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Are You Constantly STUCK IN THE PAST?

Are you constantly Stuck In The Past❓

Everyone experiences Negative People, Situations & Events in our Past that Elicited a huge Emotional Response…

This could be:
😥 Death of a Loved One
😪 Failed Marriage, Relationship breakup
🤬 Losing Money, bad Investments
☹ Got Fired or Business failed
😭 Negative or Abusive Parents
😨 Being Bullied or Rejected at School
etc etc etc

The Emotional response to these Events creates an Anchor in our Unconscious Mind…

Then future Events that Elicit the same Emotional response, thoughts & feelings to that Anchor then creates a Compounding effect locking us deeper into these Negative Bias …

Until we literally cannot stop ourselves from being Triggered and pulled back into the Pain of the Past!

Are you Sick of feeling “Stuck in the Past”❓
Then you need to seek help to Identity and release the Anchors from your Mind, Body, Energy & Soul ..

This is what we do … 📲 book a call to discuss

Enjoy the Video and look forward to your comments

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