Stress is a Lazy Word For Fear

If you sit down with a pen & paper to unpack why you’re stressed … it will always lead back to fear

Business Stress – negative cashflow, staff leaving, unhappy clients
(you fear never getting the time and financial freedom you desire)

Marriage Stress – poor communication, not aligned, constant drama
(you fear rejection, being unloved, unwanted and alone )

Health Stress – over weight, inflammation, irritable, unfit, poor sleep and shitty diet
(you fear you’ll never be healthy, happy & content )

It’s not the Stress that’s your issue , it’s the Fear that’s driving the Stress that the issue

If you want your Business, Marriage and Health to evolve, be aligned and in harmony then you must release the fear based programming and heal yourself from years of stress

This is the initial foundation of The Evolved CEO process … everything you truly desire is on the other side

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If you want more vitality, peace, energy, health, better relationships, and prosperity

If you want more vitality, peace, energy, health, better relationships, and prosperity

I’ve an amazing opportunity for 5 Successful Married Businessmen until end of May

Over the past 5 years my wife (Tracey) and I have built The Evolved CEO process specifically for helping Driven Married Businessmen create more peace, contentment, vitality, energy, better marriage, home life, all while taking their success to the next level

What this is NOT:
❌No B.S cookie cutter information
❌No surface level Counselling or Coaching
❌No online courses or homework
❌No time wasting, only lasting results

This is the Exact process that helped me:
👉Quit Alcohol 5 years ago
👉Release the deep Anger inside me
👉Pivoted my business & 10x profitability
👉Become the Husband my wife deserved
👉Heal my nervous system & anxiety disappeared
👉Become emotional available & present with my kids

I’m living the lifestyle I didn’t think was possible 5 years ago

Earning the income, freedom, working with the best clients and incredible lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast.

Which is why I’ve made it my mission to help other Married Businessmen create the level of Success, Love and Happiness they truly desire

And I’m looking for the next 5 who are ready to get started

If you already running a successful business and want to level up every area of your life, starting with your Mental, Physical & Spiritual health

Then I’m offering to help you achieve it

But here is the thing:

I’m not just looking for anyone

Unlike most coaching programs who take anyone with a heartbeat, we are only looking for a specific clientele…

So please check this out and see if it’s a fit:
✅You already run a successful business
✅You want to create peace & harmony in yourself, your marriage, home life & business
✅You’re open to Spiritual development and learning your truth
✅You’re capable of being really honest & open  
✅You’re coachable & committed.
✅You’re comfortable investing 5 figures into yourself

If that sounds like you, here’s the best part:

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible coaches, mentors and healers to accelerate my growth

Everything inside The Evolved CEO process I have done & still do for myself to create and maintain the life I use to wish I had

Its also the process that 100+ other Married Businessmen have gone through to create the Inner Peace, Health, Success, Love and Happiness they desired…

No one in personal transformation coaching gives Money Back Guarantees
WHY? Because the ROI is impossible to measure… I will discuss the guarantee if we get to that stage 

I can’t tell you how excited I get onboarding and helping new clients create enormous change

So, if this is you and you are ready to create the vitality, peace, energy, health, relationships, and prosperity you truly desire

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Why You Suck at The Change Process

If you are honest with yourself, you suck at the Change Process and this is Why!

Its all neurological as change creates huge conflict between the conscious & unconscious mind …

If you seriously want huge positive change then you will be met with all the negative that opposes the change …

In this Video📽️ I share WHY you suck at the change process and how to become a master at it so you create the level of Success, Love and Happiness you dream of …

Enjoy 🙌