Solving real world problems!!

Solving real world problems!!

Following a post I did yesterday that went viral, many people turned my question back to me saying “what big problems do you solve” 

Today I’m sharing with you a small section of a process we take our clients through called “The 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness” the first Pillar in the Process is Mental Health…. and the first step of every pillar is doing an assessment …

🧠 Mental Health is a real world problem , that causes so many issues even with powerful, successful and famous people

🧠 Mental Health effects everyone, the best place to start is assessing yours, bringing awareness to your current Mental Health

Please feel free to watch this video assessment walk through and write down how you rate the 6 sub categories we have created for this assessment (Sorry no workbook as this is our I.P)

NOTE:  This Assessment is a small section of a larger process designed for busy professionals, leaders and business owners
(It’s not the solution it’s an assessment)

Feel free to share your results with me in a private DM, or ask any questions …

STOP buying into the drama

STOP buying into the drama 🎭

This is a complete setup by 2 actors to distract the world and get your attention…

Like all the other Man made distractions your faced with daily … if you buy in you become part of the divid … you play into duality as your opinion has you choosing a side

Chris rocks complete physical stature was anticipating this slap… zero survival instincts at play … arms back , jaw clenched, leaning into front foot …

99% of the world wouldn’t have known the Oscars where even on if it wasn’t for this drama going viral on social

When is the world going to stop getting drawn into the drama ? It’s all a distraction , a divid and a waste of energy

We have bigger problems to solve…
Who agrees ?

This is the biggest conflict in Human Beings

This is the biggest conflict in Human Beings

Your Mind VS Your Soul

When you are born you incarnate into your Soul … at Soul level everything is pure, divine & infinite … all your wisdom, guidance and life answers are here

👉 However we are born into the Physical World to have a Human experience… in the physical world there are rules, duality, chaos and conflict… we are all physically separate

👉 As you grow up the World, environment, information & people in your life teaches you how to survive, experience & thrive as Human being…

As your Mind develops from earlier childhood to teenager to young adult you create an internal World view for yourself… your beliefs, identity and skills to survive and thrive

NOTE: ( 80-90% of which are underpinned by Fear and Lack past onto you)

👉 Now you’re living through the View of your Minds programming and conditioned as you’ve been taught to fear Losing and Failing …

This directs your Thoughts & Energy on avoiding Loss or Failure which ultimately causes you to attract exactly what you don’t want…

👉 You’re living your whole life through Mind based programs that aren’t in alignment with who you are at Soul level

You can change this however it takes a lot of work & discipline …

WHY? Because you need to Master the art of quietening your noisy stressed Mind to listen to your quiet Souls Intuitive voice …

👉 As you start unpacking and release the fear and lack based programs of your Mind and tune into your Divine Souls intuitive guidance …

Your World will evolve beyond your wildest dreams….

👉 Do you have daily Practices and Disciplines to quiet the Mind and tune into your Souls intuition❓

How Driven Married Businessmen with kids going from conquering the world to really unsatisfied …

How Driven Married Businessmen with kids going from conquering the world to really unsatisfied …

You grew up competitive in your field, either sports, academics or both …

👉 You learnt valuable life skills early … resilience, positive mindset, negotiation skills, will power, teamwork, perseverance etc etc …

You created a World View of your Life early on , Married , Kids, Success , nice House , cars, toys , travel … Freedom ❗️

👉 You went into business to turn your World View into reality… to create and provide security, lifestyle, finances and opportunities for you and your family

It was hard work , but you can handle hard work … you love a challenge and achieving goals … it’s drives you ❗️

👉 By this stage you’re Married with kids and the lack of time is putting stress & pressure on you …

Your business has grown and demands more of you , but so does your wife and kids … The pressures on your shoulders continue to build and build…

👉 You are often in a Stressed state, overwhelmed, frustrated and hustling harder and harder to get time out of your business to be more available for your wife and kids … but even when you do you’re not present as business consumes your mind ❗️

Now you carry a lot of Stress and Guilt as you are trying to be the best Husband, Father, Businessmen, Leader and Friend , but you often feel lost and overwhelmed

👉 You feel like you are letting everyone down including yourself …

Your exercise and nutrition is like a yo-yo , your either really good or really bad, this makes you angry and easily distracted by any quick solutions that will get you results fast …

👉 Your now feeling unsatisfied but work/business, your health, marriage and home life … you’re feeling stuck, tired & fatigued under the weight of the pressures and responsibilities

Every time you ask yourself how can I fix this the answer in your mind is work harder …

This is not the answer this will drive you deeper into stress, fatigue and feeling unsatisfied

…The only way OUT is going IN…

🧠 You need to go into your Mind and reprogram your Mindset

🙌 You need to Heal the stress in your Mind and Body so you can slow down and create more balance

🏃‍♂️ You need to prioritise your Mental, Physical and Spiritual health over everything else

👌 You need to structure your business to remove yourself

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You need to create a transition between Work and Home life

❤️ You need to master being present with loved ones

If you can relate to the above DM me and share which part 📲

So many Successful Businessmen feel alone!

