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Do You Have An Addictive Personality

Do you have an Addictive Personality ❓

Everyone has an Addiction to something 👉 Your Phone, Food, Sugar, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Exercise, Social Media, Netflix, People Pleasing, Drama Etc etc

Why is everyone Addicted to 1 or multiple things❓
Because we have been mentally programmed & conditioned since birth to want things to fill the voids and lack we carry within … Companies and marketers spend Billions on understanding and segmenting people by Psychology, Chemistry & Behaviour so they can indoctrinate you into their product or service to help you fill these voids …
[ The more you try to fill the Void the stronger the addiction ]

You either become Highly Self Aware and create new behaviors, habits and boundaries to support yourself or you stay right in the grips of your addiction and allow the egoic mind to build more justifications and excuses to why you cant or wont change 😥

How Do I know ❓ Because I had an Addictive Personality, and it almost destroyed me until the pain and suffering got so much that I woke up

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