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Be Very Careful Who You Give Your Marketing Dollars!

Be Very Careful Who You Give Your Marketing Dollars! 💲

In this Video I share a story of a client who left me to try another large International Marketing agency …

After 1 month they are calling me saying…
👉 Can we meet again and talk please
👉 We are getting half the results 😞
👉 We are spending double the amount 😥
👉 And our Customer Service and Relationship is non existent 😤

Nowadays every 2nd person seems to be a Marketing Expert and Companies often over promise and under deliver … Especially in the current climate where Companies are losing Revenue fast …

Here is my advise when choosing a Marketing Agency:
1️⃣ They Understand Business not just Marketing
2️⃣ They Create Strategies specific to your Business Revenue Goals … not sell you products
3️⃣ They are Agile and can move fast if the market shifts
4️⃣ They Value Relationships and Customer Service above all else

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