Do you Push Yourself so Hard You’re Not Enjoying Life


Do you Push Yourself so Hard You’re Not Enjoying Life ❓

Do you achieve a goal, then move the goal posts without stopping an enjoying what you have achieved?

Do you feel you can’t slow down, you always have more to do and it’s never good enough?

This is very common among High Achievers and Entrepreneurs … Its a double edged sword ⚔

WHY❓ Because this Drive and Determination to constantly push yourself to the next level has helped you achieve so much right! ….

However!.. This same behavior is also causing you Stress, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Confusion & Unhappiness

SO WHY… do you continue to do this ?

PROGRAMMING … underneath you:
👉Don’t think you’re Good Enough (so nothings ever good enough)
👉You are Afraid to Fail, (so you struggle to slow down or let go )
👉You constantly need to prove yourself (your validation is linked to your Success)

WHO are you trying to prove yourself to? What do the next level of life look like ?

Watch this Video to learn more 👇


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Do You Have An Anger Switch


There is a lot of anger in the World today …

The levels of control, inconsistency and uncertainty rocks people to their core 

Some might say it’s Sadness but underneath there is anger … 

When people feel their Choice is taken away they go into their survival instinct and gear up for a fight 

The levels of Divided, Duality and Conflict in society esp. on Social Media is devastating

The compounding effects of constant events and situations in this world is creating enormous amounts of 🤬 Anger and Rage … 

These are scary emotions and most people try and suppress them for for fear of their own outbursts … these outbursts usually at the people closest to them 

😡 If you carry a lot of Anger, resentment, conflict, stress, noise and pressure which gets to a point you explode!

🎥 Then this video might be for you (note: old video but still relevant)

The world needs to Heal, Align and Evolve and it can’t do this with so much anger 

Have a great week and try to not let external events make you angry 😤

3 HABITS to start in the next 7 days

Its the Simple things in Life that make the biggest difference!

In a previous interview with Adrian Lea we discussed a ton of information around becoming the best version of yourself

He asked me for 3 simple habits to start straight away that takes minimal time and will create a huge positive compounding effect on your Health and Happiness

If you want to improve your Health and Happiness …
🎥 Check out this Video

Have an awesome start to the week

Become the Person you want to Associate with …


Become the Person you want to Associate with ❗

We are told daily you are only as good as the 5 people you associate with … NOW there is truth in this statement HOWEVER I’d like to challenge the Intentions behind this

What if the people 5 people you are associating with is mainly based on their Wealth … but they hide their own Mental Health issues behind the facade of success

I work with Very Successful Businessmen running multi million and even billion dollar companies…

Often they feel trapped in power relationships that are tied to more wealth which is not what they need

Instead of looking for other People to Associate with to lift you up … Take the time to do your own Deep Inner Self Healing and Self Discovery work so you become the person that other people want to be around …

Its time to Raise your Energy, improve your Mental Health, Self Talk, Habits and Behaviour and become the person you and others want to be around …

We all have incredible Innate Intelligence & Soul Gifts that we haven’t accessed…

The World need more evolved Leaders not more rich Men that don’t have balance …

Find the person you want to Associate with inside of yourself , then all the other people will start to appear

This my Friends is your True Purpose and Journey ☝

If you are a Successful Businessmen who wants to find his own inner truth and happiness then:

I’d like to invite you to a Workshop on Mental Clarity, Focus and Happiness 

It’s the exact 3 stage process that my high end private clients go through at our Evolved CEO retreats 

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Attn: Married Businessmen, CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Attn: Married Businessmen, CEOs and Entrepreneurs

I’d like to invite you to go through a 3 stage process that I take my high end private clients through at our Evolved CEO retreats

I get dozens of messages weekly from Married Businessmen saying my content really resonates, and it’s like I’m talking about their life …

Even though content may resonate, Men are extremely apprehensive about asking for help …

SO I’m offering an opportunity for you to experience a Coaching process that my private clients pay us thousands of dollars to go through 👇

If you’re a Married Businessmen, CEOs & Entrepreneurs who wants to:

✅ Master your Mind
✅ Gain more Mental Clarity
✅ Improve Focus & reduce Distraction
✅ Find Inner Happiness & Contentment

Then this is for you 👇

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How to Overcome Pressure, Anxiety and Stress!


How to Overcome Pressure, Anxiety and Stress!❗

For years I pushed myself so hard to Have It All , Successful Career, then Business, trying to provide for my Family, be a good Husband and Father …

Yet I always felt like I was falling short, never reaching my potential and to deal with the Stress, Frustration, Overwhelm & Anxiety I used Alcohol to relax and unwind … Well that just added to the Deep Stress and long term made things much worse …

💡 UNTIL I did the deep Healing work I talk about in this Video🎥

👉 If you carry a lot of Unhealthy Stress from all the Pressures and Demands of Work, Business, Staff, Finances, Family, Kids etc etc and you’re not dealing with it properly then you need to watch this Video

Life is short we all want to be more and achieve more but until you Heal what’s holding you back , you’ll struggle to access your true potential

Stop Chasing Fulfillment

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “fulfilled” as “feeling happy because you are getting everything that you want from your life”

The challenge is you feel you are lacking everything you want from life…

☹️You don’t have the Money you want
☹️You don’t have the Relationships you want
☹️You don’t have the Body you want
👉… the house, the cars, the holidays, the list goes on and on

You’ve been conditioned to attach your fulfilment and happiness to a future state, future life, future relationship or future accomplishment …

This is an endless cycle of chasing things external to yourself for moments of fulfilment and happiness…

🤦‍♂️ When you chase things from a place of Lack , you will create more Lack

👉 You’re missing the greatest lesson in life …

YOU already have fulfilment and happiness inside of yourself but you never find it until you disassociate everything external to yourself as your means of fulfilment

👉 To do this takes work , healing, deep self awareness and an awakening process

👉 This is hard to do if you’ve had 30, 40, 50+ years of conditioning around chasing fulfilment and happiness

If you want to be Happy and Fulfilled NOW then you’ll need to release the old conditioning