How To Serve At A Higher Level & Create More Impact

How to Serve at a Higher Level

For Leaders who want to serve at a higher level spiritually 😇

If you have a big Mission, Vision & Motivation to create more Impact in the World then this Video 🎥 is critical for you…

Most Entrepreneurs with big Missions & Visions, are taught to Hustle, Grind and outwork everyone in order to achieve a Greater Impact…

YES, We need to take Action, but the wrong Energy behind the Action is Counter-Intuitive to what’s truly required in order to make a huge Impact…

The Greatest Influencers know this 👇
Your Focus needs to be on your Energy , increasing and Aligning your Energetic Vibration toward the Intensions and Outcomes you want to make in this World…

If your Behaviour, Mindset and Energy are not Aligned & Congruent you’ll Burn yourself out in the Pursuit of your Mission and not achieve your Purpose, leaving you frustrated & doubting yourself!

When I started to Heal and Align my Mind, Body, Energy & Soul is when everything changed! I started Creating and Manifesting More with Less Effort… This is the Secret to Life… not the B.S you’ve been taught…

📲 DM me if you want to learn how we help people Heal & Align their Mind, Body, Energy and Soul so they can create a Bigger Impact in their World

Stop sacrificing your Energy in the pursuit of Wealth

🛑 Stop sacrificing your Energy in the pursuit of Wealth

In a group discussion with our Mastermind Businessmen last week

We discussed a really important topic around taking huge leaps of faith and letting go of contracts or clients that are no longer aligned with our new identity & vision for life

Here’s some insights for you all…

👉 Your Mind “ego” is not designed to naturally move you towards success, it’s designed for survival

👉 Your Mind has also been programmed for generations to be a provider and protector so our identity, value and self worth is highly attached to money

👉 When making big decisions that have financial implications you will be met with fear, uncertainty and a lot of mental resistance… it’s deeply engrained and innate in each of us

So instead of allowing the Ego to run away on you… ask yourself these 3 questions 👇

1️⃣ Is this client or contract aligned with my new vision, mission and principles?

2️⃣ If this client, position or contract did not have $$$ attached to it would I still give it my energy and time ?

3️⃣ If I let it go will I be ok ?

Remember Money doesn’t really exist it’s simply a man made mechanism for exchanging value …

What really exists is the Energy behind your Money Mindset ….

If you are sacrificing your personal Energy behind Money out of fear of losing or letting go of Money you are creating an energetic restriction in your ability to manifest abundance and become truly happy and content

There is an abundance of wealth in the world , you just need to embrace your Energy behind money not sacrifice your energy for Money…

There is no lack … these are simply old beliefs engrained in you from birth, that are enhanced by mainstream media fear and scarcity …

When you understand the Energetic quality you want to have in your life and focus on that then you’ll attract abundance

E.g. For me Money meant Power and Power meant having choices… however I use to give all my Power away in the pursuit of Money (It was energetically restricting the ability to manifest more Wealth)

Create your own world inside of this world with fear or limitations

What is your Energy behind Money ?
Power, Safety, Freedom, Pride, Connection, Peace

Now ask yourself where are you giving this Energy away ?

We work with Married Businessmen who are Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires

We work with Married Businessmen who are Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires 

At a Macro Societal level only 1 thing separates these Men !
A. Their Wealth Identity !!!

The World has conditioned everyone to believe a Millionaire is completely different to a Billionaire…

At a Micro Internal level when they come to us they have so much in common!

👉They all feel unhappy & unfulfilled
👉They all feel like they haven’t truly tapped into their potential
👉They carry a lot of deep survival stress from years of hustle and grind
👉They had all given away their sovereignty in the pursue of wealth
👉They all felt disconnected from themselves
👉They all felt disconnected from their wife
👉They all felt guilty about their ability to be a present father
👉They all felt isolated, stuck and confused by their life
👉They felt unappreciated at home for all their sacrifice for creating success
👉They just want to be happy, content and at peace with themselves ❤️

The Greatest challenge and opportunity you have as a Successful Man is to evolve your Masculine Energy and break free of the deep entanglement and energetics of your Wealth Identity


It’s time to seriously think about your Wealth Indentify , how much Money and Wealth consumes your thoughts and controls your behaviour , your emotions and your actions

You may start to see why this is the true underlying cause to all your confusion

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you accessed your unlimited potential?

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you accessed your unlimited potential ❓

I know for myself I lived the first 30+ years of my life obsessed with having and achieving more …

👉 This is sooo common across the 100s of Businessmen we have worked with … they strive , hustle, grind and sacrifice so much to achieve their goals and create success …

However they all feel like they aren’t even scratching the surface on their true Potential….

👉 They say it feels like something is holding me back and no matter how hard try I’m not happy, content and at peace with myself

WHY❓ Because they carry other peoples BRICKS that’s blocking, restricting and holding them back from greatness

What are some of these bricks❓
👉 You were taught you have to work harder than everyone else to succeed
👉 You we’re taught Money doesn’t grow on trees and it’s hard to get wealthy
👉 You were taught to not listen to your emotions and trust your thoughts
👉 You were taught that your success in life defines you

Now you might be saying that’s not me to the above , however that’s your conscious Ego talking but unconsciously these bricks were stacked at such a young age you don’t even know how they are controlling you

The only questions you need to ask are❓
1️⃣ Am I 💯 truly happy in every area of my life ?
2️⃣ What have I been doing for years that’s not serving me ?
3️⃣ Who would I be without any Limitations or Fears ?

