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Do You Want Access To My SECRET WEAPON?

Do you have a Secret Weapon ❓

Can I tell you a short story 👇

In 2015 we were living a dream life in Singapore, then our Expat Contract ended Abruptly! This created enormous Stress, Worry, Self Worth Issues & Self Sabotage with Alcohol, I start spiraling out of control Mentally & Emotionally and Drank myself to breaking point …

My 20+ years of Personal Development wasn’t enough to get me out of this hole… I was Stuck & Broken… So I started AA, Therapy, Life Coaching, Inner Childhood Healing, Kinesiology, Energy Healing & Soul Realignment work …

It was my wife Tracey Gillies that did all my Energy Healing & Soul Work which she still does today (This is my Secret Weapon) … and through my Program my Male clients get access to her incredible healing Gifts also…

It doesn’t matter how much Mind work we do… It’s our Energy and Soul that’s our Highest Order and the Foundation of our being … This is where the true Transformation happens

If you are interested in Learning more watch this Video

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