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Do You Care What Other People Think of You?

Do You Care What Other People Think❓

At some level we all do … its Human conditioning and Societal Programming to care about what other people think

Be Honest with yourself, Is this you❓

👉 You Judge & Compare yourself to others
👉 You feel you should be further ahead in life
👉 You feel you have wasted so much time
👉 You work harder than others but they seem to be more successful
👉 You are work harder & harder to gain the respect of your peers, family and friends

This is how our Brain & Beliefs Systems develop which are linked to your Influencers, Upbringing, Culture, Schooling, Social Group, Environment, Emotions, Social Media, Work etc etc etc

Judgement & Comparison is a form of Self Sabotage … its Deep Unconscious Programs running in your Mind that you feel you can’t control…

If you want to Live a Happier, Calmer, Relaxed & Content life then you need to release these Negative Programs

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