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Are you a Workaholic?


This is a BIG TOPIC that I discuss regularly with Married Businessmen!

👉See a lot of Businessmen easily fall into Workaholic Behavior because they are Driven, Goal Orientated, Action Takers who take Full Responsibility of their business and staff…

That’s a good thing right? YES & NO !

👍The Traits & Ambition that Drives you to Work Harder and Harder are from good intentions

e.g. [Be Successful, Provide for your family, Support your staff and deliver value to your Clients]

🤷‍♂️Yet the Behaviors & Beliefs that Drive us to Work Harder and Harder are actually negative

e.g. [People Pleasing, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Seeking Approval, Perfectionism, Not Feeling Good Enough etc etc]

👉This creates Confusion & Conflict inside your Brain as you’ve pushed & worked hard all your life with success, but now its causing you pain and suffering…

🤯You can’t Slow Down, always Overthinking, you’re Stressed, Anxious, Angry and starting to resent your Business or Position!

😨Even worse It’s effecting your Marriage, You’re Not Present for your Wife & Kids, Not sleeping properly, Not looking after your Health and using Alcohol, Drugs, Porn or Gambling to try and switch off…


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