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Are you wasting Energy obsessing over what you want in the future

Are you wasting Energy obsessing over what you want in the future❓

👉 You avoid the conflict of your Mind by motivating yourself by your future desires

👉 This causes you to be all or nothing in Life, Health, Relationships and Business

😧 Your Will Power runs out and you become Un-Motivated and Procrastinate

It’s counter intuitive right❓
As you’ve been conditioned to set huge future goals , you’ve even be told by the Gurus that you must obsess over these goals

👉 Then you beat yourself up when your not where you think you should be

And the cycle continues 😠

You’re sick of the roller coaster 🎢…

🛑It’s time for Change, do this instead

1️⃣ Put all your Energy into today only
2️⃣ Set Intentions for who you will be today
3️⃣ Reflect on yesterday as you focus on being 1% better today
4️⃣ Write down the top 5 things you are grateful for each day
5️⃣ Journal on bedtime about what you learnt about yourself today

You only have today , when you become 1% better each day you Win the day , then you Win the week and so on

This will help you Manifest your future without wasting valuable Energy obsessing over it ❤️

How are you going to Win today❓

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