Are You Supporting and Holding Everything Together for Everyone Else?

Are You Supporting and Holding Everything Together for Everyone Else❓👇

How about the following 👇

Does your phone go non-stop with staff, clients, contractors etc needs, questions and problems ❓

Have you worked hard to hire good staff and yet you’re still pulled into everything ❓

Does business never stop and you can’t transition into family time ❓

Does your wife get upset that works more important than her ❓

Do you feel guilty that you’re not spending more quality time with your wife and kids ❓

Do you feel an enormous responsibility & pressure to provide financial security for your family and all your employees ❓

Do your friends and family feel like you are to busy for them , and not available ❓

Do you feel Stuck, Stressed and Overwhelmed with the demands and pressure ❓

Does all the above make you feel like your always on the back foot, never good enough and never at peace ❓

Last Question 🙋‍♂️

Who is truly Supporting you❓

Leadership must come from a place of Stability!

Leadership must come from a place of Stability!❗

If you are in a Leadership position then you must understand the following:

Every pillar of your life is part of a whole … and if you have unstable pillars then it effects your whole , including how you show up as a Leader

Ask yourself from 1-10 how stable you are in the following pillars , are you invested or have you neglected 👇

👉 Mental Health and Mindset

👉 Physical Health and Energy

👉 Spiritual Health and Connection

👉 Love Partner and Marriage

👉 Parenting and Family

👉 Friends and Interests

👉 Business and Career

👉 Finances and Lifestyle

👉 Impact and Legacy

Your Leadership stability is how you show up in all areas of your life not just professional…

You’re only as Stable as your weakest pillar otherwise you’ll be wearing a façade to pretend you are stable

If you want to evolve your Leadership you need to create Stability in all pillars of your life …

This is what the World needs more of … are you ready to evolve your Leadership?


The World needs more evolved Leaders doing the deep inner healing work to balance, align & reconnect to their Intuitive Guidance

Now every Business Leader has endured great struggle and sacrifice to get where they are

👉 YET what they are ignoring or trying to ignore are the effects that years of struggle, stress, & over energy in their success pillars has had on them Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

They just use old conditioning to push through, yet its pushing them deeper into internal stress & struggle

These same stresses, struggles & sacrifices have caused great disconnection & absence of time on their health and the people they are supposed to love the most

👉 Many Successful Business Leaders have been through divorce or looking down the barrel of one, they also have broken or strained relationships with their children

👉 Many Successful Business Leaders have all or nothing patterns when it comes to their health & wellbeing (eating, drinking, bad habits & addictions) slowly declining every year

👉 Many Successful Business Leaders are so stuck & exhausted in their position of Influence they feel vulnerable, lack confidence & not being the leader they want to be

👉 Many Successful Business Leaders are unhappy, unfulfilled and confused by where they have ended up

The traits and conditioning that got you to this point and now what’s holding you back from evolving

Now is the time for Leaders to make themselves the Business and get the right help to heal, align and release all their blocks and restrictions

The world is evolving fast (Energetically & Spiritually) Yet our Leaders are not!

Are you ready to break-free from the Egoic conditioning that got you to this point and step into your Highest Potential Mental, Physical & Spiritual and take life, business, influence and your Impact to a whole new level ❓

👆 This is an important question all Business Leaders should be asking themselves ❗

Start here:

Do You Feel Stuck?

Do you feel stuck ❓

🎥 I’ll share WHY this happens to so many Driven Married Businessmen and HOW you can change it …
The Conflict of Driven Businessmen who feel Stuck❗

You have a great life, you’re financially comfortable, you have family and loved ones around you … But you feel stuck, lost, lonely and even isolated ❗

👉 This is so confusing for many Driven Married Businessmen who have worked so hard for years in business or corporate to create Success, Security and Safety for themselves and their family …

👉 All you want is to enjoy your life, while still being successful and making an Impact… But feeling stuck and lost makes you feel like you’ll make a negative impact …

So you shutdown your emotions, avoid communicating how you truly feel & buried yourself into more work… this is making things worst and putting pressure on your relationships

👉 You’ve tried to FIX it yourself with Diet, Exercise, Reading, Podcasts… to try think positive and pull yourself out of this funk , you’ve lost your Mojo and you want it back…

👉 No matter what you try your motivation and will power runs out really fast as your all or nothing behavior gets worse ….

In this Video 🎥 I share WHY this happens to so many Driven Businessmen and HOW you can change it …

Enjoy ❤️

📲 If you are a Driven Married Businessmen feeling STUCK and want help then DM for a chat or follow “The Evolved CEO”

How To Get Out Of Your Mind?

Do you find it hard to relax, be calm and present, do you overthink, over-analyse, worry to much, get frustrated or irritated easily❓

For most people in the world , the answer is YES …

I to easily default to overthinking, over-analysing and over problem-solving…

WHY❓ Because we are programmed to use our Masculine Mind to get stuff done, achieve our goals, create a good life, make a difference etc etc !

HOWEVER❗ When the Masculine Mind takes control we become Less Efficient, Less Connected and Less Present for the important moments in life

In this video 📲 I talk about the importance of getting out of your Masculine Mind so you can tune-in to your Intuition and Guidance

Enjoy ❤️