Have you had a lot of Challenges and Adversity this Year? GOOD!!!

Have you had a lot of Challenges and Adversity this Year? GOOD!!!

What you need to understand is that if you are striving for and wanting positive change and growth in life… then 👇

👉 Life will always give you whatever experience is most helpful for your evolution…

However this is most often Negative as it gives you what opposes this positive change & growth you desire… which your mind labels as negative!

So why do you fight yourself internally , get stressed, angry and pissed off when the universe sends you these experiences that are perceived as negative?

👉 Because you’ve been conditioned to chase being comfortable, safe and in control … (all an illusion of the mind)

When your mind aviods dealing with the experience, adversity or opposed negative, it will play havoc on your fear based responses , and want to avoid any discomfort, uncertainty and lack of control (again an illusion of the mind)

🧠 When you allow your Mind to do this, you will never achieve the Growth, Change and Evolution you truly desire …

Instead you’ll question everything and say things like “why is this happening to me” (making you a victim)

💡 Remember everything, even the stuff that sucks , is happening for you, not to you …

You just need to understand universal law, energy and how the mind works…

💪 Instead learn to embrace the experience, challenges etc, step into the pain and finally heal and deal with whatever is opposing your growth and stopping you from the life you truly desire …

This is where the Magic of incredible growth happens !

Have an amazing weekend 🙏

Try being 80% Perfect …

Try being 80% Perfect …

This will help you do 2 important things👇

1️⃣ You will still maintain your attention to detail strengths …

2️⃣ You will create more consistent momentum …

This is how to turn your Perfectionism into a superpower…

Get everything to 80% perfect than take massive action to learn the rest

Watch what happens 🚀

Do you have an All or Nothing Mentality?

Do you have an All or Nothing Mentality❓

This is when you:
🔸Are either Really Good or Really Bad
🔸Don’t allow yourself to rest properly
🔸Constantly pushing yourself, it’s never good enough
🔸Have huge emotional swings
🔸Struggle to slow down or be present
🔸The Noise in your head gets really loud
🔸You self-doubt and self-sabotage often
🔸Feel Stressed and Overwhelmed
🔸You are Incredibly hard on yourself

How to overcome the All or Nothing Mentality?
🔹Heal your Inner Child , past Programming
🔹Learn how to Love Yourself
🔹Heal your Mind and Body from deep survival Stress
🔹Learn to use Mediation to slow down your Mind
🔹Take breaks and change your Environment often
🔹Slow down and Delegate more tasks
🔹Get Help and Support that’s aligned with your needs

All or Nothing Mentality is driven by Fear, Lack and Worry … Yet it can be disguised as being Driven, Hard Worker, High Achiever !

Don’t be fooled by it …. Want help overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality ? DM me for an initial chat

Do You Have An Addictive Personality


Do you have an Addictive Personality ❓

Everyone has an Addiction to something 👉 Your Phone, Food, Sugar, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Exercise, Social Media, Netflix, People Pleasing, Drama Etc etc

Why is everyone Addicted to 1 or multiple things❓
Because we have been mentally programmed & conditioned since birth to want things to fill the voids and lack we carry within … Companies and marketers spend Billions on understanding and segmenting people by Psychology, Chemistry & Behaviour so they can indoctrinate you into their product or service to help you fill these voids …
[ The more you try to fill the Void the stronger the addiction ]

You either become Highly Self Aware and create new behaviors, habits and boundaries to support yourself or you stay right in the grips of your addiction and allow the egoic mind to build more justifications and excuses to why you cant or wont change 😥

How Do I know ❓ Because I had an Addictive Personality, and it almost destroyed me until the pain and suffering got so much that I woke up

Enjoy this Video …

Be Very Careful When Working With Energy And Spiritual Healers

I will get attacked for this post 😵‍💫

But that’s ok, because people need to become much more aware of this …

I’ve been working with Energy Healers and Spiritual Coaches for about 5 years because I realised its key to becoming the best version of myself

👉 Now the Energy & Spiritual Healers I’m referring can access, channel and work in the Metaphysical, Quantum, Spiritual, higher Dimensional world (Whatever you want to call it)

But not all Energy and Spiritual healers are equal …
They may have done training to assess higher Dimensions, Vibrations, Spiritual guidance and Metaphysical energy but most do not have the Sovereignty Protection to decern what they are channeling, accessing and letting attach to them … Most don’t have their own shit sorted out …

👉 Most open themselves up to Dimensions they shouldn’t and take on negative entities and energy… so powerful it runs a level of programming & control over them at a metaphysical level

If you allow an Energy or Spiritual Healer to access your Souls Divine Blueprint , Spiritual Guidance or Metaphysical Energy field … You are allowing whatever they have attached to them enter your field and Jeopardize your own Sovereignty, growth and Spiritual path

👉 I don’t want this Post to deter you from working with an Energy and Spiritual healer because its essential we all do this to Evolve

I’m just saying don’t Hire a G.P if you want/need brain surgery …

💡I will not name in shame however Some methods and practices are directly linked to the negative entities and energies I speak of and millions of people without knowing will have had a session done on them over the years

Do your homework and work with the best Energy and Spiritual Healer you can afford

Enjoy this Video as I discuss more about the importance of this

Here’s the real reason you’re not Taking Care of Yourself

Here’s the real reason you’re not Taking Care of Yourself ❓

You know what you need to do, but you feel stuck in old bad habit cycles …

You are busy, you feel under pressure with the demands of Business and Home Life …

