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Are you feeling the Stress and Pressure of Business Building ?

Are you feeling the Stress and Pressure of Business Building ❓

Do you have gaps & challenges in your Business and Life that are rolling over from 2021 and starting to become all you think about again❓

▶ Staff & Clients
▶ Cashflow & Growth
▶ Health & Wellbeing
▶ Marriage & Relationship
▶ Time & Energy
etc etc

👉 Like most Business Owners you ran 100 miles an hour to get to the Xmas break to catch your breath, spend some much needed quality time with loved ones and try recharge your batteries, whilst having some fun…

👉 Then the New Year approaches and each day getting closer to the date you’ll start back… Your Mind is winding up again, the Stress and Pressure is building inside as you start focusing heavily on those Gaps & Challenges rolling over from 2021…

🙌 In the break you told yourself that 2022 is going to be different, you’ll focus more on yourself, your health, being present, more quality time with Family etc …

Yet the Stress and Pressure building inside of you questions how this year is going to be any different last … No amount of positive thinking, or NY Resolutions will solve these Gaps & Challenges… Its going to take Hard Work, time and energy from you to deal with it all …. “Hello Overwhelm” … you need a longer holiday 😩

HERE is what you must focus on:

✔ SIMPLIFICATION – this should be your Keyword for 2022

So how do you Simplify ❓ You reduce or remove

e.g. Staff, Clients, Products, Systems, Cashflow, Finances, Time, Health, Diet, Marriage, Family everything …

THEN apply the following to every item:

OWN IT – take 100% responsibility and priortise your time & energy
CUT IT – If its not serving you, Cut it & remove it fast
DELEGATE IT – who else can take responsibility for it

This simple exercise “Written Down” will give you an instant release of Stress and Pressure … As you simplify every decision into the above 3 …

Hope this helps you get off to a smoother 2022

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