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Friends/Interests is Pillar No. 6

Friends/Interests is Pillar No. 6 in “The 9 Pillars of Success, Love and Happiness” for Married Businessmen 👇

Friendships, Hobbies, Interests are human needs that Increases our sense of belonging & purpose, reduces Stress & Increases Creativity

Busy Married Businessmen can start sacrificing this Pillar when Business & Home Life takes precedence and Life Dynamics change.

Here’s my 3 Biggest changes that shifted Friendship Dynamics & Interests:
1️⃣ Moving Overseas
2️⃣ Quitting Alcohol
3️⃣ Personal Development

Other Dynamics that drive change?
👉 Social Behaviours (Partying vs Health) ?
👉 Family Commitments & Priorities ?
👉 Retiring from Contact Sports ?
👉 Business Commitments & Time ?

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