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Be Very Careful When Working With Energy And Spiritual Healers

I will get attacked for this post 😵‍💫

But that’s ok, because people need to become much more aware of this …

I’ve been working with Energy Healers and Spiritual Coaches for about 5 years because I realised its key to becoming the best version of myself

👉 Now the Energy & Spiritual Healers I’m referring can access, channel and work in the Metaphysical, Quantum, Spiritual, higher Dimensional world (Whatever you want to call it)

But not all Energy and Spiritual healers are equal …
They may have done training to assess higher Dimensions, Vibrations, Spiritual guidance and Metaphysical energy but most do not have the Sovereignty Protection to decern what they are channeling, accessing and letting attach to them … Most don’t have their own shit sorted out …

👉 Most open themselves up to Dimensions they shouldn’t and take on negative entities and energy… so powerful it runs a level of programming & control over them at a metaphysical level

If you allow an Energy or Spiritual Healer to access your Souls Divine Blueprint , Spiritual Guidance or Metaphysical Energy field … You are allowing whatever they have attached to them enter your field and Jeopardize your own Sovereignty, growth and Spiritual path

👉 I don’t want this Post to deter you from working with an Energy and Spiritual healer because its essential we all do this to Evolve

I’m just saying don’t Hire a G.P if you want/need brain surgery …

💡I will not name in shame however Some methods and practices are directly linked to the negative entities and energies I speak of and millions of people without knowing will have had a session done on them over the years

Do your homework and work with the best Energy and Spiritual Healer you can afford

Enjoy this Video as I discuss more about the importance of this

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