So many Successful Businessmen feel alone❗️

They feel alone because they feel misunderstood❗️

They have so many people in there lives, Wife, Kids, Family, Friends, Staff, Clients etc etc they are not alone YET they feel alone❗️


Because from a young age driven Men form their World Views … deep visual programs of what life will look like when they have it all and are totally happy

👉 Men develope unshakable determination to create their World View into reality and stop at nothing to achieve this …

To become Successful, make their parents proud, marry their soul partner, raise amazing kids, have incredible friends, and aquire all the luxuries in life , homes , cars, toys , travel etc

👉 AND once they have achieved all of this and made everyone so very proud of them they feel empty, stuck, lost, alone, unfulfilled and unhappy … this is very confusing for these Men

👉 HOW could they ever tell someone how they truly feel when they have achieved so much… So they say nothing, push down the feelings and replace it with more business, achievement and distractions…

👉 At this stage they can’t stop and enjoy it their life as their Mind won’t let them … this then starts effecting their marriage, parenting, relationships , Mental health , physical health and so much more creating more stress and worry they are failing everyone


✅ Honest conversation with the right person who understands them
✅ They need someone they can trust to unpack the way they are feeling
✅ They need help changing their World View and transition to the next stage in life
✅ They need help reconnecting to their Spiritual Intuition for guidance
✅ They need to quite their Egoic minds chatter

This is a scary place for these Successful Men and the world judges them on having it all together when they don’t …

Don’t judge or give advice … Just listen as you don’t know what’s truly going on

You are creating an Impact & Legacy everyday!

You are creating an Impact and Legacy Everyday❗️

But are you intentional about it❓

👉 Some people think creating an Impact and Legacy is only for those who are wealthy, famous or Influencers

The truth is every day you are making an Impact and creating a legacy … yet if you’re not intentional and self aware then your Impact and Legacy could be causing harm not good

Example: A Married Businessmen

They have a wife, kids, family, friends, staff, clients etc that they Impact daily

If a Married Businessmen doesn’t prioritise his Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health as his N0.1 focus daily then his Impact will seriously decline:

👉 Feeling Stressed, Low Energy, at work causes stress, uncomfort and concern amongst employees

👉 Feeling Restless and Angry at home making his wife sad and worried

👉 Being Impatient and distracted with his kids making them feel unloved and unworthy

👉 Being Overworked, Overwhelmed and Time poor making him neglect his Family and Friends

The negative impact is counterintuitive to what he wants , but he feels stuck , out of control and overwhelmed with the thoughts of letting people down … this is not what he planned yet this is his reality

👉 Its important to remember that Impact and Legacy isn’t something that you do later … you are creating it every minute of everyday …

If you truly want to create a positive Impact and Legacy for the people in your life then you must Focus on this :

Constantly becoming the best version of yourself by prioritising and improving your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health (Your Inner World)

👉 Then the Impact and Legacy you will reflect and Impact others in your Outside World … this is when you will find Inner joy and happiness 💡

If you would like to Assess your whole Life and create a greater Impact & Legacy then book a call with me for a chat 💬

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you accessed your unlimited potential?

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you accessed your unlimited potential❓

I know for myself I lived the first 30+ years of my life obsessed with having and achieving more …

👉 This is sooo common across the 100s of Businessmen we have worked with … they strive , hustle, grind and sacrifice so much to achieve their goals and create success …

However they all feel like they aren’t even scratching the surface on their true Potential….

👉 They say it feels like something is holding me back and no matter how hard try I’m not happy, content and at peace with myself

WHY❓ Because they carry other peoples BRICKS that’s blocking, restricting and holding them back from greatness

👉 You were taught you have to work harder than everyone else to succeed
👉 You we’re taught Money doesn’t grow on trees and it’s hard to get wealthy
👉 You were taught to not listen to your emotions and trust your thoughts
👉 You were taught that your success in life defines you

Now you might be saying that’s not me to the above , however that’s your conscious Ego talking but unconsciously these bricks were stacked at such a young age you don’t even know how they are controlling you

1️⃣ Am I 💯 truly happy in every area of my life ?
2️⃣ What have I been doing for years that’s not serving me ?
3️⃣ Who would I be without any Limitations or Fears ?

Everyone on planet earth are carrying bricks from the past that are stopping them from accessing their unlimited potential


How To Stay Calm in the Chaos?

How To Stay Calm in the Chaos?👇

For many Married Businessmen with kids there is no shortage chaos in their lives….

