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Do you Push Yourself so Hard You’re Not Enjoying Life

Do you Push Yourself so Hard You’re Not Enjoying Life ❓

Do you achieve a goal, then move the goal posts without stopping an enjoying what you have achieved?

Do you feel you can’t slow down, you always have more to do and it’s never good enough?

This is very common among High Achievers and Entrepreneurs … Its a double edged sword ⚔

WHY❓ Because this Drive and Determination to constantly push yourself to the next level has helped you achieve so much right! ….

However!.. This same behavior is also causing you Stress, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Confusion & Unhappiness

SO WHY… do you continue to do this ?

PROGRAMMING … underneath you:
👉Don’t think you’re Good Enough (so nothings ever good enough)
👉You are Afraid to Fail, (so you struggle to slow down or let go )
👉You constantly need to prove yourself (your validation is linked to your Success)

WHO are you trying to prove yourself to? What do the next level of life look like ?

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