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3 HABITS to start in the next 7 days!

Greg, what are 3 Health Habits people can start right now to get results in the next 7 days❓

1️⃣. Go and Download the APP called “1GaintMind” and start the 12 day learn to Meditate process…
– If you are not using some sort of Meditation or Mindfulness practice on a daily basis to slow your Brain down and give your Mind some much needed quiet time …
– Then this is the first thing you should do

2️⃣. Movement – Stop putting to bigger Exercise Expectations on yourself
– If you are not Exercising then don’t try going from 0 – 100 straight away e.g. Don’t go from No Exercise to joining CrossFit (Then is just a punishment, all or nothing mentally and creates a negative habit of stop/start mentally
– Instead just start walking in the morning for 20-30 minutes

3️⃣. Grounding/Nature – We are Energetic Beings and Mother Nature is amazing at balancing and regulating our Energy
– So get into Nature as often as you can , try 3 times in 7 days
– Plus Walk on Grass barefoot and make it a Daily Habit to Ground yourself … Its easy but so powerful on your Health and Wellbeing

👉 Now to really make these 3 Habits stick for the Long-Term , do them all in a sequence , this is called Habit Stacking … So go for a Walk, Ground yourself and then Mediate all in a 30-40 min time frame …

Habit Stacking will train your Subconscious Mind to form these new Habits and start creating new momentum in your Health and Wellbeing

If you decide to do the above please let Adrian Lea and I know how you feel are just 7 days … Would love to here the results from these very Simple Habits

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