Are You Confused and In Conflict With Yourself?

Are You Confused and In Conflict With Yourself❓

Did you know we are exposed to 11 million bits of Information (+/-) per second with up to 10 million of those bits coming in through the eyes…

Did you also know the Conscious Mind can only process 130 bits (+/-) of Information per second …

This is why everyone’s Mind gets into conflict which feels Stressful due to all the Noise, Pressure and Demands we have!

Ways to reduce the Confusion / Conflict !
👉 Cut Shit away … Seriously
👉 Daily Silent Time … Meditation / Stillness
👉 Journaling your Thoughts, Ideas and To dos
👉 Daily Affirmations / Intentions
👉 Heavily reduce Phone usage
👉 Create a Daily Planner, Top 3 strategy
👉 Set Boundaries at Work
👉 Leave Work at Work
👉 Optimise your Sleep

If you are a Married Businessmen and want help getting Laser Focused whilst removing Confusion and Conflict then book a call with me for a chat 📲

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