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Are your Expectations hurting you and the people you Love?

Are your Expectations hurting you and the people you Love?❓

Mine were 👇

For years I would bring my high levels of Business expectations home with me …

👉 I was running my life One Dimensionally without realising… meaning I was linking my Happiness, Love & Connection to my Expectations of Business & Financial Success …

👉 I couldn’t see the amount of Stress I was creating in my Mind & Body from always putting such high expectations on myself…

Bringing my Expectations & Stress home created a lot of Drama, Conflict & needless fighting with my Wife … then I’d justify my behaviour over and over saying “I’m working so hard for you guys” can’t you just be happy 🤦‍♂️

My expectations of my Wife being happy for my workaholic behaviour was what I linked my Happiness to 😵‍💫

👉 I couldn’t relax or be present cause I was always thinking, planning or problem solving… my family was suffering because of my suffering and expectations…

Then I’d turn to my Phone or Alcohol to escape this constant conflict and drama … I was stuck and I didn’t know how to fix it 😢

👉 This is the same for millions of Married Businessmen and why your Family needs you to evolve …

Here’s what I did to Evolve 👇

1️⃣ Healed and Released the Fear and Lack mentality behind my Expectations

2️⃣ Healed and Released my belief systems around what a Successful Businessman looks like

3️⃣ Healed the Years of deep survival Stress in my Mind & Body keeping me in these negative cycles

4️⃣ Healed the relationship I had with Alcohol and quit drinking forever

5️⃣ Learned how to disconnect Business from Family and be truly present, available and calm for the people I loved

If you want to learn how to turn your Drive and Expectations into a positive focus that doesn’t hurt the people you Love then please check out The Evolved CEO

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