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EOFY #win – $1,031,770.35

EOFY #win – $1,031,770.35

I’ve never shared revenue wins before cause to be honest I’ve built and run multi-million dollar businesses in past that left me feeling empty , unhappy & miserable, like it was never enough and I didn’t deserve the success…

It was a shit place to be but I made out I was happy cause to the outside world I had nothing to complain or be unhappy about (very confusing place to be)

Today I share Crossing the $1 million mark in our Coaching/Consulting business with a “Hell Yeh” not cause of the number but everything associated with the number that I’m soooo proud of us for 😊

This number is directly associated with changing a lot of peoples lives including mine and Tracey

This number has helped dozens of Married Businessmen:
✅ Become Healthy, Balanced and Happy
✅ Transform their Marriage and Parenting
✅ Create more Time & Financial freedom
✅ Focus on a bigger Why, Impact & Legacy

And for Tracey and I:
✅ Gives us time back & lifestyle
✅ Moved into our Custom Designed Home
✅ Knock $250k off our mortgage in 9 months
✅ Do what we Love and make a difference
✅ Choose who we work with
✅ Holiday 4 x a year
✅ Be available to bring our children up
And so much more…

I laugh as I type this thinking “Old Greg” would have sabotaged the lot … Old Greg would have been obsessed with hitting 2, 3, 5 million cause 1 mil just wouldn’t be good enough, Old Greg would look at the people doing $10mil compare himself to them and create stupid stories in his head… Old Greg would have missed out on the growth, meaning and reason he is here

Don’t be like “Old Greg” … celebrate your year and the difference you’ve made in the world 🌎 🥰

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