🕗 Years of these pressures and demands has created a lot of Mental and Physical stress in your mind & body

This Stress compounds into a constant state of survival stress which wrecks havoc on you …

❌ Your Metabolism changes to suit this survival stress, which is why you crave fast burn 🔥 fatty and sugary foods

❌ Your Cortisol levels overproduce which puts enormous stress on your adrenals , which causes the need of stimulants for energy

❌ Your Mind and cognitive function declines as you start getting brain fog and lack focus or concentration

❌ Your decision making and natural performance declines as you run out of energy , get poor sleep and feel really irritable 😡

Stress is the cause of all your suffering and what you need help with is a process to heal the years of stress from your Mind, Body and Soul

✅ You need to Heal your body and Energy from years of deep survival stress

✅ You need to Heal your Mind of the imbalance, confusion and conflict your struggling with

✅ You need to Heal your Relationships with the people you love that have suffered from your suffering

✅ You then can transform the way you look after yourself, lead your life and show up for the people you love in this world

👆 To do the above buy yourself can feel impossible, because the damage & hold this long term stress has on you is exactly why you can’t fix or heal yourself on your own…

💪 A strong Man recognises when he needs help and finds the right help for where he is at ….

If you are a Married Businessmen who is ready to truly Take Care of Yourself do you can create the Success, Love & Happiness you truly desire…

Why So Many Driven Men Are Out Of Balance

Driven Men 👉 Do You Feel Constantly Out of Balance ❗

And no matter how hard you try, you can’t break the vicious cycle stopping you from balancing Success, Love and Happiness…

WHY❓ Because at the deepest level of the Masculine Unconscious Minds programming ALL Men have attached their Self Worth to their level of Success in this world …

👉 As your Mind carries thousands of years of Generational, Societal and Masculine programs about who you have to be … then your thoughts, beliefs, behavior and actions are constantly thinking how to achieve more Success to validate yourself as a Man

This is why Driven Men will not allow themselves to slow down, enjoy life, care for themselves or build deeper love and connection with the people in there lives …

👉 Your Success driven Mind believes the Love, Connection and Happiness will automatically be there once you have create the level of Success you desire…

But all you feel is being Out of Balance as the Success doesn’t make you feel more Loved, Connected or Happy … its the exact opposite, so your Mind tells you to work harder and create more Success thinking this is the answer …

😵‍💫 As the cycle continues and you try to create more Success to fix it… you create more conflict, more mistakes, more self sabotage and disconnection with the people you love …

You feel like its never enough, people aren’t grateful for the effort and sacrifices you’ve made … This makes you feel angry, confused, frustration, lost and alone

It Hurts, a lot but , but admitting how you feel makes you feel like a failure … So instead you blow up at your Family and Loved ones out of pure frustration … You Feel Trapped ❗

👉 In This Video 📽️ I discuss more about this deep inner vicious cycle that keeps millions of Driven Men from feeling Balanced, Loved, Connected and Happy 👇

I had my Mid-Life Crisis at 39 yrs old …

I had my Mid-Life Crisis at 39 yrs old …

I didn’t cheat on my wife and I didn’t buy a sports car …

I just came to a place where I had pushed, hustled and grinded for so many years to create the ultimate life that I ended up exhausted , stressed, stuck and unhappy

🧠 My Mind had run away on me , overthinking everything, worrying about Money, feeling like nothing was ever good enough and life was just hard …

I was stuck and every time I tried to fix it, things got worse

👉 I wanted to be Happy but didn’t know how… to make things worse I had an amazing life but I couldn’t see it … and I definitely couldn’t tell anyone how I was truly feeling as that would just make me feel like an even bigger failure

When I went through this period I honestly thought it was just me and everyone else was fine … I thought there was something wrong with me 

💡 However once I healed and transformed my life I realised most Driven Businessmen have these internal conflicts and demons that get really strong around the mid-life point

So I made it my life’s mission to help other Driven Married Businessmen break through their inner demons and step into the Success, Love and Happiness they truly desire

If you want to chat 📲 about what I did to break through this point in my life please reach out


This is your Greatest Battle

This is your Greatest Battle …

Yet very few of you will win this battle ! WHY?

Your Head will fool you into thinking you have control over your outcomes and to be more in control will allow greater outcomes….

This is the B.S that creates all your Stress, Struggle and Disconnection

Your Truth comes from Intuition and your Intuition is from Spiritual Guidance … and your Heart is the gateway to your Spiritual guidance

If you want to live in alignment with your Souls Divine Purpose you must be guided by intuition and not derailed by your thoughts …

Q. Would you love to be at peace, be happy and fully embrace every aspect of your life???

Then STOP this battle between Head and Heart and learn to heal, align and listen to your Intuitive heart for guidance

Life is incredible when you do this

You are not Congruent across your Life

You are not Congruent across your Life

You know this and don’t know how to fix it …

Its affecting your Marriage, your Health and your Leadership …

👉 The way you talk to your Wife , you’d never do in Business

👉 The Time you give to your Business, your Kids desperately desire

👉 The way you treat your Health is not in alignment with who you want to be

In this Video I share Why you’re not Congruent, How and What to do to fix it

Enjoy ❗