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Don’t be deceived by Positive and Negative self-concepts.

Don’t be deceived by Positive and Negative self-concepts.

Negative Self-Concepts:
“Behind all your Negative self-concepts is a hidden desire of being greater or better than others”

Ask Yourself 👇
How often do I compare myself to others, or someone else’s expectations of me (that your Ego thinks is your OWN?) 

Your Egoic mind, desires to be greater and better than others, and your egoic mind is attacking you for not meeting these subconscious expectations.

Positive Self-Concepts:
“Behind every Positive self-concept is the hidden fear of not being good enough”

Ask Yourself 👇
How hard do I push myself to prove I’m successful, what am I sacrificing in my pursuit of Success, and how much do I fear losing what I have?

When your idea of Self is hinged on your Egoic Identity, your Successes, achievements and other peoples perception…
(You’ll never feel good enough)

Ask Yourself 👇
Who are you without Ego Identification?

Dig deep and heal yourself from within, so you become detached from all Egoic negative and positive self-concepts. 

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