In Business:
😠 managing business interruption through Covid, flooding etc
😨 hiring and retaining quality staff
🤯 problem solving / troubleshooting with staff, clients , suppliers etc
😤 managing cashflow, expenses, increasing costs etc

At Home:
😷 Kids home from school or sick
😵‍💫 running between school and sport activities
😩 being available to support your wife at home
😳 trying to be present when you struggle to relax
🥴 not eating well or exercising regularly

The levels of Pressure, Noise and Demands makes it extremely difficult to be Calm with all the Chaos … or you become a robot 🤖

WHY❓Because your Mind and Body are always under Stress … this constant level of stress is causing the following in you…

😫 puts your brain in conflict as it’s trying to manage to much information
😱 this then causes an over-active sympathetic nervous system
🥺 which creates an over production of Cortisol
😬 which causes digestive issues, inflammation, toxicity, emotional stress, poor sleep and so much

Years of this deep level of survival stress makes it extremely hard for anyone to be Calm in the Chaos as our energetic vibration is often so low we attract the Chaos into our lives

Their is the only solution to help you become Calm, Centred, Present, Content and in emotional control ….

👉 To heal your Mind from cognitive stress, conflict & overwhelm
👉 To heal your Bodies glands and organs from deep survival stress
👉 To heal your Energy from low vibrational stress and attachments
👉 To heal your Soul from negative entities and past paradigms

If you truly want to be Calm in the Chaos or reduce the amount of Chaos in your life ….

Then you need to Heal all dimensions of yourself❗️

There is no other way ….

Working with a client this week who was struggling with Disappointment in his marriage …

Working with a client this week who was struggling with Disappointment in his marriage …

As we unpacked the emotion of disappointment in his relationship… we went back to an unconscious memory of when he was 7 years old

👉 This memory was of him and his 2 brothers sitting at the top of the stairs in their PJs watching through the railings as his parents had another huge fight …

😭 The Trauma this caused his 7 yr old created a paradigm in his Unconscious Mind that has lead his beliefs about relationships for the next 30+ years

What was his Paradigm ❓

📦 He created a Box in his Mind to protect himself … in this box he created 2 things …

1️⃣ He created a set of rules to protect himself against conflict in relationships

2️⃣ He pushed all negative emotions triggered by potential conflict or arguments into this box

This BOX is like a jack in the Box as he uses so much energy holding the lid down through fear of what happens if it pops

How does this affect him as an Adult ❓

He takes on everyone’s problems in Business as his Box is trying solve everyone’s problems to avoid potential conflict or disappointment

This level of pressure creates enormous mental, physical & emotional stress, overwhelm and frustration… as he tries so hard to keep it all down in the box

He feels consumed by his business and doesn’t know how to remove himself from the day to day operations

He avoids any conflict with his Wife, any sign of negativity or argument triggers the Box and he shuts down and stops communicating …

His wife feels unheard, unloved and like he doesn’t care about her

They Love each other however years of this cycle has caused poor communication, disconnection and a lot of sadness

He is in repeating cycles of Fight or Flight stress … this creates deep survival stress in his Mind and Body … this stress results overwhelm, anxiety, restlessness and finds it really hard to slow down, relax and be present …

SO how are Tracey and I helping this client go through Paradigm Shifts and create the Success, Love & Happiness he truly desires ❓

1️⃣ I’m taking him through a process of unpacking and releasing all the paradigms and beliefs picked up from all the major influences in his childhood…
E.g. Mum, Dad, Siblings and others

Helping him unpack all his emotions , patterns & habitual cycles to release the blocks and restrictions holding him back

Helping him change relationship dynamics at Home and Business so he can free himself from unhealthy communication patterns

2️⃣ Tracey is healing his Energy, glands and organs from years of unhealthy stress in his Mind and Body

She’s releasing all the negative Energy, Entities & Spiritual attachments to his Paradigms and Boxes

She’s helping him align with his Divinity, Higher Spiritual Guidance for life changing Paradigm Shifts

How many Paradigms or Boxes do you have controlling your life ❓

It’s an honour to be featured article in The Successful Male magazine

It’s an honour to be featured article in The Successful Male magazine

About 3 years ago I was attracted to Ron Malhotra content on LinkedIn … as an educator, mentor on wealth creation and an Influential voice for Men in the modern world …

👉 Over the years of personally interviewed Ron and have been a guest on The Successful Male Podcast … so to be invited to write an article for the magazine was a no brainer

In the article I talk highly level about the 3 Stages of true success and living out your souls purpose…

👉 So many Successful Men get stuck in Stage 2 with aspirations of Stage 3 … however the Key to true Success and living out your Purpose is to continually work on Stage 1 …

Q. Have you truly invested in Stage 1 , as this is the gateway to true success in life

Featured article link >>>