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Do You Have An Anger Switch

There is a lot of anger in the World today …

The levels of control, inconsistency and uncertainty rocks people to their core 

Some might say it’s Sadness but underneath there is anger … 

When people feel their Choice is taken away they go into their survival instinct and gear up for a fight 

The levels of Divided, Duality and Conflict in society esp. on Social Media is devastating

The compounding effects of constant events and situations in this world is creating enormous amounts of 🤬 Anger and Rage … 

These are scary emotions and most people try and suppress them for for fear of their own outbursts … these outbursts usually at the people closest to them 

😡 If you carry a lot of Anger, resentment, conflict, stress, noise and pressure which gets to a point you explode!

🎥 Then this video might be for you (note: old video but still relevant)

The world needs to Heal, Align and Evolve and it can’t do this with so much anger 

Have a great week and try to not let external events make you angry 😤

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