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Finances/Lifestyle is Pillar No. 8

If I’m honest with myself , this Pillar has caused me the most Pain…

You see growing up I wasn’t taught a strong Money Mindset! we had a Good life and never went without…

But I was taught a Money Lack & Scarcity Mindset … and the harder you work the more Money you make!

So I was taught how to Make It & Spend it… Not how keep it & Multiple it !!!

Most Businessmen go into Business with this Mindset and work so hard building & creating they spin plates, managing finances, staff, clients, business development & multiple responsibilities…

They end up Overwhelmed, Stress & Supporting everyone else with little Quality time for themselves, Health, Wife and Kids

Work/Life balance seems impossible, and at the forefront of their Mind is always Finances & Money…

Then they work harder to try and change it OR feel like quitting (But don’t cause they think quitting is weak)

If you want more:
💰 Money & Investments
💰 Financial Freedom & Security
💰 Time Back for Family & Holidays
💰 Nicer House, Cars & Toys
💰 Contribute & Support others

Then it’s about Mastering your Money & Abundance Mindset! 🧠

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