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Are your Emotional Outbursts Hurting the People You Love

Are your Emotional Outbursts hurting the people you love ❤

The old me had very little Emotional Control, I would bottle things up until I exploded with Anger and Rage, which was always around the people I loved the most 🤬😢

This broke my heart 💔 as it was always my beautiful Wife and Kids that got the worst of me …

👉 My Professional life and even around friends I would show the better version of myself but it was at home behind closed doors was when the worst version of myself came out …

👉 I’m sharing this vulnerable Video because no one wants to admit this stuff … Yet its happening everyday and causing so much destruction marriages and our children’s development …

If this Video 🎥 resonates with you its your Responsibility to do something about it 👍

If you want to Improve your Emotional Control and release the Anger, Frustration & Rage that comes up around your Loved ones then start by watching this Video 🎥

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