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As an Entrepreneur I can easily attract unhealthy Stress into my life

As an Entrepreneur I can easily attract unhealthy Stress into my life 👇

2021 was a Stressful year as we built a new house, expanded our business and continued to grow & support our family

😀 Don’t get me wrong 2021 was an amazing year for us … But the Type of Stress I put myself under wasn’t nessacary and didn’t make 2021 as enjoyable as it could have been.

🤔 Now I maybe a Coach, Therapist, Mentor and Advisor BUT I’m still a Human, I’m still growing, still making mistakes, still learning, expanding and evoling which will trigger the negative side of my behaviours

Here are 2 of mine:
1️⃣ Perfectionism – I take emense pride in my outcomes & results, I believe everyone who does has a high Level of Perfectionism…

2️⃣ All or Nothing Mentality – when I put my Mind to something I go all in , high levels of motivation and commit

👉 Now I’m happy I have both of the above behaviours (but like everything in life) there’s a Positive & Negative side

😟 The Negative side of Perfectionism & Going All In … is Obsession, Fear, Worry, feeling a Lack of Control and personal disconnection as all your Energy is constantly flowing out

👉 This can take us away from the People we Love including our true self … Then the EGO will justify why you’re feeling so Stressed become over energy in external factors.

❤️ In 2022 I encourage you to work on Self Mastery especially reducing unhealthy Stress and becoming laser aware of what you are attracting

To your Success💰, Love ❤️ and Happiness 😃

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