Everyone on planet earth are carrying bricks from the past that are stopping them from accessing their unlimited potential

Is it time to start removing those bricks 🧱?


Are you still seeking your Father's Approval

Are You Still Seeking YOUR FATHER’S APPROVAL ❓

As a boy we all seek our Fathers love, approval and acknowledgement, he is meant to be our Hero & Role Model…

👉 Yet most Boys were brought up with Tough love, Conditional love or No love at all …

😮 So we grow up Seeking approval, validation and love from others… The issue with that is we didn’t develop approval, validation and love for ourselves …

A lot of High Achieving Men without realising it have developed their Competitive, Determined, Stop at nothing attitude from the above programming …

🤔 This is Great because it helped them Achieve so much, BUT then these programs start causing Confusion & Conflict around why we aren’t Happy & Fulfilled …

💫 Then the cycle repeats “I need more, achieve more, prove myself more” this is a common Habit Loop for many High Achieving Men…

Understanding yourself, your past programs, your Habitual Loops and Behaviours is the most important thing you could do …

📲 If you are constantly Seeking Approval, Validation, People Please or can’t Slow Down to enjoy life then I have a solution …

WHAT is your Life’s Purpose?

🛑 WHAT is your Life’s Purpose ❓

Are you so busy DOING that you’re not in Alignment with your Life’s Purpose…

Your EGO will fool you into thinking you’re living your Life’s Purpose … but you’re Not…

Your Life’s Purpose will not be found in a Book, Course, Business or Coach … it doesn’t just appear through an epiphany!

Your true Life’s Purpose evolves the more you are connected to your Souls Divine Purpose

To truly connect and align with your Souls Divine Purpose you must first heal from all your Blocks and Restrictions

👉 Heal your Mind 🧠 from Ego identification, Neurological Imbalances, Conditioning, & Programming etc

👉 Heal your Body 🦠 from Toxicity, Deep Survival Stress, Dis-ease, Imbalances, Parasites, Viruses, EBV etc

👉 Heal your Energy 🧬 from negative entities, past life regression, trauma, cellular & DNA imbalances etc

When you heal and start living in Alignment with your Souls Divine Purpose Being is when your Life’s Purpose will become clear ❤️

Are you ready to start connecting and aligning with your Life’s Purpose ❓

Don’t get to Breaking Point before Getting Help

Why-Do-Men-get to-Breaking-Point-Before-Asking-for-Help-by-Greg-youtube

Don’t get to Breaking Point before Getting Help ❗

Why do so many Men in particular having to get to breaking point or something bad has happening before they get help?

REASON 1: CONTROL – The Internal Dialogue and Self Talk that says “She’ll Be Right” I can sort this out on my own… (This is usually about needing to be in Control)

REASON 2: FEAR – Fear of being Vulnerable or feeling Weak.. (This is the Weakness in and of itself)

These reasons are very common with High Achievers as the Need to be in Control and Strong have served them well in Life but then these traits can become Self-Sabotaging.

We live in a different World than our parents and grandparents MEN need to Evolve more than ever to be
The Best Leaders, Husbands, Fathers, Business Owners, Role Models and most Important Love Themselves

You don’t have to be Broken or get to Breaking Point to go on a Deep Self Transformation (This will create your Ultimate Strength)

WHY Environment Effect Your ENERGY VIBRATION

Talking with a client last few weeks who has a very high soul and Energetic Vibration Rate …

This is both powerful for him to create and manifest abundance in business , but detrimental when not in control of his Energy in certain environments

What happens with him and many of our clients is they get effecting by Environments that are low energy and rush through life trying to be in Environments that are high Energy

This ultimately leaves us allowing the environment to control us vs maintaining a high energy in all environments

Listen in to this Video🎥 , its deeper than most of my Videos but soooo important for everyone to reflect on

Are you in control of your Energy or are you allowing your environments to control your energy ❓

There is More money in the world right now than ever in history

There is More money in the world right now than ever in history

So why do so many people struggle or worry about Money all the time

It’s 2 things:

  1. Your Money Mindset

👉When you have a poor Money Mindset you think there is a lack of it
👉You are afraid of changing careers or businesses to do something your passionate about
👉You never feel like you have enough
👉You get triggered by World events e.g. Inflation, Pandemics

Where does this Lack Money Mindset come from?

Your Past Generations

Who lived through the Industrial Revolution, World Wars, Great Depressions

when it was predominantly Upper Class & Lower Class (Middle Class was very small)

But now Middle Class is huge yet they carry unconscious Lower Class Money Blocks past down

  1. Your Money Energy

This is incredibly important and powerful
We all have an Energy behind Money or what it truly represents to use as an individual

If you are not living in alignment with your Energy behind Money then you won’t attract it


My energetic quality behind Money is Power , meaning the more Money I have the Power I have to do good with it

However for Most of my life I would give away my Power to try make Money …

My sacrifices and obsession with Money took away my Power and limited the amount of Money I attracted …

I would work harder & harder never thinking I had enough or constantly thinking of new ways to make more Money ultimately killing my Power …

🙌 I must be in my Power first to then elevate my energy to attract Money

Once you understand this, and your Energetic quality behind Money you’ll understand it’s abundant and available to attract

What it your Energy and Mindset behind Money ❓