WHAT is your Life’s Purpose?

🛑 WHAT is your Life’s Purpose ❓

Are you so busy DOING that you’re not in Alignment with your Life’s Purpose…

Your EGO will fool you into thinking you’re living your Life’s Purpose … but you’re Not…

Your Life’s Purpose will not be found in a Book, Course, Business or Coach … it doesn’t just appear through an epiphany!

Your true Life’s Purpose evolves the more you are connected to your Souls Divine Purpose

To truly connect and align with your Souls Divine Purpose you must first heal from all your Blocks and Restrictions

👉 Heal your Mind 🧠 from Ego identification, Neurological Imbalances, Conditioning, & Programming etc

👉 Heal your Body 🦠 from Toxicity, Deep Survival Stress, Dis-ease, Imbalances, Parasites, Viruses, EBV etc

👉 Heal your Energy 🧬 from negative entities, past life regression, trauma, cellular & DNA imbalances etc

When you heal and start living in Alignment with your Souls Divine Purpose Being is when your Life’s Purpose will become clear ❤️

Are you ready to start connecting and aligning with your Life’s Purpose ❓

Don’t get to Breaking Point before Getting Help

Why-Do-Men-get to-Breaking-Point-Before-Asking-for-Help-by-Greg-youtube

Don’t get to Breaking Point before Getting Help ❗

Why do so many Men in particular having to get to breaking point or something bad has happening before they get help?

REASON 1: CONTROL – The Internal Dialogue and Self Talk that says “She’ll Be Right” I can sort this out on my own… (This is usually about needing to be in Control)

REASON 2: FEAR – Fear of being Vulnerable or feeling Weak.. (This is the Weakness in and of itself)

These reasons are very common with High Achievers as the Need to be in Control and Strong have served them well in Life but then these traits can become Self-Sabotaging.

We live in a different World than our parents and grandparents MEN need to Evolve more than ever to be
The Best Leaders, Husbands, Fathers, Business Owners, Role Models and most Important Love Themselves

You don’t have to be Broken or get to Breaking Point to go on a Deep Self Transformation (This will create your Ultimate Strength)

WHY Environment Effect Your ENERGY VIBRATION

Talking with a client last few weeks who has a very high soul and Energetic Vibration Rate …

This is both powerful for him to create and manifest abundance in business , but detrimental when not in control of his Energy in certain environments

What happens with him and many of our clients is they get effecting by Environments that are low energy and rush through life trying to be in Environments that are high Energy

This ultimately leaves us allowing the environment to control us vs maintaining a high energy in all environments

Listen in to this Video🎥 , its deeper than most of my Videos but soooo important for everyone to reflect on

Are you in control of your Energy or are you allowing your environments to control your energy ❓

There is More money in the world right now than ever in history

There is More money in the world right now than ever in history

So why do so many people struggle or worry about Money all the time

It’s 2 things:

  1. Your Money Mindset

👉When you have a poor Money Mindset you think there is a lack of it
👉You are afraid of changing careers or businesses to do something your passionate about
👉You never feel like you have enough
👉You get triggered by World events e.g. Inflation, Pandemics

Where does this Lack Money Mindset come from?

Your Past Generations

Who lived through the Industrial Revolution, World Wars, Great Depressions

when it was predominantly Upper Class & Lower Class (Middle Class was very small)

But now Middle Class is huge yet they carry unconscious Lower Class Money Blocks past down

  1. Your Money Energy

This is incredibly important and powerful
We all have an Energy behind Money or what it truly represents to use as an individual

If you are not living in alignment with your Energy behind Money then you won’t attract it


My energetic quality behind Money is Power , meaning the more Money I have the Power I have to do good with it

However for Most of my life I would give away my Power to try make Money …

My sacrifices and obsession with Money took away my Power and limited the amount of Money I attracted …

I would work harder & harder never thinking I had enough or constantly thinking of new ways to make more Money ultimately killing my Power …

🙌 I must be in my Power first to then elevate my energy to attract Money

Once you understand this, and your Energetic quality behind Money you’ll understand it’s abundant and available to attract

What it your Energy and Mindset behind Money ❓

Your Mind Is Full Of Shit

Your Mind Is Full Of Shit

The Biggest thing I have learnt in my Self Discovery journey is that my Mind is full of shit!

You’ve all heard the saying: “You don’t know, What you don’t know”

For the first 39 years of my life , I truly thought I was accessing my potential… Always striving to be more, do more and have more…

However I was running my life from the Mind and this is one of the most limiting things we can do …

WHY? Because your Mind is lying to you … constantly …

Its doing its job … which is to help you Survive

However your Minds conditioning & programming from birth is based on Fear & Lack … (The Human Condition)

When we live from the Mind, we are holding ourselves back from Infinite Wisdom, Power and Potential…

Watch this Video 🎥 to learn more about my awakening

Have an Awesome Day

To your Success, Love and Happiness

Where I went wrong in my Marriage

Where I went wrong in my Marriage 💔

Let me tell you my story / journey, for many Businessmen it will resonate…

From a young age I programmed myself to do whatever it takes to be successful…

It became an obsession …

Influencers praised and encouraged my obsession… and In the earlier years so did Tracey

