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After 2 years of postponed retreat bookings, Tracey and I will be hosting an Inner Circle “Evolved CEO Retreat” for our clients this weekend

After 2 years of postponed retreat bookings, Tracey and I will be hosting an Inner Circle “Evolved CEO Retreat” for our clients this weekend …

I love working with Tracey to evolve “The 9 Pillars of Success💰, Love❤️ and Happiness😁 Framework” for our clients

💪 We have 10 Successful Businessmen joining us at Twin Waters Resort Sunshine Coast this Fri-Sun

👉 Each of the Men attending have been through our Healing and Alignment process which is absolutely key to creating true growth, balance & abundance

We will spend a weekend focused on elevating & optimising every Pillar of their lives so they can focus on Growth & Manifestion at their highest level, without sacrificing their Health & Relationships

🙌 The combined Holistic approach, skills and gifts that Tracey and I bring together is simply World class and I feel truly grateful to be able to say that

We work with clients around the World which means we haven’t met 95% of them in person.

👉 So this weekend is going to be so powerful to meet, educate, heal and collaborate with 10 of our Australian based clients

✅ Retreats & Mastermind is becoming an important part of our business model as we bring more powerful Businessmen together to create Time & Financial freedom whilst evolving their Health and Love Relationships … so they can live beyond the Ego, raise the collective consciousness and create a greater Impact & Legacy in the World

Look forward to sharing some photos from the retreat

Have a great week…

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