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Are You a Thinkaholic?

A few weeks back I reposted a video titled “Are you a Workaholic”

A couple of people responded saying “I’m a Thinkaholic”

The World we live in, being a ” Thinkaholic” is a very real thing … and I know this because I’m also a thinkaholic if I’m honest

🎥 In this video I talk about how an Overactive , Over-analytical Mind and if not managed and balanced can easily lead to a lot of Stress, Overwhelm and Poor Health …

Everyone will agree that the World we live in has created the new mass “Thinkaholic” syndrome … which is why its more important than ever to have daily Mental Health routines

Enjoy the Video … Don’t over-think it 😂

Want help reducing the Mental Stress from Overthinking and be Calm, Present and Centred ❓ book a call with me for an initial chat📲

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