Evolved CEO | Episode 10 | Developing True Emotional-Intelligence

Feeling misunderstood, agitated, overwhelmed, and struggling with assertiveness? These feelings can be a result of low emotional intelligence. Learn how to raise your emotional intelligence today with Greg and Tracey.

In this week’s episode of The Evolved CEO podcast, your host, Greg, and Tracey Gillies, talks about the value of emotional control and intelligence, particularly for successful business executives. They also discuss why emotional intelligence is essentially related to the quality of our intellect, body, energy, and spiritual success in the future.

Tune in now and learn more about how to take responsibility for your feelings!


(02:38) How Our Behaviors are Shaped by Our Past

(05:07)Our Emotions and What They are Trying to Tell Us

(07:53)Anger: A Mask for Depression and Anxiety

(11:08)Emotions as Information Theory

(14:25)Emotional Intelligence: What Is  and Its Importance 

(21:54) Understanding  Body Cues

 (25:34)What Does Fear Tell Us About Ourselves

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