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Are you being Truly Present for your Children?


Children are Sponges and their Development is Susceptible by the Influences and Environments surrounding them…

Children Age 0-7 (Imprint Period)

> Your Childs sensors and Unconscious Minds are wide open. Neural Pathways are being formed and Beliefs Systems around Safety and Love

Children Age 7-14 (Emotional Period)

> Your Childs Conscious Mind is starting to question / challenge what they are hearing and seeing (Rebellious)

Children Age 14-21 (Socialisation Period)

> Your Child is exploring new Opportunities, Friendships and creating independence based of their Belief Systems from earlier childhood

Our Children are exposed to 100x the Information we were as kids… So its more critical that ever you are Truly Present for them as their Emotional Intelligence depends on it !!

Are you repeating old Parenting behaviors from your childhood?

Are you to Busy for Quality Time with your kids?

Does your Cellphone get more attention than your Children?

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