coming months I declined Mentally, Physically and Emotionally so fast I become the worst I’d ever been …

This was the final nail leading to my breakdown, abusing alcohol and having suicidal thoughts

👉 What I didn’t realize back then that I totally understand now is the power of Alignment…

I was miss aligned on every level …

😭 Mentally my fear based EGO was controlling me, physically my body was running on survival stress, emotionally I was out of control and spiritually I was completely disconnected

The greatest lessons and growth usually follows your greatest pain and adversity…

What I have learnt and done since my breakdown :
👉 quit alcohol
👉 learnt how to manage my Ego
👉 released the emotional programs pulling me into negative cycles
👉 healed my mind & body from 20 years of compounded stress
👉 re-prioritised all pillars of my life to find true internal happiness
👉 evelvated my relationship with Tracey to the best it’s ever been in 20+ years
👉 become the role model my children need to thrive in life
👉 pivot my media business into a Coaching and Healing business
👉 helping dozens of other driven married Businessmen master themselves and create an abundance of success, love and happiness
👉 living in a dream beach location in a designer home
👉 working less hours whilst earning an amazing income
👉 loving my balanced life and growing every day, month and year

Be very careful about the Intentions you set and the people you work with when doing personal development…

Everything is Energy and Universe will reflect back to you what’s truly going on … you can Manifest your own pain just as fast as your own abundance…

You must be aligned and congruent to manifest the positive abundance 🥰

You think you’re Inferior or Superior to others because your Self-Esteem is attached to the Material World

You think you’re Inferior or Superior to others because your Self-Esteem is attached to the Material World ❗️

👉 The Reality of Societal Programming has everyone attaching their Self-Esteem on the comparison of other peoples perceived life …

Your Mind gets Distracted, Confused & in Conflict about what you don’t have ❗️

👉 In a World full of Fake Social Influencers and positive Highlight reels … Your Self-Esteem is constantly tested

👉 Even though you know this your Mind is programmed at the deepest levels to Compare and Judge yourself to others

🛑 STOP limiting yourself by what others have, say or do … this is the ultimate disempowerment

👌 INSTEAD awaken yourself Mentally, You Energetically & Spiritually to your own Internal Truth

When you learn that at Soul level we are all here to experience our Divine path you will grow to understand you are not Inferior nor Superior to anyone else …

👉 The sense of Calm, Peace and Contentment you will gain from this will not only elevate your True Self-Esteem and Humility…

It will give you a much needed Paradigm Shift and World view that will transform your life in every area

I remember back in School days if someone said “You Love Yourself” it was an insult

I remember back in School days if someone said “You Love Yourself” it was an insult ❗️ They’d say ….

You’re up yourself or you’re vain or it’s not good …

This is just one example of an early Childhood program that conditions so many people to Limit themselves … through fear of what others will say or think …

For Married Businessmen with Kids like myself … The effects of not Learning how to Love and Respect yourself is dramatically amplified…

1️⃣ Your Children 👉 will model your behaviour, words and energy … if you don’t show them what a Masculine Man who Loves and Respects himself looks like…. Your Sons will follow in your footsteps, repeat your mistakes and your Daughters will attract a Man who also has low self love and respect … both going through avoidable pain and suffering ❗️

2️⃣ Your Wife 👉 when you don’t Love and Respect yourself your Love tank will be empty and you’ll come home expecting your Wife to fill it … this will wear thin and she will start resenting you as she feels you’re like another Child and she is not your mother… your Marriage will suffer❗️

3️⃣ Your Business 👉 when you don’t Love and Respect yourself people will put all them problems and stresses on to you … you will become a slave to your Business as your constantly working in it when you desperately want to work on it … Your Business is a direct reflection of you ❗️

So HOW do you start to Love Yourself❓

👉 You must reprogram the root cause of these beliefs
👉 You must tame the Ego for putting you in fear based cycles & patterns
👉 You must Heal and process your trapped Emotional Energy
👉 You must Heal and Respect your Physical Body, appearance and Self Image
👉 You must re-prioritise your Life beginning with Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health
👉 You must go on a Spiritual and Energy healing journey
👉 You must Listen, Respect and show up for your Wife and Kids
👉 You must create Boundaries and Processes in Business to shield yourself for problems and drama
👉 Ultimately you must open yourself up to new ways of becoming your best self

The above is not easy or you’d already have Mastered them all …

👉 If you are Serious about Mastering your Life and learning how to Love and Respect yourself in the process … Then you’ll need to get help from someone who has done it already ❤️

I remember feeling Stuck all the time

I remember feeling Stuck all the time ☹️

Felt like I could never get a break…

👉No matter how hard I tried there was more unresolved issues or areas of my life needing work

I didn’t realise at the time that I was attracting it all …

👉My Beliefs, Energy and Actions were constantly trying to prove myself, to gain validation through Success

Everything I focused on was external to myself … I was only happy when I achieved something and felt validated for a small period of time

And if I ever focused on myself it was a beat up …

☹️Why did you drink some much

☹️Why did you say that

☹️Why can’t you stay committed to exercise

☹️Why do you over eat

Etc etc

I was saying to the Universe I want for everything BUT I don’t deserve it 😞

😳 My confidence was fake , I got anxiety when I did something wrong (expecting the worst) and the idea of Self Love was for weirdos

So what changed❓

👉I had to do things differently

👉I had to heal my Inner Child

👉I had to reprogram my Unconscious Beliefs

👉I had to release and process my Emotions

👉I had to heal my Body from years of Stress

👉I had to STOP doing everything for what others would think

👉I had to go through my Spiritual Awakening

👉I had to align my whole life

👉I had to learn how to be Present

I had to have a complete Paradigm Shift about what is True and what is my Truth

… The list goes on ….

👉If you are Living your Life trying to Prove yourself YET deep down you don’t know who you are or how to be truly Happy … then you should do what I did 😁

Do you struggle to Meditate

Do you struggle to Meditate ❓

Are you an Over Thinker ❓

Have you been taught to Meditate means to be still and Silence your Mind ❓

👉 For me Mediation is being in the Zone, in Flow and Channeling my higher Spiritual Guidance…

Yes I do Silent Mediation but I actually do more Active Meditation…


By pushing your Body you move excess Stress Energy from your Mind as your Body is now using it

👉 When you set the Intention to Calm your Mind and get in the Zone whilst training

🙌 You’ll connect with your higher self and the creative juices will flow

🧠 Then allow the Mind to quiet as you get in the Zone

I find riding my Bike 🚴 the ultimate Active Meditation , followed by Morning Walks and Lifting Heavy Weights

Do you do Intentional Active Meditation ❓

If Yes, what is your favorite ❓