Then we had 3 kids , pressures and demands grew and so did my obsession…

Over the years of compounding stress, demands & pressure to succeed and provide …

I become out of balance and disconnected…

I used Alcohol as my relief & escape mechanism and I’d dragged Tracey into it as a way to connect…

It was a false connection only heightened by alcohol…

It was how I avoided the hurt, pain & resentment that I had caused over the years…

Our Marriage was declining yearly , I knew it but didn’t want to face it

I tried to control Tracey by using my own shame and guilt …

I was destroying my marriage and didn’t know how to fix it 🥺

How did we transform our Marriage ❓

By transforming ourselves first …

It wasn’t the marriage that was the issue it was how I was showing up in the Marriage that was the issue

I had to break my negative habits, beliefs and behaviors …

I cut alcohol out of my life, and started connecting with Tracey differently …

I worked on the underlying negative programs, fear and worry that drove obsession around chasing success…

I healed my Anger & stress issues so I could bring calm energy into my home and family…

I let go of my mental pictures around what I thought our relationship should be like … so it could evolve to what it is today

I learnt how to truly listen to Tracey without trying to fix her or get triggered by what she said to me

I pivoted my Business to prioritize what was truly important in life …

I committed to working on myself daily so I’m self aware & take responsibility when I’m not doing the above 👆

Everything you want, desire & love in life will evolve in line with your inner evolution…

If you want your marriage to evolve to the next level ❤️

Then heal your Mental programs …

Heal your emotions …

Heal your stressed body & energy …

Heal the old conflicts, hurt & pain in your relationship …

and show up as a balanced, connected Man with unconditional love in your heart ❤️

Its not easy as you’ll need to go on a deep healing and self discovery journey to re-Identify with the Man you truly want to be

To your Success, Live & Happiness

Is Alcohol Holding You Back?

I was talking with a Client about how much Alcohol plays a huge part in his life and how badly he wants to cut it out …

This client is a very Successful Businessmen in the Construction Industry, so his friends all the way back from high school through to his staff, clients and colleagues …

A lot of his catch ups are revolved Alcohol 🍺

I can relate to my clients so deeply on this topic as I grew up around Alcohol, it was everywhere and become a big part of my Identity from school mates, Rugby, Corporate culture and so on

Wo why do we struggle to cut back or quit Alcohol when we know it doesn’t serve us or it’s holding us back ?

Because it is part of our Identity, and trying to Stop or Quit drinking Alcohol requires an Identity shift …

And to change your Identity for a better version of yourself is hard, confronting and for most people virtually impossible without help

If you want to hear the advice I gave him … the please watch this Video (Its 7mins long) as I share a key part in how to change his Identity and Relationship with Alcohol

What stage of your Leadership evolution are you in?

What stage of your Leadership evolution are you in?

Whether you Own a Business or run a Corporation leadership is an ongoing journey and is so much more than your position professionally

What stage of your Leadership are you in?

STAGE ONE – Start-up

You’re doing or across everything… end to end sales, fulfilment, recruitment, build and maintaining a team, cashflow management etc …

👉 Your biggest Leadership challenge is self preservation and not burning yourself out

STAGE TWO – Team is in place silos and divisions of being formed, training, coaching and leadership evolution is paramount to maintaining your team and elevating your team into leadership management roles,

👉 Your Biggest Leadership challenge is Coaching ability to bring the best out in your people

STAGE THREE – Completely removing yourself from business operations, so you can invest time in your genius zone, working on the Business Development and Strategic Direction … Conscious Leadership evolution is paramount , coaching, business development and potential product development at this stage you need time to be creative

👉 Your Biggest Leadership challenge is you forgot to evolve the above 2 correctly and you now feel the fatigue and exhaustion from years of hustle and grind …

The biggest challenge facing leaders in business and corporate is getting stuck between stage one and two it is easy to look at all the external factors that have caused you to feel stuck in either stage but the truth is everything is so centered around you as the leader.

Its time to evolve Mentally, Energetically and Spiritually to elevate every area of your life

Key understanding leadership is not one-dimensional if you are not congruent with your leadership in how you look after yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, your loving relationships and private life plus your business you will struggle to be the greatest leader

Which is all tied to your Impact and Legacy …

Why Does The Masculine Make Things More Complex than it needs to be?

Why Does The Masculine Make Things More Complex than it needs to be?

The illusion of control & the Egos desperate need to be in control so it feels safe, loved and worthy

The Masculine feels like it has to figure everything out and if it can’t figure it out , then it searches for more complex solutions to fix the problems as it’s programmed to believe nothing comes easy in life

This becomes the exact reason why we get stuck, frustrated and can’t move forward

The constant internal fight between force (Masculine) and flow (Feminine)

If you’re someone who is constantly trying to figure it all out your allowing the Ego to pull the handbrake on your life

The Solution is to heal the Masculine the Masculine Worldwide needs to heal to make room for the feminine (flow) to balance out the masculine (force)

Where do you start?

Surrender to the simple pleasures in life , start healing your heart ❤️ by connecting with it frequently

To your Success, Love and Happiness