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Do you have an All or Nothing Mentality?

Do you have an All or Nothing Mentality❓

This is when you:
🔸Are either Really Good or Really Bad
🔸Don’t allow yourself to rest properly
🔸Constantly pushing yourself, it’s never good enough
🔸Have huge emotional swings
🔸Struggle to slow down or be present
🔸The Noise in your head gets really loud
🔸You self-doubt and self-sabotage often
🔸Feel Stressed and Overwhelmed
🔸You are Incredibly hard on yourself

How to overcome the All or Nothing Mentality?
🔹Heal your Inner Child , past Programming
🔹Learn how to Love Yourself
🔹Heal your Mind and Body from deep survival Stress
🔹Learn to use Mediation to slow down your Mind
🔹Take breaks and change your Environment often
🔹Slow down and Delegate more tasks
🔹Get Help and Support that’s aligned with your needs

All or Nothing Mentality is driven by Fear, Lack and Worry … Yet it can be disguised as being Driven, Hard Worker, High Achiever !

Don’t be fooled by it …. Want help overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality ? DM me for an initial chat

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