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Are you a very Masculine Energy Man?

Are you a very Masculine Energy Man ❓, then this is important for you to understand 👇

This World has been built on Masculine Egoic Energy … Every system and structure that the modern world operates under

🏦 Financial System – Masculine control, greed & dictatorship

📚 Education System – Masculine control, greed & dictatorship via the Industrial revolution

🧐 Political System – Masculine control, greed & dictatorship
The list goes on ….

We are all conditioned for Generations to succeed and survive in this World you must develop a strong Masculine Egoic Energy…

🙌 Amazing innovation, growth and change has come from this Energy

🛑 BUT it’s gone to far , like anything great , to much of it becomes destructive

We are at a turning point in this World that if the Masculine Energy that controls our world does not Evolve it will destroy it …

👉 This change has to start with Individuals esp, strong Masculine Energy Influential Men … they have lost their way and allowed their Masculine Egoic Minds to get out of control in the constant pursuit of more perceived control !

There is a disconnection between your Egoic Actions and your Souls Purpose

👉 Now more than ever Influential Leaders need to focus on your Spiritual Evolution, Living from your Heart and evolve a more powerful Masculine Energy

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