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Do You Have an Anger Switch?

Do you struggle with Anger and Rage ❓

As a young Man I carried a lot of Anger, it got me into trouble and circumstances I am not proud of … Yet it was so deeply engrained in me I never Healed from it until much later in life…

🤬 Anger and Rage are scary emotions for us and the people around us and for a lot of Men we never get help to let it go or understand where it truly comes from …

👉 We learn to manage it by supressing it , but when stress, noise and pressure gets to much the lid comes off and Bang we explode!

❓ If this is you, then Identifying the cause, anchor and triggers to Anger/Rage is the first step … Then getting the correct help to Heal your Anger & Rage is the next step …

😡 Anger is only ok if we are in serious Danger and need to protect ourselves … Other than that Anger is NOT ok

Ways to Heal Anger/Rage:
– Give your mind Daily Silent time
– Heal your Gut, produce more Serotonin
– Heal your Past, Influencers and Events linked to your Anger

Need help Healing and Releasing Emotions then, book a call with me for a chat

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